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  1. Every time I log on I expect to read he's signed or he's signed for Birmingham/Leeds etc. If we want him get it done.
  2. As it stands without change the scum will do #55 before us. Your comments are spot on.
  3. Sadly this season looks like one too many for Kenny. Moult would do for me not a top class player but scores in this league which is both where we are and what we need.
  4. It was but was then sold back to venture capitalists and quite a few English clubs have signed up to them. West Ham away kit last season was excellent.
  5. Way to sensible mate but you are correct.
  6. I agree that the DOF and manager will be connected. You really think this guy will get 2/3 years? I cannot see it mate he's presided over some of THE worst results in our history and there are a fair few fans now seeing a scum #55 as more likely than us.
  7. Alves for a season the rest? Not for me but It's all about opinions.
  8. The board of rather the committee who appointed this guy are culpable. My concern is that they have signed lots of players from Mexico and Portugal most of whom we will toil to sell. Any new manager will not want many of these guys. As for Pena what's the deal?
  9. I'm sorry but reality is we are MILES of the scum they'll probably go undefeated again and retain the treble. To bridge the financial gap we'd need Abramovitch (not sure of spelling) type investment and that is never happening in a backwater like Scotland. I can see them doing #55 before us - I am serious. As for this season I cannot see us being second but given our financial budget we should be comfortably second and close the them. We won't be not even close. The manager is a complete and utter dud.
  10. He's done should have stayed playing Beach soccer in the USA. Sad as he was a player but he's just a dud now.
  11. Posted several times that he'd be gone by Christmas looks like I was wrong he'll be away before the clocks change. Whoever comes in has a shambles to inherit for a start who will we sell these dud players to? Mexican and Portuguese guys who do not get it. Sensible situation was to bring in Jack, Dorans, Walker, McLean, Naismith and Moult. All of whom would have collectively cost less cash but know the score. Then add in Bruno and maybe one or two others. Instead we have spent big money on Pena who is not playing for mysterious reasons? Saying WATP and banning green boots isn't actually very impressive it's what you do on the park. When the manks come calling never mind 5 it will be 10 or more. The whole thing is an utter shambles.
  12. I'm not ITK but a mate who is a Hearts fan told me today the 'story' from their side is they'd do a deal at £750k but Rangers offered £250k now and £250k later which was a definite no. As another poster put it they're trying to get him to go south if he doesn't go or no one comes in then he could end up with us or sign a pre contract in January. True or false I don't know but clearly something has stalled it and it's normally cash.
  13. Agreed the only chance of him or McLean signing is on a pre contract in January. Hope I'm wrong but I doubt it.
  14. The statement is fine but I'd rather club spoke. Equally I'd like the club to host a press conference and highlight the referee and his decisions and throw in the penalty not given to Thistle. Highlight who caused the refereeing strike and why and then stand back and watch the implosion. Jose or Conte would speak out no question and so should we.
  15. Dearie me I've read it all now. You fancy anarchy then? It's bad enough with Stalins secessionists running things there has to be a police force. Anyway mate or sorry numptie each to their own viewpoint.