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  1. I loved BF as a player, but since he's retired he's been nothing but a rent-a-gub! Working for the Daily Record and not standing up for the club. DJ mark 2.
  2. After his performance today his value has shot up to at least £5m.
  3. Went a wee bit flat now.
  4. Wonder if we will have any subs on 60 mins!
  5. Another great ball from Toral. I fucking love Clint Hill!
  6. Is it just me or does JJ sound Jamaican sometimes?
  7. What a cross that was from Toral.
  8. Is that a 4-3-3
  9. Sutton had the cheek to question the referee in our match today and say how bad his performance was. Just watched MOTD there and some of the refereeing down there today was honking. I know the standard of Scottish refs is pretty bad, we've had a few horrendous refereeing decisions go against us this year, but it really sticks in my craw that the decisions on our game today will only be discussed because they have been in Rangers favour. No doubt done by the likes if Walker and Sutton to heap pressure on the ref for next Sunday.
  10. Both were clear reds. Media reaction is making me raging though. Had ssb on in the car and it was all they talked about all show.
  11. Garner on a hatrick!
  12. 4 Fucking Nil! Get In!
  13. Fuck you Andy Walker, Fuck you Ian Crocker, and Fuck you Chris Sutton!