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  1. Gerrard has come out and said Morelos to take any pens was decided before the game
  2. haha the serial hider, me havent kicked a ball in years due to fucked knee ligaments so it's between you and gerrard
  3. Davis is ruled out already so who would you play in his place Aribo ? Halliday ? we have no other cunt to play there so Kamara will play
  4. what a load of shite his 1st 3 corners were onto goldsons head is a corner not a cross
  5. aribo to midfield and barker to right wing what was he going to do bring flanno on
  6. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/56982/Rangers_vs_Celtic.html
  7. Reminded me of this record I saw on ebay years ago Artist Rangers Label FTP coincidence ?
  8. We offered Gilmour more per week than Chelsea did
  9. Sorry stevie but nothing should to be done to help the SFA get to the finals, they have done fuck all to help us so fuck them.
  10. Seen feed for BBC Alba online before with no commentary so if they are planning on showing highlights it just might be available online
  11. We tried to do something different once before this season and look where it got us
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