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  1. MayboleLoyal_atb

    Ross McCrorie

    Doesn’t want to go out on loan wants to stay and learn from players round about him and try get in the team.
  2. MayboleLoyal_atb

    Mcgregor again today

    What a player and what a day.
  3. MayboleLoyal_atb

    Dominic Solanke

  4. MayboleLoyal_atb

    Dominic Solanke

    Would be delighted with this
  5. MayboleLoyal_atb

    Scum Thinking of Patching Ibrox Tickets

  6. MayboleLoyal_atb

    Paul Gascoigne

  7. MayboleLoyal_atb

    Make Us Dream

    What cinema
  8. MayboleLoyal_atb

    3 points for Vienna ticket

    Aw well that’s me fucked then
  9. MayboleLoyal_atb

    3 points for Vienna ticket

    Is it not a pick up over there for this game no?
  10. MayboleLoyal_atb

    Hairs up on the back of your neck

    No he hasn’t ?
  11. MayboleLoyal_atb

    Hairs up on the back of your neck

    Sergio Ramos liked the picture
  12. MayboleLoyal_atb

    Pena returning is it a ? or ?

  13. MayboleLoyal_atb

    Hearts emails out

    Anyone know the allocations for RSCs
  14. MayboleLoyal_atb


    He wasn’t helped at all by the fact we were trying to use him as some sort of playmaker and his passes were terrible. Someone from midfield should have been taken the ball off him and trying to create something with it shouldn’t be upto him or Goldson to do that.