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  1. Is the boy who normals posts a link doing so tonight?
  2. You have to wonder about some of our support.
  3. Best one in a while hope there's a similar one next Thursday.
  4. Wholeheartedly agree mate chase the secessionists. They do not represent me not now not ever!
  5. Hazard, Rashford, Rudiger & De Bruyne. Think they’d sort it. 😉
  6. Various RSC’s in the USA (east coast and west coast) and off course the Highlander in Gran Canaria and the Ibrox Bar in Tenerife.
  7. I agree although Brown should have been booked.
  8. Nail on head mate we need a real top level manager with a budget to match. That isn’t likely is it?
  9. All about opinions but making a 2/3 hour trip one way every home game gives you time to think about it and that’s my view mate. I hope I’m wrong.
  10. Depends where we are at the break or approaching it I personally think he will be gone by Christmas I really hope I am wrong but I fear I’m not. Each press conference and post match interview sounds like Warburton.
  11. The club has for years no matter who is in charge acted like snivelling cowards. We should NOT have apologised to Clarke because he failed to condemn a sectarian attack on a former Rangers player who is now under his charge and stated why we were NOT apologising. Equally we should have ‘slaughtered’ Hibs and highlighted their previous atrocious behaviour at the cup final. We should demand equal treatment and ask why the scum get away with what they have done whilst any negative story about us is highlighted for days if not weeks.
  12. We murdered them in the first game but didn’t beat them. From what I recall the replay was similar. I was very young and there with my uncle’s best pal who was the guy who got me hooked on the Rangers. Feels a life time ago which I guess it is!
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