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  1. Daily rebel saying we are not pursuing him so we can all breath again
  2. Rebel saying we will have a new manager in place
  3. So have they had the meeting or are they having it?
  4. This
  5. Who comes in?
  6. Ronald frank and now his agent saying he will listen to us. Would be suicide for the board if they don't even talk to him and just go straight for a Davies or mcinnes.
  7. Huge pressure on the board now to deliver after that interview. The fans simply won't accept a Derek mcinnes type now.
  8. Knowing rangers we will release a statement half an hour before the Dundee game on Sunday
  9. Even finishing second is going to be embarrassing due to the horrendous point gap between that and the tims. Finishing 4th would be suicide material.
  10. Rowatt is just a like for like with warburton
  11. A like Joey and we should never have got rid of him.
  12. A total Wee fanny. Have noticed a good few from both sides unfortunately on social media who right daft shit like that just so there wee pals can retweet or like it. Embarrassing.
  13. Anyone who says they wouldn't take him is off there head
  14. You surely must be meaning because his age? Certainly can't fault his defensive qualities
  15. Could Garner being bought affected that?