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  1. I like Facebook, living in the States it helps keep me connected to family, friends, and Rangers. I am in a few good supporters' groups, the best ones to join are closed groups with good moderation, they have no problems. The Rangers Archive group is brilliant as I have been able to watch old match highlights that I missed when I moved to the States. When I first moved here in 1990 the only way I could keep up with results etc. was when my mum sent me newspaper clippings.
  2. I'm sure after the Legia game the Gaffer said Ojo was carrying a knock, I wonder if he's not fully fit and he has still been played.
  3. http://willievass.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/220819-Legia-Warsaw-v-Rangers/G0000XdF2mjJOUZ0/I0000jUuPHdTJ55o/C0000VLnaqGV0UpI
  4. Good Largs air keeps them looking young for their ages.
  5. Sorry for you loss @Bears r us and goodnight to a Brother in Blue.
  6. I think part of it is who he has playing beside him, seemed like Defoe & Arfield have a much better understanding. Hopefully when the new guys get up to speed things will improve.
  7. I find it hard to do comparisons of players that have played for us over the years. The equipment, field conditions, training etc. are now soo different than back when Baxter played. All I know was he was one of my favorite players and no matter who was the best overall I am glad they played for us.
  8. Charleston SC 988.8 miles Orlando Florida 1304.1 miles
  9. Perhaps it would have been better if you had a least mentioned that you hoped he would be alright and how awful it was. Instead your first comment on the situation was about the location not the fact that a player was attacked for the crime of just being a Rangers player.
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