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  1. Ah well have to beat them twice then.
  2. They still have to play the scum twice so if we can get at least a win and draw against the sheep then it's doable
  3. you get to see the fist pump in this highlights vid
  4. “I don't fight bulls. Bulls try to fight me,” Caixinha said. “I am a frontal guy. As I think you already saw. When I need to speak something, I speak something in front of you - if I need to say something to you. “If that means I am a tough guy then I am a tough guy. But I am a demanding guy. “The first person I need to be demanding with is myself. If I am demanding with myself, this is about results, this is about winning. I cannot let the other guys be less demanding than me. “So I am a guy who has one quote - maximal freedom, maximal responsibility, okay. So let it go like this. “I am not a policeman. You know the work you need to do. “I am not here to control you. But if you go from the line, it doesn't matter who you are. “This is a collective sport, not an individual one. I am not an individual guy. “I don't want one player who can maybe solve one or two matches, I want one team who can maybe win all the matches in a steady state.”
  5. Said one had back problem other had hamstring problem can't remember which had which that's why HallIday and Toral never started yesterday
  6. Sky sports reported an hour ago he's waiting to get confirmation he'll be allowed to leave
  7. Mcinnes couldn't even win league against Ronnie Delilah when he was 7 points clear at one stage no way would he topple Brenda
  8. Did Ian Ferguson the 80s one not score a hatrick against them
  9. According to the rhebel the day he's paying £300k to get out of his contract to come to us now, rhebel also said Ross Wilson deal has stalled
  10. Agreed since he's been brought back into the team we lost 2 games and he's now been sent off
  11. Coincidence ? Kiernan gets dropped for 2 games and we don't lose he gets back in the team and we lose both
  12. How the fuck can we go from this 18 months ago to this with basically the same team is beyond me.
  13. He picks the team and is in charge of tactics so he is in charge until we get someone else
  14. We have a diffferent man in charge and they are still as bad as they have been all season
  15. I wouldn't be surprised if Waburtons record in the top flight was worse than Le Guens.