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  1. An absolute smash and grab job!
  2. Any one who does clearly has his goggles on...
  3. Aye, cos he missed the message that it was cancelled.
  4. `19/5 you say?
  5. Miller FGS and 2-1 Rangers @ 125/1 - lumped on!
  6. Aye, me and the old man are sorted. Have you entered the lucky dip in the Bears Den?
  7. Never in doubt! You got tickets for Sunday?
  8. Was waiting for this...
  9. What an own goal!
  10. Up from £420 to £445
  11. Aye, you'll have the option to tick the box now mate.
  12. I am surprised that they did not announce prices prior to automatic renewal. Trying to tick my boxes for Europe/Away for next season but the website is kicking me off. There is no point jumping on until later incase anyone else is trying.