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  1. **Official Phantoms v Killie Match Thread**

    Controversial I know but I hope we play 5 in midfield. Been totally over run every time we have played Killie this year. Dorrans, Docherty and McCrorie in there please.
  2. Dominic Solanke (Liverpool)

    I hate loan signings.
  3. *** Confirmed Deals***

    Has Arfield signed? Saw a report in a paper saying he had but haven't' seen anything official.
  4. ***Rumours thread***

    Got to try and get Mcarthur, would be top drawer up here. Would also like Mcginn from hibs, as much as he's a wee scrote, he would be a good signing. It's exciting times though, good to be talking about signing players again, plus feel we would be in with a decent shout of signing a lot of players. Lots of people gonna want to work with Gerrard.
  5. Major investment?

    If we do end up with investment I hope we invest in a few coaches. Fitness coach and a goalkeeping coach are a must.
  6. Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    I can see this falling through. Fucking shambles. Whoever gets the job next will know (as will the players) that they were second choice (maybe even third choice as first choice seemed to be Mcinnes). Can't exactly see the players respecting someone who they know was miles down the wishlist of potential managers.
  7. Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    Don' know if this has been posted yet. Liverpool number 2 has quit, so lots of folk saying Gerrard will step up to Liverpool assistant manager.
  8. Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    Still not sure if this will work out. But no one can deny....it' fucking exciting!
  9. Rumours at this stage

    Cant be much worse than what we've had this season
  10. Rumours at this stage

    De Boer would be a massive mistake. He would maybe be a decent choice if we were in a decent position, sadly we're not. Would bite your hand off for a Tony Pulis or Allardyce type, someone that will make us difficult to beat in the first instance, we can worry about playing attractive football when we start winning things!
  11. *****The Official Rangers v Dundee Thread*****

    Ya big tease ye!
  12. *****The Official Rangers v Dundee Thread*****

    OMG the tunes are cringe
  13. Collum

    Did he genuinely book Mcginn twice and not send him off?
  14. ** Rangers V Hibs Official Thread **

    Just waiting on Hibs scoring. We dont look like the same team that played against Aberdeen.
  15. ** Ross County v Rangers Match Thread **

    Bates is a magnificent ginger bastard.