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  1. bob1873

    Steven Caulker

    I’d rather pass on him too.
  2. bob1873

    Steven Caulker

    Is he not allegedly got gambling and alcohol issues? No way do we want that.
  3. bob1873


    This didn’t happen. A fair amount of the beach is stones no sand but it is made up garbage in my opinion.
  4. bob1873

    Lee Wallace - Livingston?

    I didn’t know I had mate.
  5. bob1873

    Lee Wallace - Livingston?

    I wonder if he’ll ever be fit again mate? He’s been out a very long time after surgery. Maybe he’ll be like Waghorn and take a year or more to get back but off course big Lee is older.
  6. bob1873

    Barisic (Osijek)

    I’d be amazed mate but I think he’d be a great signing.
  7. bob1873

    Kyle Lafferty

    If we have limited cash and let’s face it a top drawer player ain’t coming to Scotland these days. So on balance I’d take him but clearly we need to spend more than £200k.
  8. bob1873

    Jack Simpson (Bournemouth)

    ‘Story/rumour’ I heard was we wanted Cooper and the next on the list was the lad a Blackpool (going to Ipswich) and then the Man City lad. So maybe we have others in mind but know we cannot get them now either through lack of cash or the other clubs won’t sell now so this boy is there for a year which suits us and Bournemouth. Not sure how a 5ft 10inch CB will do in our league though but we can’t play the same 11 every week. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.
  9. bob1873

    Possible end to the strip saga?

    Absolutely mate 100% time they were either accountable or actually told us the score within legal boundaries off course.
  10. bob1873

    Possible end to the strip saga?

    And I think that’s the point. He’s making a lot of money in an area where many are going bust or really living hand to mouth.
  11. bob1873

    Possible end to the strip saga?

    Fair enough either way it’s shambolic and the board running for cover Isn’t clever either. Wonder how long until Hummel sue us for breach of contract given we aren’t selling anything?
  12. bob1873

    Possible end to the strip saga?

    Was it not £0.07p per shirt not in the £?
  13. He must be for the off. Is the game only on RTV?
  14. bob1873

    Kean Bryan

    Is he not out for months? Not that I think we should sign him.
  15. bob1873

    ***Florida Cup Thread***

    True but we will go somewhere warm and play a couple of games which is what the Florida Cup does. So I don’t see the problem really. Time will tell I guess.