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  1. I suggested that formation with a slightly different midfield. I just have a problem rotating the best player in Scotland ( Morelos ). I understand Defoe deserves playing time so this is the game to play both.
  2. I'm expecting a big game from Aribo. He will want his shirt back.
  3. we did in the previous two wins against them. Still baffled by the team selection that day.
  4. We ripped up a contract based on bad conduct and did't pay. it was a foreigner, not Cannigia but someone around that time......
  5. Friday night bears...... 🙂
  6. Just saw Gerrard's "quotes". In short, he is finished at Rangers.
  7. We have ripped up contacts before. I can never be arsed to google. Please enlighten me, my memory tortures me sometimes.
  8. I have nothing against Defoe playing but I do have a problem with Morelos on the bench.
  9. Let's try Morelos & Defoe together. Against St Johnstone? Why not?
  10. Last I checked a word, a song etc couldn't injure you, a flare could. The only repeat offender whose fine gets smaller each time.
  11. We are still not competing on a level playing field. (yet) celtic's payroll is significantly higher. Unfortunately, our fan base doesn't allow for time. I vividly remember days of glory and I expect that every single game but in reality after what happened to us takes time. I wouldn't sack Gerrard for love or money. He will know himself when is best to leave in success or failure. Right now, his sleeves are rolled up. Murty or Pedro could never have created a night like last night. I believe Gerrard will succeed with us.
  12. Wednesday's game will be tough (away) but we are three wins away from winning a trophy. Albeit, the lesser one but it will give Gerrard some breathing room and I believe it is a building block to winning the league. The LC is very important imo.
  13. Time for a wee shave Stevie....... or maybe his new Klopp look.
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