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  1. They are that deluded they probably think they are the best footballing team, gifted a goal and a deflection tonight jammy cunts
  2. Can't believe craigans commentary you'd think it was barcelona game he's commenting on excellent this excellent that, utter knob jockey
  3. When everyone is fit the majority of our bench isn't that bad. Defoe, Hellander, Arfield, Wes, Jones it's when we have injuries and suspensions in midfield and up front that then causes a problem
  4. Does ryan jack not like nathan Patterson amount of times hes in acres of space and Jack goes into traffic
  5. RIP a true Rangers legend
  6. If anyone from the s*n is at our press conference for the stranraer game if they ask a question hope the gaffer just says next question
  7. How come we haven't played the sheep yet
  8. 2 days after the game the press said christies injury was not as bad as 1st feared and he would be back for the 1st game after winter shut down. We'll soon know if hes included in their scottish cup squad
  9. A penalty that should have been retaken as Lurch was a yard off his line when the ball was struck yet the ref managed to miss that as well
  10. Have to laugh when he says if that was a scum player he would also criticise it well sutton you didn't when wanyama did it so you are just a liar
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