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  1. Did Alex Thomson not tweet before that unpaid taxes were worse than abuse?
  2. Well done Rangers today that's a huge step.
  3. I read over 25 predictions from so called experts. Most said the scum would win best a draw. Not one predicted.a.Rangers win.
  4. Time for Hamilton manager to change tactics..... And blame the sectarian singing...
  5. Some player is laxidada sical
  6. How many games did he play for us? As a midfielder he probably would not have scored a lot of goals though no doubt he would have assisted in many. The goal though against celtic was amazing.
  7. Was hoping after not hearing any updates for the last week, that he was on the mend, very sad news. Rest in peace Ray
  8. Perhaps they meant bloo stained, ie, stained by that toilet cleaning product that Kenneth Williams did the voice over for.
  9. Number 11 in iTunes same as the points difference in the league. Can't we exchange league points for chart positions?
  10. Downloaded remember song is called The Best it's now at 38 in iTunes
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