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  1. Dalcio will never kick a ball for us think that's pretty obvious now. Unless we half half a team out injured.
  2. Do city play the other development teams from Europe this season ? If not could he be here for that ?
  3. Has to be Durrant 100% loss as a manager.
  4. should the goal of stood ? didn't seem like Wallace was offside looked like linesman gave it against Windass who never touched the ball.
  5. That was going to be mine
  6. I'm pretty sure we did but they kept asking til we gave in. Funny how they never asked for game to be postponed when it was Tommy Burns death though.
  7. If he was picked to do a championship game before our game against the junkies then he hasn't been
  8. Are referees not picked for games couple of weeks in advance site doubt hes been demoted not yer anyway
  9. How fucking lucky can they get, 2 own goals an astana player passing straight to sinclair and a clash of heads where the game should of been stopped straight away
  10. We should start doing what every foreign team does and over exaggerate every foul then hound the ref whilst our player rolls about in "agony" for 2 min
  11. This all started when Black was kicked in the chest and it wasn't a sending off and since then we've been booted up and down every park since Div 3. Would be interesting to see how many opponents have been sent off against us for fouls not kicking ball away etc and getting a 2nd yellow.
  12. So miller today gets his shot on target and it gets deflected onto the post is not unlucky . Get a grip.
  13. We've replaced 2 centre halves and 2 centre mids with quality is that not a key positions ?
  14. I'm beginning to think 95% of the folk on here missed the sending off the way they're carrying on.
  15. That's 6 times now this season we've hit the woodwork and in 2 of those games progres and today we would of won. Very thin line between losing and winning.