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  1. we miss you Jim!

  2. Mark Dingwall and his ma. I can see you cowering already.
  3. Its the same thing KPL. And if you aren't willing to join and change it from within then quit talking shit about it on the Internet.
  4. Are you a victim of domestic abuse? Give me peace.
  5. Of course not If the Trust is something that matters to you personally then you should join it, if its something that doesn't concern you then don't give it another moments notice. But don't tell me that this site doesn't have an anti-Trust agenda. That's fucking bollocks and you know it.
  6. His post was spot on. You probably started this site with the best of intentions but it has become a vehicle of anti-Trust sentiments whether you like it or not.
  7. If you think they don't care about rangers you're an idiot.
  8. And the case isn't similar in reverse badger? That's laughable tbh
  9. No idea if you're being sarcastic or not, but I think and hope you aren't Its a reason I stopped posting on there tbh. The smearing and threats have to stop. Just do your own thing as you have done on many issues. If then the RST or FF continue to block your site then they will be exposed for that.
  10. Why would a Canadian need a boat? Are you going to go and club some seals you sick fuck!
  11. Well I seen them, lots of members on VB made them when its membership was still pretty small. If VB want to be taken seriously and there's no reason they shouldn't be given that yourself, adonriam, Hitman etc etc are responsible for the site it would maybe be best to keep a lid on that sort of pish.
  12. So you are admitting that the alky allegations are complete and utter horseshit? Progress I suppose. From what I know of here she wouldn't have made any claims to be false. Not saying she's ever been wrong but I doubt she's ever deliberately mislead anyone.
  13. To tell absolute bollocks? You're only conning yourself NEB
  14. I've posted on FF that you are as bad as each other and want your heads knocked together. i rarely see eye to eye with deedle on anything tbh I'm in nobodies camp, I take on the opinions of all Rangers fans as best I can. No side are doing themselves any favours here though.
  15. I'm not attacking VB. On the most part you do some bloody sterling work and if you requested Rangers fans to attend an event for our self preservation I'd happily attend again. But the contents that have been posted on there in the past regarding good Rangers fans imo are beyond the pale. Stop the personal attacks and perhaps, just perhaps there might be a middle meeting ground.
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