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  1. Maybe Cove didn't want promoted but you are wrong about Brora https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/32120499
  2. They must have changed their tune from a couple of years ago when they didn't want into the leagues due to the travelling.
  3. According to a poster on here when I said no winner was declared in the southern league due to the foot and mouth outbreak years ago he said different rules
  4. Not what they said last night and going by what's happening in Italy it wouldn't surprise me, 600 deaths yesterday and they've been on lockdown for over a week and now about to go into super lockdown
  5. well they can tell clubs you wont be playing in CL or EL next season if league not finished
  6. for non players it would work as govt only paying 80% of wages upto £2500 per month
  7. They're saying social gatherings will probably be out of the question for the rest of this year
  8. Imagine if Sara Cox married Davor Suker and she had a double barrelled surname
  9. At least now developments re testing fit the virus and speeding up recovery if you catch it. Antibodies test on the way and drug to treat malaria is speeding up recovery
  10. We took them to court don't remember UEFA saying anything but could be wrong
  11. Different league but they did the right thing
  12. Why when there was a foot and mouth abandoned season of the southern league was there not a winner declared ?
  13. the season can't end at 30 games until we play St Johnstone then
  14. this why the league cannot be awarded to the taigs https://www.football-stadiums.co.uk/articles/biggest-points-comebacks-in-football/
  15. If leagues start awarding titles when season not finished can you imagine the chinese league in years to come " right we're top of the league get the best virus boffin to start a new virus that spreads quickly so we'll be declared champions"
  16. So clearly there will be no winner of the scottish cup so how can they say there will be a winner in the league
  17. If a goal is clearly onside shown by lines on VAR they're hardly going to rule it out
  18. I've said it before we're not winning the league until there is VAR, no other team gets anywhere near as much wrong decisions as we do
  19. Give David Goggins a week with the players
  20. Heard about this guy David Goggins on the radio this morning , watched a youtube video of him talking about his life. Our bunch of gutless primadonas should be made to spend a week with this guy. He'd sort out the men from the boys. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Goggins
  21. Yeah let's drop him as he is the only one that tries it might save his sanity
  22. Jones must be really in the bad books if he can't even get on the bench before barker
  23. Heard on the radio this morning games would probably be behind closed doors
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