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  1. 29 minutes ago, Swally said:

    "Pat Nevin: celtic should compensate victims if aware of abuse"#


    celtic should apologise and compensate victims if they knew about sexual abuse at celtic Boys' Club, says former player Pat Nevin.

    The Scottish Premiership club are being sued by one individual for abuse suffered while part of the boys' club.

    celtic has said the two share "historic contacts" but are separate entities.

    "If they knew what was going on, they should apologise to everyone profusely and pay up to the people who were hurt by it," Nevin told BBC Radio Scotland.

    "But that's the question that has to be answered," added the former Scotland forward, who started his career at the boys' club.

    celtic sued by boys' club player

    Thompsons Solicitors is representing more than 20 survivors who allege they were abused at the boys' club - a feeder club to the senior celtic team - during the 1970s, 80s, and 90s.

    The firm lodged papers at the Court of Session on behalf of one client, with the case to be heard in the next few months.

    This is the first "test case" Thompsons will bring to court, and they claim celtic are responsible for the abuse suffered by its clients.

    A number of former senior figures at the boys' club have been convicted of sexual crimes against young players in their care.

    In February, the club said it was "very sorry that these events took place" but has repeatedly said the club and the boys club are "entirely separate" organisations with "historic contacts".

    Last year, celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell said that the club had been conducting its own investigations into the abuse scandal at the boys' club, with a "wholly independent and experienced lawyer" leading the work.

    Any findings of the investigation are yet to be made public.

    Just saw on twitter that Nevin was laughing about the abuse in the interview and surprise surprise every other programme from radio scotland is on iplayer except the one nevin was on. What a low life piece of shit nevin is 

  2. 11 minutes ago, banjobear said:

    You can bet your bottom dollar that the SFA will find a way to  fit the cup games into the schedule regardless of timescale. Watch out for some rule "tinkering" if need be. The SFA  are controlled by the same puppet master as the SPFL.

    as there won't be much of a league cup this season due to lower league clubs not having a team , they'll fit them into weeks scheduled for that.

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  3. 46 minutes ago, ger4life_1872 said:

    You can still fly into germany from here , need letters saying your work is essential etc and agree to routine testing etc 

    Hardly think football is essential so they'd need to get special permission 


  4. So who is the bully ICT are talking about obviously not Stewart Robertson or doubt Karyn Mcluskey if it was Doncaster they reported it to can't be him so that leaves  Maclennan,  Gray (hamilton) Burrows (Motherwell), Mcarthur (Dunfermline) Cameron (alloa) Ferguson (brechin) Davidson (montrose)

    One of 2 for me Maclennan or ferguson

  5. 6 minutes ago, hammer93 said:

    They have probably had the nod he was going on, they have probably been sitting patiently waiting for him to trip himself up...Inverness know the truth and bang they have just called him out as a liar and will stand up in court to prove it

    Interestingly I think he is also alluding to outside coercion from a big hitter when talking about Nelms....could this be the fat jap getting called out eventually 

    I would say so couple of days after the vote before they changed their mind nelms said he has a friendly lined up against a spfl big hitter not us so that leaves one despicable club

  6. Just now, magic8ball said:

    Maybe after last nights and today’s stuff regarding reconstruction and Dundee Utd siding with the group blocking it Dundee will be wanting to change their vote AGAIN 

    they can't you were allowed to change your vote from no to yes but not the other way around so would have to be a complete new vote

  7. 14 minutes ago, magic8ball said:

    Still to vote ,EGM is Tuesday all this info will possibly change some of who were blindly going to vote for the SPFL ,it will almost certainly make sure that any fence sitters will vote for an enquiry 

    I meant for calling the league, lower league clubs now have their money so have nothing to lose except league winners,  hearts, partick and stranraer should be shouting for a null and void like other leagues in europe

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