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  1. bluenoz

    Gerrard and Tavernier : Post Match Reactions

    In the past when we have lost Gerrard has said things like " certain players can't be trusted " or " we will replace them with better players " but tonight he actually defended Worrall by saying it was " uncharacteristic ". Bizarre from the gaffer.
  2. bluenoz

    I Blame Donald Findlay

    I blame the SFA. The scheduling reeks for the second half as it did at the beginning of the season. Grasping at straws but any excuse will do me the way I'm feeling.
  3. bluenoz

    Joe worrall

    No way O'Neil will want him back now after watching that. Gerrard has his favourites that's for sure. Seems to have no love for Croations atm.
  4. bluenoz

    The Gaffers Naivety

    everything written in your post is in the past tense. What have you done for me lately?.........
  5. bluenoz

    Gerrard and Tavernier : Post Match Reactions

    when we lose, there is always somebody going to blame Tavernier.
  6. bluenoz

    Team of old players

    we changed the formation to accommodate two old players. It was a combination of both.
  7. bluenoz

    Team of old players

    Jack and Arfield are old and experienced enough at their age. Would rather play Kamara than Davis. We need flair in there. Not side passing.
  8. bluenoz

    Gerrard and Tavernier : Post Match Reactions

    Your worst interview to date Stephen. You selected the wrong starting 11. And whatever your problem is with Barasic, get it sorted !!
  9. Mccrorie was immense against celtic and shouldn't have been dropped. But lets not get carried away, he wouldn't have made the difference. It was the formation that was wrong tonight because of two new signings and two gifted goals from our Ch's who had a mare.
  10. bluenoz

    Ryan kent

    He was the best of a bad lot but wasn't that great either.
  11. bluenoz

    ***The Official Livingston v Rangers Thread***

    Close to my team. Jury still out on Davis..........
  12. bluenoz

    No more errors or we are done

    It's essentially 7 points behind when you look at the goal difference. I fear it's over. The scheduling at the beginning of the year and after the break also seems dodgy but perhaps I'm looking for excuses tonight.
  13. I know he wasn't to blame for anything tonight but I still don't like Halliday at left back.
  14. Get Kamara in immediately. No flair in that midfield again. Davis is going to be a sideways passer for the rest of his career.
  15. bluenoz


    He did nothing wrong in his celebration. He still has to work with them for another six months. I can't say I'm thrilled at this signing however. Don't really rate him.