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  1. Pretty sure it said in that documentary few weeks ago that the Hibs chairman who knew is now dead. He told a reporter who was a close friend about the abuse though as he was on the programme and he's just as guilty as the hibs chairman in my eyes.
  2. Last season Scottish cup winners went in qualifying round 2 which meant extra 2 weeks before season started so is it not the same this year ? If it is then blows your theory right out the water
  3. Remember he scored a last min equalizer against dundee hivs with the back of his head as he was facing our goal not theirs that's my only memory of him.
  4. RIP Ugo, far to young
  5. This why they introduced the fast track system. So if we had a midweek game and a player was sent off you can guarantee the hearing would be set up before the weekend
  6. That is unbelievable. the SFA have no shame when it comes to bending over backwards to help the filth. If someone from SFA made decision on Schalke then why not the lego muncher complete joke of an organisation
  7. Has the diver from sun had a hearing but lego muncher hasn't ?
  8. STV news just now said he'll miss both games
  9. What happened to fast tracking a decision before next game played. If there was a game on wed and someone is sent off there would be a decision before the next match at the weekend.
  10. 16 min of highlights from yesterday
  11. I knew Torbett had been allowed back but thought the official line was he had nothing to do with coaching kids and that he was there as a fundraiser. They should be held accountable for letting him to have access to kids the 2nd time around no ifs, but or maybes
  12. Ok cheers for the info. In the guys blog he said there are a lot of false favourites in horse racing so lay odds against fav winning, so 5 from 5 i've won so far and I know zilch about horses
  13. Ah ok. forgot to ask do you do a lot of arbs betting ? read a blog on matched betting and guy said bookies take dim view of it and will close your account if thats only bets you do.
  14. Ok cheers. Since I posted found a site which does the odds matching for free freebets4all. Another site that is subs you can see their forum through the cached version without joining
  15. Pedro slashed the average age of his team in Mexico to 23 so wouldn't be surprised if he does same here. He could have played Hodson at left back on Sun but stuck with Beerman.