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  1. I could have sworn i saw an interview with Mark Allen where he said somebody suggested SG to him and when this topic came up a few months ago I tried to find the interview but couldn't
  2. Just read we've made £3.7 million in prize money so far.
  3. If the linesman hadn't been blind as a bat and chalked off Alfies goal against spartak giving us a 4 2 lead probably would have only been 1 defeat and into last 32.
  4. Our board should be asking for both UEFA delegate report and fare report after every game if UEFA delegate mentions nothing in his report then surely UEFA must see a clear agenda as it's obvious to every one of us
  5. only in europe fuck all uefa can do about domestic games
  6. Pretty sure that was overturned a few days later when someone from uefa didn't agree with it.
  7. they gave a fuck enough for him to be part of uefa or he wouldn't be there
  8. This is the reason clubs don't want strict liability in the league because they know this would happen.
  9. the only problem with this now is the taigs will start buying tickets for our games start singing and hope people will join in, they are that fucking obsessed mark my words if we make the group stages they will be at our games
  10. Thought Jones would have been used in the away leg Ojo the home
  11. make a private page on fb one of the Rangers pages is showing it tonight
  12. Condolences to the family and all that knew him
  13. winning 1 nil just scored
  14. At least Tom Miller can pronounce Tavs name right
  15. If they can't accept a protestant in their dressing room gays have no chance ask Tommy Gemmill and Danny Mcgrain
  16. Remember having a go at one of the scum on fb who was a friend of a friend and asked him if he was disgusted at what had happened at their scum club, he just kept changing the subject. You will never get any of that wankers to say it's disgusting what went on
  17. Good luck to him gave his all for the jersey
  18. according to a mate who's a Blackpool fan he says they paid over a million for him can't see that being right
  19. I'd wait to see how Jones gets on before letting Candeias go
  20. So let me get this straight the SFA dont want any club to go to the arbitration for sport but they are allowed to, the brass neck of these cunts is unreal
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