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  1. Sell in the summer and be done with it. Carries far too much baggage
  2. Would be very surprised if heโ€™s walked
  3. Seems to be the only one who gives a fuck
  4. https://twitter.com/dkl1979/status/1233105922454671360?s=21
  5. Seen them at Porto airport on the way back got a great reception.
  6. The team seem to be boycotting away wins
  7. On our recent form and there recent form how would you fancy us strongly? Mental
  8. Didnโ€™t mind Miller. Scored some important goals for us in probably my favourite time following Rangers. Him and Boyd were lethal. Has stated the celtic thing was a mistake so will leave it at that.
  9. Anyone know many we eventually got
  10. Left and went to the pub at half time on friday
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