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  1. Sheep Shag Army 'Weallhateleedsscum' 🐏🐏🐏
  2. 'I'll be back so I will'
  3. Should do only playing mailroom sorties rather than fully qualified mailmen like in the week
  4. I'm english and feel defeated. My dad's scottish and feels defeated but we both just shook hands with big daft grins cracking beers. Bloody love being British 🇬🇧
  5. Thats just bonkers British sport at its full on bipolar madness 🤣🤣
  6. http://live.harleyquinnwidget.com/streamvideo12/liverpool-live-stream-hd-19-4875838.html
  7. Tomorrow night St Mirren v Kilmarnock to stop any idiot pitch invasion will be played to an empty stadium.. as usual.
  8. Nah lead with his arm knew what he was doing
  9. United could play City in the coming rounds 😍
  10. A row of houses down the road could get robbed & the fuckers would still sit there for hours waiting for buses of people wanting to mind their own business and enjoy a day out. FTPolice.
  11. Its gone. 😕 Where them Boro knobs link..
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