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  1. bob1873

    McCoist as a pundit...

    Pretty much add in he’s not a great manager and if he was scouting players he’s not up to that either. Nice number though paid by ITV to co commentate on WC games and co present WC shows on TalkSport. So no expense to him watches the WC live and gets a good wedge. Sounds like Ally!
  2. bob1873

    Wee boys and football tops

    Was at Glasgow airport waiting on someone today. Place is crawling with taigs wearing tops 90% are middle aged men and women. I know this is posted frequently but these people are completely mental it’s clearly the only rags they possess.
  3. bob1873

    Mick O’Halleron away

    I agree 100%. The cup final attendance was either an act of insanity or an attempt to get paid off. Stupid guy and one we shouldn’t have signed. Interesting to know why Warburton signed him.
  4. bob1873

    David Mellor

    Well said sir! I was born in Scotland but I have English relatives which many Scots have. I now find it very hard to support the Scottish football team post devolution and the secessionists attitude to England is outrageous racism and I am not being staunch. So for me I’d have no problem if England won the tournament and I certainly wouldn’t support any of the nations at this World Cup in a game against them.
  5. bob1873


    The person I know got it straight from a team mate of Millers not a recent team mate. But hey I’m sure you know best.
  6. bob1873


    Never understand that I know someone who knew Kenny and he said it was 'unbelievable' that he signed for them as Kenny was a 'right Ranger'! Who knows.
  7. bob1873

    Have you bought a brick at Ibrox?

    Yip got one as has my mother and my daughter. Always go see all three before I go into the stadium.
  8. bob1873

    Liam Lindsay (Barnsley)

    I remember asking my mate who he was when we played Queens Park at Hampden. He’s a mank but I bet he’d have signed if we’d made a move.
  9. bob1873

    Quality defence required Experience essential

    Surely he’s a goner?
  10. bob1873

    Edmiston House - NARSA

    Chuck Green has plans for this with the current shop becoming the ticket centre. If one thing really pisses me off it’s those Porto cabins and utter embarrassment.
  11. bob1873

    Collymore the pisshead on the attack

    Meaning what exactly? Guys mentally ill.
  12. bob1873

    Neale Cooper

    Agreed mate the truth is he was burned out played at age 16 in Sir Alex sheep team. Still a good signing for us and a decent guy (pal of mine knew him very well). BBC keep showing his goal against us in the cup final even in a sad moment they can’t stop digging at us. RIP big man you wore the royal blue shirt.
  13. bob1873

    When is the new Rangers Kit Coming Out

    I think it’s because the SD contract runs until 31st August which ties us to Puma. Pretty sure the team will wear the new kit and register it with the various authorities. In this case I’m not sure what else could have been done. But hey I’m no expert!
  14. bob1873

    When is the new Rangers Kit Coming Out

    1st September to the public I think.
  15. bob1873

    Ibrox Parking Restrictions

    When will we know the outcome?