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  1. In position on form Kante
  2. ALerone

    ****Official NFL Thread.****

    Big Boi rolls up in a Caddy & Furs like its 1998.. Fresh & Clean nigga!
  3. ALerone

    *** The Official Cricket Thread ***

    The fact that hardly any team gets an result away, apart from india against a pathetic Aus, is more worrying..
  4. ALerone


  5. Got any youtube links, its all my bandwith will stream 😡
  6. Mine doesn't sync up with commentary when i cast 😔
  7. ALerone

    *** The Official Cricket Thread ***

    Ah well its only World Cup and Ashes year.. ffs
  8. Just heard Swansea fans are singing Dambusters theme tonight 🛩
  9. ALerone

    ***Official Cowdenbeath v Rangers Thread***

    Ffs i cancelled my account before xmas
  10. ALerone

    ***Official Cowdenbeath v Rangers Thread***

    What channel is showing the match?
  11. Was a powerful strike, broke his nose too..
  12. 'Hammers daan the Old Kent Rd! Fackin fahsands of em!'
  13. Millwall and West Ham both in South London on a Saturday night
  14. Sounds like Liam O'duffy McFallsroad
  15. ALerone

    ***UEFA Champions League 18/19***

    In Barca colours too 🤣