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  1. CooperSF

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    Croatia are world champions in Water Polo.
  2. CooperSF

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    Great header...
  3. CooperSF

    Curtis Tilt (Blackpool)

    I'm glad you took time out of your busy schedule to comment.
  4. CooperSF

    Lee Wallace - Livingston?

    Wouldn’t surprise me.
  5. CooperSF

    Mad Turkish Fan

    I’m sure he was hoopy to advise.
  6. CooperSF

    Mad Turkish Fan

  7. CooperSF

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    I’m sure he’ll cry into his winners medal this evening.
  8. CooperSF

    Curtis Tilt (Blackpool)

    I’m leaning towards this one (if the Cooper one collapses).
  9. CooperSF

    Chris Cadden (Motherwell)

    I’m not talking about the position of the player, I’m rather making a point that he will be joining Docherty on the bench (as he is of the same standard).
  10. CooperSF

    *****Official Rangers vs Shkupi match thread*****

    Are there any links to rewatching the match in its entirety?
  11. CooperSF

    Chris Cadden (Motherwell)

    Docherty v2.0
  12. CooperSF

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Contract negotiations continue for McGinn
  13. CooperSF

    Dominic Solanke (Liverpool)

    Poor performance from all accounts.
  14. CooperSF

    ***** YOU ARE THE PEOPLE *****

    Where’s the link to donate for this season?
  15. Look forward to seeing him cope when he wants to lead the revolt against the manager (once results inevitably start going against them). Oh, the dilemma!