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  1. This kid says all the right things. Here's hoping.... Calvin Bassey – I’ll die for the Rangers shirt Steven Clifford Uncategorized July 9, 2020 4 Minutes Today we got the chance to speak with Calvin Bassey and find out how he was settling in at Rangers. Myself and David Edgar once again attended as ‘fan media’ and we had our now traditional podcast discussing the ‘virtual’ press conference and all that was said, you can listen to it here 👉🏻 https://www.patreon.com/posts/39139746 Calvin Bassey joined Rangers over a month ago and has been given the number three jersey ahead of season 20/21 commencing. We got the chance to speak to the new Rangers left back and discuss his first thoughts on life at the club. Calvin is a confident and imposing figure, he speaks well and with authority, he knows the type of player he wants to be and the type of player he is. He didn’t need to be told anything about Rangers when we first approached him to play for the club ‘No one needed to tell me the size of Rangers, I already knew they were a massive club’ Calvin was born and brought up in Italy until the age of four when he moved to England. His parents are Nigerian and he has the unique opportunity of being able to represent all three teams at international level but he isn’t interested in limiting his options, his ambition is to play international football and is open to all opportunities. He has played under 23 level at Leicester and has yet to deal with anything close to the pressure of the Rangers jersey but that doesn’t phase him in any way going forward ‘I have grown up with pressure my whole footballing career, when I was nine I was playing under fifteens football and it has always been intense, I have always been challenging myself’ Of course Rangers have Borna Barisic who has quickly become a fans favourite and is Croatia’s number one left back. Getting into the first team at Rangers won’t be easy but that doesn’t phase Calvin and he is up for that challenge ‘Borna is a great player, I’m looking forward to training with him he is a great professional and someone I will try and learn from. But my job is to work hard and train well then it’s up to the gaffer to pick who is best for the position’ When asked about the recent injury to Nikola Katic and if he was able to cover centre back he again spoke about his confidence and willing to play wherever he is selected ‘I’m a left back and see myself there but I have no problems playing at centre back and I’m comfortable in that position if that’s where the gaffer needs me to play. I have spoken to Nico since the news of his injury and he’s a huge figure here, you can’t miss him, hopefully he has a speedy recovery and is back soon’ https://www.Rangers.co.uk/mygers/3jvwIFGlkkLQkwaie3nYLI He certainly doesn’t seem to be intimidated by the challenge ahead of him at Rangers. He would continually speak about working hard and his task was now to knuckle down at Rangers. But what I wanted to know and what I asked him was what his first initial spell at Rangers had been like and what his early impressions of the club were ‘It’s honestly been amazing, it is an absolute privilege to play for Rangers. We have a great young manager in Steven Gerrard, a top assistant in Gary McAllister and a great coach in Michael Beale, honestly sometimes it just feels so surreal’ ‘It’s just such a nice feeling to be here and to be working hard everyday, everything about the club is just massive’ Calvin lights up when he speaks of Rangers and his early impressions, I would then go on to ask exactly what type of player we can expect to see in a Rangers shirt and what his strongest attributes are as a left back ‘I’ll die for the Rangers shirt’ It’s an immediate bold statement from the player. ‘Honestly, I will give absolutely everything for this jersey. I’m physical, strong and I am quick so that’s what you will see from me’ ‘But every game is different, every game requires something different, I’m up for the challenge and we just have to see what it brings’ Calvin exudes confidence and certainly doesn’t come across as arrogant either. When asked by David Edgar, of Heart & Hand, about who he models his game on he would point to the legendary Real Madrid left back Marcelo and also Bayern Munich star Alphonso Davies. He certainly thinks of himself as an energetic marauding full back who gives his all and he will be one to watch closely as we see his progress in a Rangers jersey. But what did impress me was how hard he is prepared to work, he regularly spoke of his intentions to work hard and learn whilst at our club. Following his journey at Rangers will be an interesting one. Of course it is easy to speak well and say all the right things but there is a quiet confidence from this player, by his own admission he’s excited to be here and he can’t wait to get started. Anyone who is prepared to die for the Rangers jersey will get a chance from me
  2. Only three weeks away from the game resuming and teams don't know which league they are playing in. Only in Scotland... lol
  3. Anybody else think the scum are having money troubles? Furloughed staff, can't afford to keep a back-up goalie, no transfers yet and now desperate to fill their stadium by putting pressure on the gov't.
  4. By the time we play them, they may not have Bailey & Havertz but it would be a miracle to win the tie.
  5. I sometimes think Lawwell has nippy in his back pocket as well.
  6. Did Stephen Kelly get shipped out as well.? To who?
  7. Damn! Transfer window frustrates the naive once again. lol !!
  8. Lazio player bites an opponent in the midst of Covid. Ha!
  9. Is young Ross on a bus back to Glasgow?
  10. He missed a last minute penalty and after all these years he still looks to blame. lol
  11. I agree. The two are almost different issues. After the Ashley debacle and 2012, it is extremely important we work on the brand worldwide. I think we are doing a phenomenal job at that. Just need the gaffer to deliver now..
  12. Says he who has a stauner for Windass. Ha!
  13. 16 yr olds simply don't get the chance in football anymore mate because they are too young in a man's game. Johnstone was a rarity and any that make it at that age are usually too. You can name them on one hand - Whiteside, Pele, Alphonso Davis recently... I'm sure posters can give other examples but in the end, they are probably 1%. The other 16 yr old we just signed is supposedly the bees knees. Irish? Cannae mind his name. I don't google.
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