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  1. When did he say he wouldn’t take the job?
  2. Withholding ST Money

    Not saying King is necessarily the right play but come on Ashley? I worked with a Newcastle fan who had shares and some of the stuff there was not better reading than King. Barking up the wrong tree if you think Ashley was our saviour. However it’s each to their own views mate I’m not criticising anyone for having an opinion.
  3. Withholding ST Money

    Your not seriously suggesting Ashley had our interests at heart - surely?
  4. It’s vital we get the correct one. We cannot afford another stupid predictable mistake. I’ll accept that Warburton looked like a good appointment but Pedro was always a crazy stupid gamble.
  5. Withholding ST Money

    Agreed I can’t see how that would work. We certainly need change and investment but I’m not sure there is really anyone out there who’ll want to buy out King and the 3 bears. Certainly there’s been no sign of that has there? Off course some of the ITK posters may know more but it’s always saddened and surprised me that no one with good intentions has sought to buy Rangers. Has Scotland changed that much?
  6. Murty times up mate

    I’ve met Murty he’s a nice guy he speaks well to the media but he’s too inexperienced to be our manager now. We need a top level manager with decent financial support.
  7. In almost every league the team with most money wins it and if you compare our accounts to theirs you have the answer. Sadly without massive investment from somewhere we will continue in the wake of the dregs of humanity. Sadly that is now our reality.
  8. Morelos over cummings

    Definitely mate 100%.
  9. Cardoso

    Just in from the game watched the goals honestly not Wes biggest fan but I’d only blame him for the second goal he’d no chance with the first and third. But it’s all about opinions.
  10. Terry Butcher

    Agree see my post above.
  11. Terry Butcher

    I was hinting that it has possibly impacted his mental health. Butcher was my hero as a fan I’ve met him and I can’t understand his anti Rangers rhetoric now it sickens me.
  12. Terry Butcher

    I know he made comments before it sadly happened but the passing of his boy has I’m sure impacted his well being I thought the other night aside from his stupid comments he looked a broken man. Anybody would losing a sibling.
  13. Murphy

    Sadly mate they were.
  14. Murphy

    Agreed I’ve broken a couple of toes playing football and it was sore really sore. Hopefully he’s okay.