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  1. what's the rule with subs in europe ? if 5 go 2 nil up then use all 5 subs early as possible
  2. We only lost 1 league game last season when they both played unfortunately both were out injured last season at one point or another.
  3. I'm no dr but Aribo's injury is a high ankle sprain surely that's not his knee
  4. Just start calling them Hibernian II
  5. The defender at the goal almost had to pay to get back in, oh no wait
  6. Remember Amoruso getting a thigh gash they just strapped him up and he played on.
  7. remember ryan jack getting sent off for less against the sheep after playing the ball 1st
  8. Said a while ago they should be demoted one division for every employee convicted in a court of law, they'll end up in division 7 of a sunday pub league
  9. In our league all that's needed is a half way line to opps box since no fucker wants to come near ours
  10. Anyone know who has scored the most headed goals for us DJ must surely be up there
  11. Sure I heard on the news this morning Wales have put Gibralter on their list of places you have to isolate. If it's Humza useless decision then he will fuck us over by putting them on the list.
  12. If Lennons mentality for playing Duffy is the same as it is with his 2 strikers he'll probably start his 1st game mid october due to not being match fit, so £2 million for a 7 month loan
  13. Sure I read on here that last season in the league when Borna and Tav both played we only lost once. Both have played every game this season and we haven't lost domestically
  14. soulboy

    The Keeper

    If he was going to be dropped would have been today since McGregor is fit again
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