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  1. Gary Speed

    Had the others turned professional? Or just speed
  2. Paul Dumbert

    Theyre singing his name right now 10mins into 2nd half with a constant chant of Paul Lamberts barmy army.. poor fuckers
  3. Ever been to Stoke on a cold Tues in February or even a warm Saturday in July. 😝
  4. Paul Dumbert

    Its the highest he's been for a minute😂
  5. Is Romeo Jazzy B's lad playing for Millwall today
  6. Lols i was born in Darby & lived in Redding for 18months. Both full of twats.
  7. Off to The Den with Derby in a fortnight. Tidy team at home..
  8. Very quiet 1st half scores
  9. Black and Asian managers

    Phil brown was quite dark
  10. Blatent lie he could see how vexed firminoo was so pulled the ole racial card
  11. Crutches celebration 🤣
  12. How low can a support go?

    When Mick Philpott set fire to his house a few years ago killing all his kids Millwall were next fixture after his sentencing. They started singing 'You burn your own kids' to he's one of our own. I thought a bit harsh but the rest of the ground were pure raging.
  13. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Ahhh yer beauty😂😂😂