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  1. Big second half. We need to make a fuss about that offside call though, horrendous.
  2. He went 3-5-2 against Motherwell and everyone shat the bed. A lot of the Rangers support - specifically at home - aren’t ready for fluid alterations to formations mid-game. Going from a back four to a back three or five would completely blow some minds.
  3. Bizarre to think that some people expected Rossiter to take Jack’s jersey when fit. It’s actually more laughable than bizarre seeing how it’s turned out.
  4. While I generally give him no time or thought, if the players have anything about them then Scott Brown’s season ends on Sunday after his behaviour last time round.
  5. I’ve not posted for a bit and I can’t go through all the last 79 pages, but I don’t think the club has helped itself. There is more than enough proof to suggest we’re refereed differently to others and that the filth get away with a lot, the McInnes ban midweek being a great example of one rule for celtic and one rule for everyone else.
  6. Good to speak again brother I am eternally hopeful as ever, Heckingbottom has made them a bit better but even in the game where he was up against us - I think he was in charge for the last one anyway - it was a miracle they got away with a point. They’ve been some of the most straightforward games all year. This’ll be the sort of game that Andre Gray puts to bed easily next year.
  7. Aberdeen will do fuck all against the filth, but it’s important we keep the run going. We’ve absolutely tonked Hibs in every game we’ve played them this year, it’s went under the radar just how mental it’s been that we haven’t taken double figures off them.
  8. I'm still waiting for an alternative way of handling this that wouldn't cost the club a fortune. The floor is yours....
  9. He'd not exactly been involved in much controversy recently. It sounds to me that you're itching to criticise the club. As far as I'm concerned, we're the first club to give Barton the slap around that he deserves.
  10. So because he has previous of being a dickhead, we should just accept it?
  11. Anyone defending him against the club needs their brain checked. Also, anyone criticising the club's handling of it needs that organ checked as well. Given that we don't want to pay off his huge contract in full, we were outside of a transfer window and gave ourselves time to investigate all avenues legally before coming to a decision. We've done as much as possible, hopefully the horrible little bastard doesn't darken our doors again.
  12. Boyd gets a game because he's more 'pally' with McCoist than Clark or Daly are. There's absolutely no other reason.
  13. Llambias is there to help Ashley rape every penny out the club. Don't kid yourself on that he's there to do any good at all. Sadly, the silent McCoist is no more than their sidekick in the dugout, staying silent while he watches dickheads run the club into the ground. Then again, he's doing exactly that to the playing side of things.
  14. Nicky Clark should, quite rightly, have a very low opinion of McCoist.
  15. I'd genuinely say we're one of the worst footballing sides I've ever watched. McCoist is making me feel numb towards my club. I no longer get excited for games or goals, and this tonight sums up why. McCoist is playing his part in killing us.
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