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  1. Gerrard would never hang the kid out to dry the way Beerman was with Pedro. If he feels confident that the kid is ready, he will play him on Wednesday. He must be leaning towards that thinking.
  2. Don't cry out for club statements then condemn it especially when they clearly say another more condensed statement is forthcoming. Sending out a punishment two hours before a game on a Friday night was calculated to make the club ill-prepared. Rangers lawyers will be working this week-end. Lets all wait and see the statement after the week-end. At least they sound pissed and unwilling to accept.
  3. Ridiculous post. Can't you just admit the kid played well in his first senior game in front of 40k instead of trying to create a negative?
  4. bluenoz


    They beat Porto tonight in Porto. 1-2.
  5. We have been fortunate this year with injuries and suspensions. Long may that continue because we learned tonight our fringe players are very ordinary at best.
  6. Yeah, you say it on here ten times a day. I hope you enjoy watching Jones & Barker if anything ever happens to Kent because I won't.
  7. Many won't agree, but I would play him on Wednesday.
  8. Big Andy got to live his dream but I hope that's the last I see him in a Rangers shirt.
  9. And how the young man never got MOTM is beyond me. Steve Davis passing was terrible at times tonight.
  10. After three weeks of waiting, that was awful. My knee-jerk reaction is that Jones, Ojo & Barker are rubbish.
  11. And some people didn't want him to play..... gonna be a cracking player.I'm not suggesting he should replace Tav.
  12. Why change the positions of Aribo & Arfield? Or perhaps it was written wrong.
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