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  1. StuWelsh

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    Can't tell if you're kidding or not. But he only captained his side and won MOTM in the greatest comeback the Champions League Final has ever seen.
  2. StuWelsh

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    His biography states that he went to Catholic school for his footballing career. He's not a Catholic.
  3. StuWelsh

    New Strip old strip back

    What exactly were you all expecting? That Rangers would just forever sell the home strip at about £20? The strips were sold at that price to get some much needed cash in at an important time. Now it's back to business as usual and there's nothing wrong with that. The average price of a strip in the English top flight is about 60 quid, so why shouldn't Rangers be up there at around that?
  4. StuWelsh

    *****The Official Rangers vs Hibs Thread*****

    You couldn't make this up. FFS!
  5. Should get Hugh to co-commentate every match. :)
  6. StuWelsh

    Scummy BBC Once Again Play The Rangers Card

    Just saw that on Twitter. Just can't stop their campaign against us.
  7. StuWelsh

    Retail Deal News incoming

    Fantastic news!
  8. Never been more glad to hear a final whistle.