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  1. MayboleLoyal_atb


    He wasn’t helped at all by the fact we were trying to use him as some sort of playmaker and his passes were terrible. Someone from midfield should have been taken the ball off him and trying to create something with it shouldn’t be upto him or Goldson to do that.
  2. MayboleLoyal_atb

    Ten Years Of The Youth Blog

    Nice one mate
  3. MayboleLoyal_atb

    Kris Boyd on the Sheep.

    A like Boyd. Don’t always agree with everything he says but a wouldn’t expect that. A can’t be only one though that finds it weird he’s allowed to continually slag other players and clubs as he’s still a player at Killie?
  4. MayboleLoyal_atb

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    What would your guess be on required points for Indy?
  5. MayboleLoyal_atb

    Games Moved For Tele (December)

    A few rough Monday’s at the work.
  6. MayboleLoyal_atb

    ***Official Scottish Football Thread***

    Terrible job that for Barry
  7. MayboleLoyal_atb

    55 is on the way

    Would take Davis
  8. MayboleLoyal_atb

    Rapid away - re-register

    Would surely have to be after the away game in Moscow as folk who went to that would need there points added?
  9. MayboleLoyal_atb

    Rapid away - re-register

    How many did we get for villireal mate? Folk with 0 points got for that
  10. MayboleLoyal_atb

    Rapid away - re-register

    2 points not enough would think then?
  11. MayboleLoyal_atb

    Rapid away - re-register

    How many tickets are we getting for this? Has it been said anywhere?
  12. MayboleLoyal_atb

    Hamilton v Rangers

    Cheers mate 😁
  13. MayboleLoyal_atb

    Hamilton v Rangers

    Looking for 1 for this
  14. MayboleLoyal_atb

    Would you have taken this start to the season?

    Yes . Am far from happy with our away form but you put it spot on. Keep within 2 points and beat them at Ibrox.
  15. MayboleLoyal_atb


    Was absolutely fuck all wrong with his commentary 😂.