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  1. Post all your pish, gossip and rumours in here.
  2. That's a cracking house. Not sure why he needs a ladder on his shelves, is his cleaner a midget?
  3. Sounds brutal, maybe just as well I couldn't get away to watch it.
  4. Not sure I'm going to be able to watch this Fucking into these beggar bastards.
  5. What does it have to do with Rangers?
  6. Not as glad as I am
  7. Lots of banned people make up reasons why they were banned. We don't ban people for opinions.
  8. Yeah, Craig Houston was lying about this. He said his IP was blocked by RM - that's a lie, it never has been. He claimed he couldn't sign up because RM wouldn't accept his email address - that's a lie. I offered (via @North Rd) to personally make sure he received a log in - he turned down that offer.
  9. Can we pick the play, and the posters who take the starring roles...?
  10. No you don't...
  11. I might join C1872 actually. Not interested in Andy or Pedro, but the chance to meet Craig Houston in person?
  12. Fuck you Sergio!
  13. Right Sergio, bedtime for me. Fucking putt this.
  14. What a shot!
  15. Game on!
  16. Rose missing that will give Garcia a boost.
  17. He's fallen apart.
  18. You said "people won't go there if it's the Marshalls." If you meant "some people won't go there" then obviously you're right. There are literally billions of people who won't go, that statement is meaningless if you meant 'some people.' Also, what do you mean by "all hell breaking loose?" The same 'some people' bashing their keyboards in anger? It would make little difference to attendance.
  19. I was responding to a post where you said nobody would go to EH if the Marshalls were in charge. People go to the Louden when the Marshalls are in charge, you think they're less likely to if the club are in charge?
  20. I've always known it to mean compliment someone, say how great they are, etc.
  21. Tell me what username you want mate, I'll change it.
  22. Greg, Mark Dingwall, Chris Graham and buster.
  23. Isn't the Louden Tavern full when it's open?