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  1. I was going to say that he also is on NCIS, coaching is his side job.
  2. Won't let you unless me unless I signed up with a TV license.
  3. IPlayer doesn't work in the USA. I have a link to watch BBC Scotland but it's showing a program with Emma Thompson on it. 😥
  4. Every time he comes out with his garbage thoughts I cheer myself up thinking about that clip of him kicking air and landing on his arse.
  5. There was a video of the Morelos incident posted on Facebook, it looks like he may have at best been brushed by Morelos's hand to the chest/shoulder. However, he falls to the ground clutching his face so he was definitely cheating, no surprise there.
  6. The Logo eater already on a yellow card should have been booked again for throwing the ball away.
  7. I have never hated anyone more than the Lego eater & Popcorn teeth. Well done Kent for punching out that prick, even if he gets disciplined for it.
  8. Thank you, glad someone is using the match thread for actual information on the game.
  9. Unfortunately not able to find a stream for this in Florida.
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