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  1. Terrible
  2. True but having seen his goals he's still beating men and scoring
  3. Rafa. Newcastle have a shit squad and e doesn't look to be getting much more money to help it
  4. Could of got Naismith in for a fraction of the price. Another fuck up it seems from the gaffer as before he's even fit the leagues by
  5. He's not
  6. Was retweeting stuff at 3 o'clock this morning on twitter. Must still have jet lag......
  7. My brother said he watched him at half time and he just wandered about looking at his feet 😂
  8. If MOH keeps up his goal scoring then a would give him a chance when he comes back in January unless someone wanted to make us a decent offer for him.
  9. We have two tricky away ties and then a game against the manky mob which could put us a fair distance behind Aberdeen. A could see us getting one victory out they 3 if we are lucky. Am absolute scunnert with this season already
  10. Off to Wimbledon apparently
  11. Would be a low risk signing that a wouldn't be against. Looked shite against us but wouldn't judge any player on one game. Certainly knows how to score in this league.
  12. No sure if this guys in the wind up or not but thought a would post anyway