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  1. I didn't mean serious about the closing date...
  2. Wait, are you serious?
  3. You do realise this is exactly what was expected and predicted by many people? In fact, RM was ridiculed and slated in several other places for allowing people to hold those opinions. From the outset, C1872 was always going to go down this route - it was inevitable. Hopefully it can recover, make the right decisions now and move on. I really, really have my doubts. Ill ask you - do you believe CH will still be on the board in one month's time? If so, do you think C1872 will still be a credible organisation?
  4. If they were trying to put people off, they couldn't do a better job than they already are.
  5. Predictable and sad, mate. It's the standard MO, slate anyone who goes against the grain...
  6. I read that someone had claimed (wrongly) that D'Art's mate had applied. Also read that Christine Somerville had applied. Not heard that though.
  7. As predictable as it is sickening.
  8. Concerning. What about the other 3 board members? Obviously not principled enough to take any kind of stand against him (asking for resignation or resigning themselves), are they on board with him running the show?
  9. It wasn't specifically a go at you mate, I've read that so many times. I just don't get it, I've got a daughter and I'd clean toilets if I had to to keep her safe and warm. Slagging people's jobs doesn't sit well with me.
  10. I'll tell you what - I'm not Houston's biggest fan by any means, but I can't say I'm comfortable with him being slagged for being an 'oven cleaner.' Every one of us does something different for a living, denigrating someone because you feel their occupation is beneath you says more about you than it does about them, in my opinion. I've got family, friends, etc who do jobs others may see as menial, but fuck slagging them for it. I would do anything I needed to to earn a living, I've done some 'lowly' jobs in my time. Rant over, but ffs there's plenty to slag him for other than having his own business (I think) and trying to make an honest crust.
  11. You were conned mate, there's no shame in that. The thing for me is, everyone who sees what has gone on here and continues to pay is supporting the organisation. The organisation currently consists of people who have full knowledge of the facts surrounding this and haven't resigned, which 3 principled people did. I'm on record with the reasons I didn't join RF or C1872 (although I was fully involved in RM donating a large sum to RF). I could see what was coming, as could many others. That's not bragging, though, I was as conned by anyone by Craig Whyte among others. All we can do is examine our conscience with the info we have. If you look at the situation and decide what you want to do is continue donating, that's your choice. Nobody else puts bread on your table, nobody can tell you what to do with your money. Make your own mind up, and do what you think is right
  12. How are things like that communicated (if they are)? I seem to remember a few names who weren't officially involved but were 'helping the transition' or similar. When that stops, is it reportable to members? It's always seemed a bit suspect to me, tbh. And I mean no harm to the people performing these roles when I say that.
  13. I think I was vague enough to claim success at some undetermined time in the future I'm sure you know I'm not one for conspiracy theories and shadowy figures controlling things behind the scenes. Still, it'll be interesting to see how things develop. Looks to me like C1872 was a mistake.
  14. Fair enough. Let's just say it wouldn't surprise me massively if one of those names was more prominent again soon.