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  1. Father and son who travel with us probably won’t because of the virus rather than anything else.
  2. That won’t happen and given our track record he’s the last thing we need.
  3. Hope not also mate unless it’s on terms that’s fair to both parties not a Rangers surrender.
  4. There is no obvious replacement but that’s the boards job to find one if he goes.
  5. Since 2012 the club has a losers mentality from top to bottom only winning a real trophy can change it. Until then we have become a club of losers. That is our current reality and it’s sickening.
  6. He cannot complain after today.
  7. So will big Nico disappear after today? What does it take to drop Goldson who veered from ‘okay’ to horrific today?
  8. bob1873


    Tactically naive. Can manage in Europe but just doesn’t get it domestically. Too many blinded by Gerrard the player and not seeing Gerrard the manager.
  9. Just my thoughts mate like everyone else I know nothing.
  10. We’ve got to hope that’s been done under legal advice in order to demonstrate to the court that SD have had the opportunity to match? If not it’s very unusual and very embarrassing.
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-50181334 Any connection to this? In a legal precedent sort of way?
  12. So have Sky replaced Boyd or is it just for Septic games?
  13. They could maybe ask why Saville was pictured with Big Jock (knew) and why youngsters went from the separate entity to ‘train’ with Bennell? I mean what a story that would be. I guess they’ll not bother as it would upset the big Jap who owns them.
  14. Do we really? I think we've bought well in our budget but we lack real top level quality which sadly the mankies have or at least their players are generally (not all) better than ours. SG is a rookie and at times it shows. Like you I well remember the glory days but they feel a long time ago.
  15. We do surely we can get a forward in on loan.
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