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  1. bob1873

    Matt Polster

    I’d have thought it would be twitching mate.
  2. bob1873

    Grezda injured

    With a constant sore leg though. Not sure about either him or Grezda in terms of injuries.
  3. bob1873

    They dont want us to win the league

    That’s why we won’t win the league you can’t create the chances we did and miss them all. Had we scored then we’d all agree about the red card and the penalty but because we can’t score we focus on the referee - which is fair and the club should speak out but we never do.
  4. bob1873

    Coulibaly and Ejaria

    Really? I know he was at some league 1 or 2 last season.
  5. bob1873

    McInnes son ejected from stand

    I agree I detest them (I live up there) they are tossers but McInnes seems to have the measure of Gerrard he set his team up to play in the way they did twice now and we were unable to beat them they also suckered Morelos into a red and we were lucky Lafferty wasn’t off too. Gerrard must get this sorted.
  6. bob1873

    Coulibaly and Ejaria

    He’s going to end up at Southend or Crawley he’s never making it at Liverpool and he’s not making it with us. Reminds me of the guy Warburton signed on loan from Spurs who is now at some league 2 outfit.
  7. bob1873


    Challenge on Coulibally was a red card in any other league intentional or not. Alfredo goal was offside but he was clear and flagged off Stewart said great play by Berra no replay shown because it was a bad decision. I thought Arfield was only a booking referee couldn’t get the red card out quickly enough.
  8. bob1873


    I agree I don’t see the issue especially if we can sign him on a bosman.
  9. bob1873

    Mick O’Halleron away

    That’s one way of looking at it mate. No argument from me.
  10. bob1873

    ***Florida Cup Thread***

    There’s zero chance we won’t play at least 1 game in that period mate. I’d rather we went back to Florida for the tournament but we aren’t doing that.
  11. bob1873

    Fans from our community who support them

    I worked with a guy who was a scum fan because he fell out with his dad who was a bear. He was a weirdo which you’d expect!
  12. bob1873

    ***Florida Cup Thread***

    No update on where we are going in January?
  13. bob1873

    Mick O’Halleron away

    I agree but we signed a boy who’s game was playing on the counter attack. We never played that way but should have against the scum where he may have been the answer. He was a very strange signing in my view given the above. However anyone stupid or thick enough to play for Rangers and go to watch the scum win a treble has no place at Ibrox. The boy had a chance we didn’t help him by not playing to his strengths but equally what he did was utterly moronic in the extreme.
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