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  1. Magnificent bit of work...
  2. So what your saying is that every catholic in this country has Irish blood...Funny that cause the biggest opponents to the Irish migration was the Indigenous Catholic population of Scotland. They believed there relegion was being diluted by Irish politics and wanted to distance themselves from Irish nationalisium. Indeed it should be remembered that there would have been many catholic Rangers fans in the clubs early years. They had no reson not to follow Rangers after all Rangers were formed as a football club and nothing more. As far as i'm concerned I welcome people of all faiths to follow Rangers the more the better.
  3. Well I'm a ground hopper so ive done tham all. over 100 in England and every ground in Scotland including the Highland League. Been to all the old grounds pre Taylor report. and all the new ones. I need to go to London again to see Arsenal bastards moved to a new ground..hate it when they do that.
  4. Hi Guys things are looking great. I see you have this years fixtures on the site beaware that they are covered by copyright and the SPL are usually hot on asking for them to be removed.
  5. The thing to remember about keywords is this. If you use a keyword that keyword must appear in the text of the page for google to take notice of it. The more times you use a keyword the better. Dont use a keyword that is not in your text. Google uses many different ways to rank a site. The Keywords are importamt but the most important way is to get links on other sites. If you type Rangers into google look at some of the sites that appear they are in some cases old established sites. Old sites generally have a lot of external links. So get in contact with every Rangers site you can and get a link. One thing to remember it can take a while for things to work so dont expect results over night.
  6. Hi Guys, My match database is now running a wee bit better lots of the errors are now fixed. I still need to add opposition team line ups and fix a few images but its getting there. The programme archive will link to the database as well. I have hundreads of newspaper clippings to add as well some going back to 1873. The idea being that every game will include relevant newspaper reports. Strangly its easier to get newspaper reports from the 1800s and early 1900s than it is from the modern era. Keep up the good work guys. Why is Rangerspedia not high up on google? With the amount of content you have you should be right up there. Your code shows you have not included keywords. someone on here will know what i mean. If you get that sorted you will rocket up google. People will not know you are around if they cant find you.
  7. Hi Guys Dont take the stats from my players pages as fact my database is totally goosed. In the process of fixing it but it will take time. The match database is also being fixed slowly very slowly. Double check everything if you are using my site the database will give false data until i get it fixed. Everything got put on hold for the programme archive which is almost done and its bloody great even if i do say so myself.
  8. Some good work guys. I will be continuing on my players soon i have neglected it because the programme archive started just before xmas and we are still working on it. My players section was down for a while but its back up now. I will soon be reworking the players as well starting from scratch with more info, just registartion dates and fee ect. I have most going back to 1890 but it takes time to input the data. that should also give everyone an idea of who were guest players during the wars. It will also provide details of what team Rangers players guested for. Player images are a bugger to find but if you know who else they played for means you can head in that direction.
  9. The reason the last one folded was because there is no money in it. Because the games are friendly you cant charge expensive prices. You have to pay the clubs to come and play. It is nothing new we had a competition in the 70s called the Tennents Caledonian Cup as soon as the sponsors pulled out it was abandoned. If there was money to be made every club would have pre season tournaments.
  10. Very true Mate. and to be honest Im delighted with the quality of the members who have joined.
  11. i like your memoribilia/programmes forum Rangers programmes however i am a follow follow man. Is that the forum you are now going to get banned from lol. (only joking mate)
  12. Well I had a good look at all of them and I have to say NONE OF THE ABOVE. Without a doubt the best Rangers website is Rangers History. Indeed i would go further and say the bloke who runs it is a top bloke as well.
  13. Huddesfield Town and Everton also do the same thing.
  14. why talk crap the book came out like a few month ago and the guy died about 70 year ago go chase yirself It was a joke....I would have thought that was obvious. well i seem the only one that noticed I wonder how many peeps tried to find it on ebay?
  15. Happy New Year to you all. As some of you are aware my site has been up and running for a few months now it continues to grow. The site now contains a Programme Archive the idea is to reproduce every Rangers programme home and away ever published. At the moment we are up to 1954-55 season but are moving at a steady pace. What we need guys is for you to have a look and where you see gaps if you have that programme get it scanned and email it to me (my email is on the home page of the site. We will in time also include sections on Rangers books and other publications. Any help anyone can give will be most appreciated not just by me but I’m sure everyone who uses the site. If you can’t help with the programmes you may be able to help with other things, I need a stadium history written if anyone is up for the challenge? One last thing guys I received an email from someone telling me I was only in it for the money to be honest I was a bit shocked I think he was referring to the PayPal link I have on my home page. I do my site because I love my Football Club. Some kind Rangers fans and even a Everton fan have been kind enough to contribute a few pounds to help with my running costs. Web space is cheap access to digital archives is not. So thanks guys. The most important thing enjoy the site. All The Best Guys.