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  1. Am surely no the only one that hates seeing bears calling him that? Was it not one of they daft tarrier bloggers that started it and now bears seem to have adopted it? am not a fan of king btw incase anyone thinks am deflecting from story
  2. This is the attitude we need to start having if we are going to catch Celtic anytime soon. They've been doing it for years with there players
  3. This. I hold no bad feelings against them am just glad they are away
  4. Fantastic tackle.
  5. If holt doesn't miss hit that ball Armstrong doesn't score.
  6. Great Rangers/loyalist boozer is the Crown
  7. Love Barry. Don't agree with him on the throwing him in part though
  8. There's a rumour going about twitter that Craig Mulholland is going to take the role.....
  9. Wilson has turned us down according to Daily Rebel.
  10. Think we are going to have to beat them if we want to win it. Would rather we played them in semi.
  11. You would almost think there's an old firm game coming up...
  12. Wouldn't be wearing colours unless there's a few of use and use don't mind a bit of aggro. The cunts are animals
  13. Had a good game. McKay also was excellent and would probably been my man of the match if it wasn't for garners hat trick.
  14. What an absolute fuck up it will be if we get a manager before a DOF.
  15. This Caixhina has got to have been brought to the boards attention by Wilson surely? Can't see our current board even knowing who he was before