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  1. Rip the game plan up and start again. New tactics, bring youths in (Patterson for Tav for starters!) and fucking take our medicine for the rest of the season. Find out who's up for staying, the rest can fuck off.
  2. Players bottled it for me. If it came down to losing half this squad or sacking Gerrard, i know what i would choose!
  3. Does anyone have a link for the game today? Mines been rubbish.
  4. Did someone get injured? Been out and missed the game. Who was it?
  5. Does anyone fancy giving me some guidance on getting a free VPN so I can buy the game from the club's website.
  6. See all these folk talking about "positives" and arguing over what subs were brought on! We lost that game because of Kevin Clancy and his superiors at the SFA. Remember when Lawell came out and said that celtic would "no longer sit at the back of the bus" Well, guess where we are sitting right fucking now.
  7. Would seriously consider Rudden in place of Morelos just now.
  8. Please sign a target man! We would comfortably score 20 goals from Tav crosses.
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