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  1. No you are quite correct he has played at LB for us before, really surprised that he isn't playing there now with Tav on the right and really really surprised that Waghorn has been dropped to the bench.
  2. Don't believe Aird can play again until January. I don't think there will be an issue at Tav being back in the RB position with Hodson on the left, Kiernan and Hill in central defence. Midfield of Halliday, Holt and Windass with McKay, Garner and Waghorn starting up top. If we play to our strengths then we should beat them. Also a nice wee quote from their manager which just shows that we're the only game in town! "It's a sell-out from away fans. I don't think that has happened here for a long time. All credit to them for that, particularly on a Wednesday night on TV."
  3. Wouldn't surprise me if Dingwall started the rumour in the first place just to give the impression that he'd been told personally that it ain't happening!
  4. Nah, they would all have to go through a decontamination chamber before they're allowed into our ground.
  5. Wes should have got MOTM if it wasn't for him we would have lost. End of the day a poor performance but still managed to get the 3 points, earlier in the season we wouldn't have managed to scrape out the win.
  6. Can't wait to find out if this is happening or not and if it is what the card display actually says. I would hope that the club had been informed of what the display is going to say before they agreed to it (if all this is true mind you). Would I let the GB into Ibrox early to do anything? Would I fuck, the fact that Celtic pander to them just shows how bad that club is, but for our club to pander to them is a big slap in the face to all Ranger's fans. If there is a display and it isn't offensive in any way that actually isn't really the point, it's the fact of who could be getting allowed to set up the display is the main issue (my viewpoint), the GB should be banned from every sporting venue possible, they are a bunch of rancid, terrorist loving, troublemakers going and shouldn't be given the time of day never mind the chance to set up any form of display. If this goes ahead then I fear that the club will feel a backlash next season with a reduction of the amount of season tickets etc that they manage to sell as a lot of fans won't forget these actions, especially after the hassle that our fans have had to endure over the last few years.
  7. It's finally getting mentioned on the Rangers official site now as well lol https://rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/weve-got-joey-garner/
  8. What's annoyed my about the article/tweet listing is that they have used a picture of violence with the police, what the fuck is the relevance or reason for that?
  9. LOL bet's you're glad you posted on here first or it might have been a lonely night for you at Ibrox Reading how this has been going viral has me in tears of laughter, I really hope it's played on Saturday.
  10. Paid 99p via Amazon and was given a £1 credit for my next purchase or rental of a movie or tv series lol
  11. Sod it went and bought it, a bit of fun at Xmas doesn't hurt anyone, reminds me a bit of when we got Tina Turner back into the Top 10.
  12. Yeah he did, he got booked for absolutely nothing, to be honest I can't believe both him and the Hamilton player got booked for that incident, really poor decision by the ref.
  13. The impression I've had of the match so far is that for the majority of the first half we've been struggling with that pitch, let's be honest it looks worse than our training pitches, and it was really only down to the last 10 minutes of the half that we started to get a grip with the conditions and our improvement in play definitely showed that. What a well taken goal by Waggy it was clear that he was trying for the goal and I was stunned as it was Sutton that had to point it out to Butcher and even more stunned at the praise he gave Waggy. Hopefully we can continue the second half in the same style that we played in the last 10 minutes of the first half.
  14. Can't read the article, in the Evening Times they were stating that the police are looking into 109 allegations of child sex abuse in Scottish Football. I'm in no way saying that the majority of these should be associated with Celtic, but if the shoe fits....
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