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  1. Seen feed for BBC Alba online before with no commentary so if they are planning on showing highlights it just might be available online
  2. We tried to do something different once before this season and look where it got us
  3. We could now be top on goal difference if it wasn't for refs blowing for time up 1 or 2 min into injury time when we've battered teams by 5 goals when quite clearly there should have been at least 4 or 5 min injury time, this has happened 3 times this season
  4. coming from Columbia he would of been better calling Saul
  5. They always do 1 player press conferences before league cup ties
  6. well done young guns won on pens
  7. commentary working again now
  8. googled it and this came up 23 Oct 2003 - To expose suspected racist behaviour Mark Daly, 28, an undercover ... police service as it was forced to face up to yet another racism crisis. .... The undercover reporter, who is to repay his £18,000 a year salary to the Manchester force, was eventually rumbled after police received a tip off about his identity.
  9. Yes Daly went undercover twice whilst working for the BBC
  10. Hardly a habit since this is the 1st time in a long time or 1st time ever
  11. The guy on fb has said what daly has done it's not going to ruin him like the guy said but shows what Daly is like. Basically he went undercover as a cop for a year to get proof of racism in the police when the police found out they took him to court and he was ordered to pay back the salary he got for a year as it was under false pretences. The programme was never shown as the police feared it would cause more riots like Toxteth. He then was making another undercover programme about buying and he was injecting illegal performace enhancing drugs to prove that these didn't show up in athletes drug tests again the programme was never aired.
  12. everyone already knows that so doubt it's that
  13. Just saw post on fb which someone says he's going to expose Daly today he hasn't given any clue as to what it is but says it will ruin him Just to update everyone on me v mark daly and the bbc Ive finished and i will be post it tommorow someone else has commented under the post I have an idea of what's to come after finding out about mark dalys background , needs to be exposed , let's hope the club expose him just the same believe me it will explain the vendetta this so called journalist has against our great club , this guys career is over ,believe me , I don't ever wish to ruin anyones livelihood or career but enough Is enough , nothing but a fraudster and will find out where his allegiances lie
  14. Still doesn't explain why katic not on the bench . Also why make change for change sake against feyenoord when goldson and helander have hardly played together in a very important game. If anyone should have been left out it should have been goldson as he has been the poorer of the 2.
  15. There is a story katic not even on the bench last 2 games is a story. Gerrard was interviewed before feyenoord game when asked about katic he said tactical for this game katic is a beast in both boxes in the league. Or words to that effect , so why wasn't he back in the team on sun.
  16. Gerrard said there weren't any concrete bids for any of our top players in the summer so he was never leaving, if he keeps out of trouble which he's shown he can and keeps scoring then pretty sure we'll be getting bids next summer.
  17. The BT ref said Dallas didn't have a good angle jesus christ he's 5 yards away, Yet Gerrard saw it from the touchline
  18. Much better 2nd half but the similarities between now and Walters 2nd spell in charge are unreal . Under Walter we were pish 1st half majority of the time and then blew teams away 2nd and this has happened a few teams this season where 1st half has been shocking. Stevie G needs to give his half time team talk before the game.
  19. Why is it so hard to sack footballers. If I spat on someone at my work I'd be sacked
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