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    We did pressure them we were 2 points behind with a game in hand they have won every game since
  2. 2nd goal on thurs 2 passes from a throw in and it was a goal
  3. Decision to be made whether to play Kamberi or not he needs game time but we can't afford him to get injured since Alfie out midweek
  4. Thought the 5 way agreement was known a few years ago, as when it came out Reagan signed a blank piece of paper and said I'm going for a meal with my wife and I'm not missing it so off he went and left the others to decide our fate.
  5. If some so called religous twat Choudary can get jailed for stirring up racial hatred journalists should be as well
  6. It's now time for the police to have a word with so called journalists and so called pundits to stop stirring up the hatred, if the police can go into the dressing rooms to warn players of their conduct before old firm games then they can have a word with these cunts. Any inflamatory comments and they get charged simple.
  7. If Katic is dropped tomorrow then we'll know who it was aimed at
  8. So all the games we've dropped points from a winning position have been our own fault nothing to do with referees right you are then so your either blind or trolling
  9. We are winning these games til the ref fucks it up so players are stepping up could they step up more yes but that's not the point
  10. Var would have chopped off killie goal last night and given us a pen at pittodrie when we were 2 nil up
  11. Until we get VAR we're winning nothing there are far far far to many wrong calls that's costing us points from winning positions. Plus the cup final debacle. Morelos pen would've been retaken due to lurch being 2 yards off his line and their goal would not have stood.
  12. Gerrard needs to keep saying we need VAR after every shocking refereeing display it's saying refs are cheating without actually saying it
  13. Did they say in commentary game would be postponed on wed if we drew ? If so looks like it will be postponed coz killie are drawing with 5 min left Or was it just because we play in europe that they couldn't do the replay then but the sheep and killie can do a replay in 10 days time
  14. The ref never saw lurch was a yard off his line when alfredo took the pen so it is the refs fault
  15. soulboy

    Ianis Hagi

    without trawling through pages and pages of the match thread who was it that said they don't see what he brings to the team come on own up. 😜😆😆
  16. Foul on Hagi all day long they break up the park and score . Doidge elbows Edmundson then does the same to Barisic only one booking he should be off . Penalty all day long for tackle on Kent and get's nothing . Madden is an utter tool who doesn't even try to hide his bias
  17. Only half way through the game and this is the worst refereeing performance of the season
  18. soulboy

    Leagues over

    Well they've just run out of games now to get going, anymore dropped points and we have to rely on other teams and like i said nobody and I mean nobody but us is beating them.
  19. soulboy

    Leagues over

    If this was just one game then your point would stand but that's 4 games in a row now we've been awful and no signs of improvement from 1 game to the next. Unless Hagi somehow becomes Messi from now until the end of the season then we'll only drop more points than them, put it this way who else but us is going to beat them the answer nobody
  20. Aribo was worse than all of them how he stayed on is beyond me.
  21. If the league wasn't gone after the hearts game it is now
  22. if hes booked only suspension doesnt kick in for 2 weeks only if hes sent off he'll miss wed
  23. When Aribo was put through 1 on 1 on Sunday it looked like he was running through treacle
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