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  1. Rooney, Morata and Lukaku (c) upfront for the first gameweek
  2. On yerself, GB & NI!
  3. I would promote Hardie into the squad as opposed to spunking money on McLean. Worst case scenario, Hardie doesn't work out and he will be gone at the end of the season and we can review our position.
  4. Has he been given the boot yet?
  5. Did Waghorn bribe you or something?
  6. Gonna win the treble.
  7. He sounded like he had too many sweeties pre-match then was coming down by HT.
  8. I thought from the initial title the writer was suggesting us buying young talent and then selling on (with a respectable 'buy-back' clause written in for a few years down the line).
  9. Any working links?
  10. Just a tad. I'm sober, but it was as if the fear from a 12-hour sesh kicked in straight after I pressed 'submit'...
  11. Thank fuck!
  12. It'll soon get to edging the bid up by the pence!
  13. £280
  14. £240