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  1. Hold on. Are we actually debating people taking offence about someone mocking an unrepentant terrorist? Jesus Fuck!
  2. We need at least 10 players and at least £10m in fees alone to get up to standard.
  3. Scotlands moral compass is all wrong. Aye, let's be offended at some words on a banner, but bombing innocent people......that's awright.
  4. This has been going on for years. Know someone who did some work with the police wildlife warden and the clydebank cemetery/crematorium grounds are rife with it.
  5. Wilson and Holt have been much better under Pedro.
  6. I used to get called JJ in school because we had the same hair.
  7. Fair play, weathered the storm pretty well there. Get the feeling we would have conceded under Warburton.
  8. They are fucking all over us.
  9. I think Hyndman is off to the tims in the summer. Been shite ever since that rumour surfaced.
  10. Fuck. He's pisher than i thought.
  11. I would stick O'Halloran through the middle instead of Waghorn.
  12. Looked like a bit of a 2 footer?
  13. We've had debatable refereeing decisions in the past 3 games. We're just accepting them.
  14. Our problems laid bare in the past 5 mins. Tav bombing forward, then jogging back. Waghorn and Garner not knowing how to find the net.
  15. Garner guaranteed to get another yellow. Fucking dafty