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  1. Left and went to the pub at half time on friday
  2. Also any info on home end tickets?
  3. Anyone any idea how many we’ve asked for?
  4. Good price for the day trip just booked sports options yesteday aswell. Not sure a would get on the official flight though got knock back for feynoord
  5. One of they agent accounts is linking us with Gayle on twitter. Can’t see us dealing with Newcastle though
  6. Would like a striker and a winger that’s not Ojo
  7. Don’t usually believe in the cheating stuff just think there genuinely terrible but he was trying to cheat us on Sunday 100%
  8. Cunts are running scared they know what’s coming
  9. Don’t mind paying feel for folk with a few season tickets for family’s though
  10. Couple of tarriers with a tricolour got chased outside the ground by some bears not sure if they were caught. Good to see
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