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  1. Our players have simply had enough. You just have to look at young Kent's reaction to see that. If the ref's aren't going to protect them, then the next action is to retaliate. It's a natural reaction. Broadfoot is a repeat offender and our players know it.
  2. Every fringe player should be getting a chance now to prove their worth ( or uselesness ) including some of the youth.
  3. Just came on to see Smile having his weekly go at Morelos. No surprise there. At least he's not asking to be subbed for Laverty this week.
  4. Lets give Grezda a run. He offers something a little different than Candeias.
  5. It's not easy to find a #10 in the January window but this summers signings are massive for him and the club. He has to address the lack of creativity in breaking down teams that don't even try to play football. It has to be a marquee, proven winner of a signing who is in his prime and not living on what he used to be.
  6. when you see Kent retaliate like that, you know our players have had enough. The Scottish game is a joke.
  7. It's 100% the reason. Too many running on fumes and playing with injuries.
  8. He has ran out of gas just like Goldson, Kent, & Tavernier. They have all played too much. I know it's an excuse but I think they are knackered.
  9. You would have been moaning if he had waited to the 70th minute to make changes.
  10. bluenoz


    He clearly needs a rest and I thought Katic did quite well. Let's go with Worral & Katic.
  11. I agree with his assessment. I did't think we were that bad today either (except for Kent, I thought he was rotten). We just lack that killer instinct in the final third and he recognizes it and plans to change it.
  12. I'm not really a fan of McGregor second time around.
  13. bluenoz


    His goal today was magnificent.
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