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  1. ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Stop filling the best topic in general sports with pishy 'banter'.
  2. ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Jose Enrique for me is one of the best left backs in the Premiership, so under rated. Reina has to go and Downing a place on the bench. Liverpool under Rodgers, and a few shrewd signings could make top 4 again. But they would have to sell a good few players to get the money needed to buy them.
  3. ***The Official Elgin City vs Rangers Thread***

    Hutton is suspended!! Fucking Little on the right with McKay on the bench, deary me.
  4. Aye it was, he had 0.0001p on it.
  5. Pish. They win 2-1 then aye?
  6. Was just trying to stream it on my phone there and seen it had went 1-0 haha! That's good for us . Worth lumping on them now you think?
  7. Hopefully he bangs a few in, then misses a few and gets chipped!
  8. Good luck You staying up to watch it?
  9. São Paulo >3.5 Espinola -1. £10
  10. This other mob have scored a few aswell though, so maybe a 3-1 at least?