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  1. Feel good factor coming back?

    You're right but back then we didn't have refs who were afraid to send opposition players off . Ever since that chest high tackle on Ian black in the 3 rd division that didn't get a red card it's been open season on our players. What if our top 3 signings end up injured due to refs not doing their jobs properly what then ? Like I said refs need to get a grip early in the season or it will be our players out injured for long periods again
  2. Feel good factor coming back?

    I just hope we get a fair crack of the whip as the bigger the signing the bigger the target will be on his back by the hammer throwers. We all know teams try harder against us than they do against others and you only have to look at the tackles on Dorrans and Jack that went unpunished plus the disgraceful tackle on Rossiter to see what we will be up against next season if we sign top quality. If refs don't stamp out these tackles early in the season then no matter how good a manager Gerrard is if half our team is out injured then we will struggle and that is more of a concern to me than Gerrard being our manager
  3. Clint Hill

    Joined Barton at Fleetwood
  4. Sounds very much like it that has nothing to do with his time at the taigs even though sure it was him that confessed that the celtic boys club dressing room was like an orgy after some games
  5. Wallace And Miller's Suspensions.

    Probably tried to put gagging order on Miller but as his contact was coming to an end he would of refused to sign it
  6. BBC Article

    There was an article in the Sunday post a while back done by a reporter who was very good friends with the then hivs chairman. The chairman told the reporter in confidence what was going on and said he didn't want the clubs name dragged through the mud and that no parent would allow their kids to go there if they knew what was going on and so didn't report it to the police allowing Neely to come to our club without us knowing about what happened at hivs
  7. Would have loved it if he had said " due to continued attacks on my club by the sfa I don't want to be considered for selection while the attacks continue "
  8. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Thought he was supposed to be on loan for 18 month ? Hopefully sign of things to come that whoever Brenda signs turns out to be shit.
  9. Andy Devlin - Signing Targets

    So he's just read the transfer forum on here then
  10. Evening times tweets

    http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/news/16230547.___No_live_investigation____in_connection_with_Rangers_coach_Gordon_Neely_and_abuse_claims/ POLICE have said there is no live investigation in connection with coach Gordon Neely and claims of abuse while he was at Rangers. It comes after a former youth footballer spoke out to make a new claim that he was sexually abused by the coach while at Rangers and was reportedly told by the club he should pursue his complaint with liquidators. The man claims he was abused within the Ibrox stadium by Gordon Neely who was head of youth development in the 1980s. Rangers said they would “co-operate fully” with all those who had a “genuine interest” in seeking to protect children and “addressing the wrongs” of what had happened in the past
  11. Fight the sfa

    Do we have our own lawyer employed by the club ? If not then we should as it would be far cheaper than paying a law firm since we are under attack on a regular basis
  12. We have them rattled 😀

    Preliminary hearing is today who would have thought it. is it just the rhabid bbc who are running with the Neely story ? If so pretty clear they're trying to deflect from the convicted paedo being in court again. Be interesting to see if they report on the news
  13. Connor Goldson (Brighton)

    What are we doing with the rest releasing them ? sounds like they just guessing.
  14. Club statement on Sfa nonsense.

    If the English FA start dishing out heavy punishments to clubs then the SFA will have no option but to do the same. I know what my punishment would be 1 league demotion for every coach convicted and let the scum be demoted all the way to the lowland league. Paedo fc are not the only offenders in this so if they let them off they have to let others off as well so how would that look. The sfa changed their rules to punish clubs so surely they wouldn't sweep this under the carpet no matter how much they want to.