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  1. Stop filling the best topic in general sports with pishy 'banter'.
  2. Jose Enrique for me is one of the best left backs in the Premiership, so under rated. Reina has to go and Downing a place on the bench. Liverpool under Rodgers, and a few shrewd signings could make top 4 again. But they would have to sell a good few players to get the money needed to buy them.
  3. Hutton is suspended!! Fucking Little on the right with McKay on the bench, deary me.
  4. RIP Kriss Donald.
  5. Aye it was, he had 0.0001p on it.
  6. Anybody else Rememer when you used to get pakora and pizza at Ibrox? Used to always get it when I started going to games 15 years ago. Much better than the stuff now, fucking hate when ye buy a steak pie and the arse falls right out of it and you have to scoop it up with your fingers.
  7. Who do you mean?
  8. All fair and valid points, but no matter what league we are surely we shouldn't be signing any 28+ year olds as a long term strategy? The odd 1 maybe 2 too add to Jig, Alexander and Wallace etc... If we can't set up a decent scouting network and figure out how to play a good standard of free flowing football with younger players now then we never ever will as a club, and that frightens me greatly.