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  1. A guy on follow follow who said there was going to be a big story in the papers today, which hasn't materialized, said it had nothing to do with the paedo ring but was about the scums business practices. He doesn't know why it's not been published
  2. That's the banner for next season sorted "the huddle is really a paedo ring"
  3. Probably a few were made up especially for PZJ as he was asking for info on a weekly basis for over a year.
  4. Full list of excuses not to give info. Pretty sure one of the excuses given to pzj was would harm international relations wtf that had to do with cheap land deals i'll never know https://foiwiki.com/foiwiki/index.php/Freedom_of_Information_Act_2000#Exemptions_guidance
  5. means neil Strachan not Gordon
  6. Yes pzj asked for many of them when trying to get info on the scums cheap land deals he was denied more than he got i think
  7. Thought it was about 160 just not all being represented by Thompsons
  8. So let me get this straight the SFA dont want any club to go to the arbitration for sport but they are allowed to, the brass neck of these cunts is unreal
  9. From his wiki page Gove was born in Edinburgh and originally given the first name Graeme by his biological mother.[13] At the age of four months he was adopted by a Labour-supporting family in Aberdeen, where he was brought up
  10. Sure I saw a programme about him where he said he was adopted by someone from Aberdeen so that's probaly why he supports them.
  11. FOI were denied regarding Neely so why would they be looking which means the BBC made that story up
  12. Quote from a bbc article April 2017 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-39553258 "Police Scotland told the BBC they were unable to confirm whether Rangers made a complaint or not, despite Freedom of Information requests" "The Crown was unable to find details of a report being sent to the fiscal in relation to a complaint about Neely in 1990." Just shows they made that shite up in the 2nd quote as the 1st quote says FOI was refused , utter cunts.
  13. PZJ faced the same problems when trying to get info on the scums cheap land deals, FOI requests were frequently blocked stating some garbage rule.
  14. What I find even more astonishing was some reporter from the sunday post wrote a piece about the abuse at Hibs, the then Hibs chairman told him what was going on but he did nothing as the chairman didnt want it known as no parent would let their kids sign for Hibs. that fucking reporter is just as bad in my opinion as Neely would never have ended up at us. Cunt couldn't even pick up the phone to warn us.
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