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  1. I need to get in before the people say he hasn't won anything...... He was one my favourite players to watch and some days I still can't believe he is our manager. This is the best squad we have had in years, the facilities are better and the professionalism is amazing and the is all because of Gerrard. He attracts players we normally wouldn't get - " The Gerrard Effect ". Perhaps the referees play an influence in preventing us winning the league but I feel more confident than I have in years. Love the man and it will be a black day when he leaves us for Liverpool.
  2. Play our best 11 in the first half. The 11 that starts on Thursday.
  3. Didn't stop Rogers from getting an EPL job when he had no competition because we weren't in a position to compete. Pointless discussion really.
  4. bluenoz


    If any team are missing their top four players they will struggle even Barcelona. Can't ever remember reading a positive post from you.
  5. Tbh, I don't think Aribo & Kamara were even trying tonight. Barely got out of second gear. Scotty only knows one way - full steam ahead.
  6. The introduction of Arfield for Hastie made a difference.
  7. I kind of thought that without saying it when he failed to hit the target a few games ago from close range. You might be a bit harsh on the kid but he isn't making the team this year. Jones is way ahead of him with Kent probably coming back.
  8. That burst of pace and cut back to Hastie was an eye opener. I thought for sure it was heading over the bye line.
  9. Somewhere in between. He has good feet in tight areas. He might be the one to break down the defensive minded, hammer throwers that we couldn't do last year.
  10. bluenoz


    need to see him make a tackle or two but I think he can sleep tonight feeling satisfied that he can do a job when asked.
  11. I mentioned that the other day. For sure that is the case.
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