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  1. Miller has never and will never be a Ranger. Merceneray bastard....I'm sure he will enjoy success like Boyd and Thompson. His career is over, but he would rather have the money anyhow. GTF Miller, you couldn't lace Javelics boots ya dobber.
  2. ...never mind the THOUSANDS of 'Irish' that died fighting with us at the Somme!
  3. ...Platini was in the stand and TBB was heard clearly several times - so thats them banned from Europe then? Unlucky
  4. on FB someone said we all need to buy the same version - as it will have been released several times on several albums? Each release being a different song for Chart purposes! Has this been checked out?
  5. is this the 'official' date? what happened to the last one? I like the idea, but it seems dis-jointed!
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