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  1. I wonder if Indigo will approve his destination choice?
  2. worst kept secret in the history of transfers.
  3. I am more impressed with him than Jones. Hastie was signed for the future.
  4. Then I'm glad he did....
  5. Yeah, sounds like he was a bit blootered. Pics of Dorrans and his wife arriving at Glasgow airport. They must have come home early. He looked fine.
  6. He wasn't bottled. Jack got into it with a Dundee fan. Dorrans came over, got pushed and banged his head on the ground. Dorrans is fine.
  7. The victims should set up their own hash tag like #metoo. look at the great cause that created when it went viral.
  8. Dorrans arrived at Glasgow airport an hour ago, he looks fine from the picture I just saw.
  9. I have a problem with them calling the victims "young people." They were children ffs!
  10. It took them 40 years to come up with that feeble statement? Just made themselves look worse.
  11. I'm going back to the BJK thread...... This thread is mental.
  12. I was last online 8 hours ago and couldn't believe Dorrans & his wife were being blamed for where the choose to vacate. I see nothings changed. Just like it was McAllister's fault for standing waiting for a taxi I suppose.
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