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  1. This all started with the lego muncher kicking the accies player in the face and getting away with it. Now it's a free for all. When was an elbow down graded to a yellow anyway. Also the tackle on Morelos where he was caught round the waist, ref looking straight at it and never even gave a foul it was beyond belief.
  2. Pedro Addicted to winning

    so winning the top league in a country is the same as winning the 2nd division in a country. Right you are then. He also won 2 cups in mexico
  3. Pedro Addicted to winning

    whether it's a sham or not he still won it.
  4. Pedro Addicted to winning

    he has just not with us which he said in the interview
  5. Pedro Addicted to winning

    So you don't read or listen to Pedros interviews but know he's spoke about vampires and caravans.
  6. Pedro Press conference

    You keep saying we should replace him but you haven't said who with. You can forget anyone who is under contract as no way we are paying off Pedro and paying compensation to another club
  7. Pedro Press conference

    If it wasn't for the ridiculous decision by the linesman to chop a perfectly good goal off against hearts we'd be 1 point behind.
  8. Hamilton Accies

    Was watching tv the other week and there was the exact same scam being shown. They have all your bank transactions as they get malware onto your computer so they can see everything. Once they see you have loads of cash in the bank due to you using online banking they then pounce. They phone you up using an app that shows your bank phone number then they tell you to check the phone number matches your banks one. They then go through all your latest transactions. Then they tell you your money is at risk, they have already set up another bank account in your name and tell you to transfer all your money into it.
  9. he reminds me of trying to play football with a balloon the thing can go anywhere.
  10. Thought Alves was booked at the same time as Anderson for the pushing and pulling at the corner but according to the SPFL website he wasn't
  11. Butcher

    Watched the Rangers tv commentary. Get a VPN and watch Rangers tv, club gets money and BT sport do not. Plenty of ways to watch other games on BT sport without paying them.
  12. I said before the game with paedo fc we needed to hunt in packs when we don't have the ball doubling up and trebling up on them. So was glad to see us do this tonight so it went a long way to keeping a clean sheet.
  13. Hearts away

    Was on sky ticker saying we'd sold the 14k
  14. Anyone else get this?

    Didn't know there was a team called seems and it's october and they haven't even got a draw yet. sack the board manager and players that's what i say.
  15. Rossiter

    More like a Jamie Ness, Andy Webster couldn't be bothered to play was never injured.