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  1. What if that diving cunt hadn't dived against motherwell in the last minute to rescue a point. What if gordon their keeper had been sent off for his kung fu kick to a players chest. What if lego had been sent off for his elbow on naismith yeah they've had plenty of what ifs as well.
  2. get another 3 sent off and game gets abandoned
  3. that was never a penalty if that was alfredo going down like that he would of been booked
  4. According to a lot on here it is.
  5. Funny how everybody going tonto in the Gerrard 1 match ban thread but folk in here saying I'm paranoid . You couldn't make it up.
  6. Better get used to 20 in a row then if nothing happens to him while we seem to get someone sent off every other week. Will never be a level playing field if nothing ever gets done.
  7. After seeing the legomuncher stamp on a St Mirren player should the players of all other teams go on strike if he doesn't get a ban. The cunts got away with kicking Hamilton player in the head when the Hamilton player was lying on the ground if he gets away with this then what is the point of playing against that scum team.
  8. somebody needs to do this to lego if it's ok for him to kick a hamilton player in the face then why not on him
  9. soulboy


    Ffs I give up with you, you obviously can't understand what people mean if that's the conclusion you've come to. I've explained it 3 times now but you still can't grasp it, there really is no hope for you last time i reply to you.
  10. soulboy


    thats not the point i was making somebody said that one mistake yesterday defines tav not his continual fuck ups
  11. soulboy


    if you bothered to read the person i quoted he said yesterday defines Tav not an accumulation of tavs fcuk ups just the one yesterday so stop spouting pish
  12. soulboy


    It had nothing to do with that I was making the point that somebody said the one incident with tav yesterday defines him goram made a big mistake as well did it define him , so read it properly before spouting pish.
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