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  1. as there won't be much of a league cup this season due to lower league clubs not having a team , they'll fit them into weeks scheduled for that.
  2. Hardly think football is essential so they'd need to get special permission
  3. Yes but no club was going to change their mind within 6 days that's ridiculous ..... oh no wait
  4. Well he won't be keeping his place on the board now so hopefully that'll be 3 off the board and the corrupt legal advisor allegedly to go as well
  5. canna remember what happened yesterday let alone weeks ago
  6. What did they have to gain in all this or are they that skint they needed the money ?
  7. So who is the bully ICT are talking about obviously not Stewart Robertson or doubt Karyn Mcluskey if it was Doncaster they reported it to can't be him so that leaves Maclennan, Gray (hamilton) Burrows (Motherwell), Mcarthur (Dunfermline) Cameron (alloa) Ferguson (brechin) Davidson (montrose) One of 2 for me Maclennan or ferguson
  8. I would say so couple of days after the vote before they changed their mind nelms said he has a friendly lined up against a spfl big hitter not us so that leaves one despicable club
  9. Probably because he played with Rangers youth teams and wasn't good enough to progress so is still crying like a wee kid about it.
  10. No need for an EGM now The SPFL will agree to independant investigation since we are paying for it said no one at the spfl ever
  11. 14: Do you believe the club has left itself open to both SPFL sanctions and possible legal action from Doncaster and McKenzie for libel or defamation? We cannot control what other individuals do. We are confident in our position. We have not defamed or libelled anyone. If they do decide to take action I’m sure, given their concerns for the member clubs’ money they’ll fund the action as individuals. Ooft
  12. they can't you were allowed to change your vote from no to yes but not the other way around so would have to be a complete new vote
  13. I meant for calling the league, lower league clubs now have their money so have nothing to lose except league winners, hearts, partick and stranraer should be shouting for a null and void like other leagues in europe
  14. Now that alot of things are out in the open why is nobody pushing for another vote ? surely it's upto the clubs to decide what happens regarding another vote or not look at the snp always banging on about another vote coz they lost the last one.
  15. Just got a norton virus warning for opening that file
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