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  1. I want Hamilton gone because it's one less artificial turf. And then two to go......
  2. Fs, we really need to get back to the football. People are stretching their journalistic talents with non-stories. If anything, Flanagan is ahead of Polster in the pecking order should Tav get injured! I've said for a year Patterson is one to watch and that seems to be gaining momentum recently.
  3. I think the tv are showing the semi-final game live.
  4. The DR just ran an article about Morelos with the headline "Aston Villa rumour won't go away" yet quote their manager and our gaffer from over two weeks ago. Terrible and extremely lazy journalism.
  5. He is a liar, first of all you can visibly see his celtic top underneath his Rangers one so the scum employees knew exactly what the documentary was about and pandered to his wishes. Experiment my arse, it was set up. What a waste of 24 minutes of my time that was.
  6. Since Morelos only played 45 minutes yesterday, I'm leaning towards maybe starting him. All depends on the flight - delays, jet-lag etc.
  7. Ok, I'll say it....... the draw is fixed. Toughest draw possible with no Ibrox crowd 😉
  8. I think Warburton is a Spurs fan 😉
  9. Stewart for me because he scored today & Ojo didn't. Those bounce games should matter for a starting spot.
  10. Yup, that's my team. Think Davis gets another rest. Fs, he just played the whole 90 mins in a 6-1 thrashing!
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