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  1. One of these journalists will end up getting a hideing from someone one day and then they will all be after sympathy. The stuff recently that’s been printed about certain folk is a joke
  2. Got sent that from a mate today about Feyenoord.
  3. Hero. Hopefully he’s at peace now.
  4. It never wasn’t opened mate. I booked up last night when it said it was sold out 😂
  5. Rangers SLO saying it’s based on points
  6. Rangers slo saying it’s based on points
  7. That’s made me a bit more hopeful 😂
  8. Am the same mate if I don’t get I won’t be going. If don’t get for Porto though I don’t fancy my chances for feynoord 😂
  9. What’s the chances of getting with Thomas cook with 0 points?
  10. Can’t seem to see a thread on him apologising to that tarrier 😫
  11. It should have been brought out straight away then mate and no one would have been singing it in Warsaw surely?
  12. If they had charged us 6 days after St Joseph’s no one would have sang it in Warsaw?
  13. Only took 6 days to charge us after Warsaw yet a month after St Joseph’s?
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