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  1. Spot on the issue remains who will come in no one seems interested if so why? King? Scottish football? Or something we currently don’t know (maybe what also put McInnes off)? Something isn’t right.
  2. Derek McInnes

    I don’t like Ashley based on what’s happened to us and how he’s been called up by Parliament about his business practices. So I’m with you he cannot come to us but some seem to have a different view which I can’t quite understand although one thing is very clear to put us back to the pre Whyte pre last few years of SDM we need a lot of cash both for the team and the stadium and Edmiston building. So we need a rich ‘benefactor’ and we’ve seen these past 5/6 years there appears to be no one. The current board do not seem capable of taking the next steps or they simply don’t want to.
  3. Derek McInnes

    I think the relationship he has with Lambias was highly questionable but you are right with regards security for lending. Ashley would split the support however we need investment so it’s a real catch 22. Anyway as it stands I can’t see Ashley coming back in - can you?
  4. Michel Preud'homme

    Do we really know why McInnes said yes then changed his mind? Lot of bits and pieces in the media and the internet there’s more to it than just our current finances.
  5. Derek McInnes

    I think if they don’t sell or dilute their control you will be right. I never really understood what Ashley’s game was aside from allegedly attempted asset stripping. However what if he sells Newcastle and wanted to buy us would tha5 be good or bad? Sections of the support would go into meltdown others may see it as the only way forward. Im not ‘at it’ I really don’t know I’d be very wary of him but if there was real cash to take us forward who knows. What we have now is not sustainable that is certain.
  6. Derek McInnes

    Do you agree they were better than the last lot who seemed intent on killing us? My view of our current regime is they ‘saved’ us in terms of stopping some clearly bad stuff. Now to move on we need people who know football and who have deep pockets to get us back. The scale of the job is massive the last 5 years plus maybe 3 under Murray has seen massive neglect. I see it a bit like WW2 we needed Churchill to help us win and to lead but in 1945 the country voted for change and voted out the war time saviour. Bad paradox I know but we need similar the current people did their bit now we need the next step. Problem is no one (that I’m aware of) has shown an interest unless you know something that isn’t known to the general support. I agree about the AGM is was shades of Murray stagemanaged although they didn’t duck questions just most of them were pretty bland.
  7. Derek McInnes

    Hates pretty strong mate. I agree that things are not great and the McInnes situation was badly handled and in life there are always alternatives so who would or could come in? We certainly need change that results in a huge cash injection which the current board either do not have or won’t spend.
  8. It'll Be Lonely This Christmas........

    Assistant - Neil McCann signing - Kenny McLean (he knows the tunes). signing - Vardy
  9. Ed House/Marshall/The Louden

    There isn’t anything to do round about Ibrox if you are driving although discredited Charlie Chuckles wanted Edmiston House opened as a pub, coffee shop and the club shop. The current club shop would be the ticket centre and those bloody cabins binned. Great vision and badly needed but the board waffled about project 22 which I can’t see happening. Let’s be frank the area round Ibrox is an utter dump and getting worse not RFC’s fault but still a dump and something needs to happen. Edmiston House would be a start and show some faith from the board.
  10. Ed House/Marshall/The Louden

    Because we are skint?
  11. Club Statement

    Have to agree, Bill Struth will be turning in his grave. Surely enough to say we asked permission which was declined and we were subsequently advised that Mr McInnes did not wish to be considered.
  12. Derek McInnes

    This success kills me they won a cup after someone else put out the scum and lost in finals against the scum. Jeez is that success to the sheep?
  13. Honest mistakes or something more sinister?

    No question you’d expect the referees to go against them but it’s actually worked for them and against everyone else but especially us.
  14. The sheep are kidding themselves on

    20000 I think.
  15. Who is the alternative? I’d seriously like there to be one a trustworthy one who will pump money in so we can once again be what Rangers should be.