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  1. Sportswear firms are missing a trick they should do request a top so they make your design. They'd make a fortune.
  2. Rangers official site got it wrong then that's where i read it.
  3. Just read this team finished 6th in their league. How does a team who finish 6th in a tiny league get into europe ? surely some of their other teams can't play in europe.
  4. With the deadline for signing for EL ending tomorrow will we try and get some over the line ? Realize we are allowed to sign one after the deadline but think we'll need more than that.
  5. Doesn't premier sport show early qualifiers ?
  6. Aye it's .5 million as in half a million so you missed the point
  7. You're missing the point
  8. If someone does then send the link to the paper who ran the story where a scum official admitted they were told but did nothing
  9. What time are the govan Proddy boys gonna be on the strip at ?
  10. So far 2 in 2 out Hill and Senderos so nothing has chanhe'd in size of squad yet.
  11. Did Hemings not score 26 goals this season after scoring 20+ last season would think he's probably the best of a bad bunch .
  12. sheep fans on FB saying they are in the know that Jack gave Mcinnes his word he would not be signing for us. Time will tell.
  13. I think it'll depend on when these U20's games are against the top teams in Europe are on whether he gets on the bench next season. They'll want to get guys like Barjonas as much game time with U20's next season and can't see many going out on loan.
  14. What's happened to Liam Burt ? Came on as sub last season and haven't heard of him since was great things not expected of him ?