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    It was the sparta prague game we lost on away goals due to a Goram howler. can't remember much about the away leg but we only lost it 1 0 we were then 2 nil up at home and going through until Gorams howler
  2. soulboy


    Remember a Goram howler costing us a place in the CL did it define his legacy
  3. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/43480/Celtic_vs_Rangers.html
  4. Booooooooooooooooooooooooo
  5. soulboy

    Umar sadiq

    Yeah big Dave is in charge of the car park what was he thinking saying no
  6. Just saw this on fb Not sure if it’s true or not but a good read regardless😂. Brilliant story from David Edgar, said it won’t be on the podcast as Stewart Robertson told him it’s not to go out. But basically when shagger was up in front of the compliance officer for the kick out at Ferguson at Pittodrie. It was shagger who asked the compliance office who had reported the incident and she wouldn’t tell him. He then asked her who was allowed to complain and that’s when it came out that anyone could complain. So Shagger asked her for her e-mail address. Then the next live celtic game on telly, shagger sat watching it and e-mailing her every two mins about every incident. She had to phone Stuart Maxwell(SFA CEO) and get him to phone Stewart Robertson to get him to phone shagger and tell him to stop.
  7. Now that the season is over should we try different formations ? Not only to see if something works but also to keep other managers guessing, we are too predictable and play right into other teams hands as they know exactly how we are going to set up. We just don't have the quality to break teams down who sit in.
  8. Did they not say they cant use photos or slowed down footage when we appealed Morelos red against the sheep
  9. Kamara has been good last few games except tonight but the team as a whole has been shite since Mccrorie has been left out
  10. cosgrove suspended for the replay so they'll have to play either wilson or may both useless cunts so doesn't matter which one plays
  11. The whole team apart from a 1/4 of them
  12. Wonder if that was 1 of the reasons we got him as if they waited til summer they couldn't have added a clause
  13. ask to join Rangers circle on facebook perfect stream the whole 90 min

    1. Bears r us

      Bears r us

      Thanks for that info mate, I have Virgin and that gives me Sky and BT for the one price but I have been really pissed off with the SFA bringing in a third broadcaster Premier, and so far have refused to pay for it.

      I should make the replay at Ibrox so that will take care of that game. :thumbup:  

  14. Gonna have to be some half time team talk this has been horrendous, does jack think he's still playing for them. If I were captain i'd be fucking raging at him but tav says nothing
  15. Debate on radio Scotland had a season ticket holder of many years on, says he doesn't want to take grandson anymore because of the singing. If he's been a season ticket holder for many years he would of known about the singing before so I smell shite
  16. soulboy

    Brian Rice

    Good to read that the sheep haven't won at home this year.
  17. Asked if he was bad-tempered, he said: “A little bit yes...especially when I’m on the park. “I think that everyone has their own opinion. A lot of people know about football, and a lot of people don't. "People who don't know criticise. “I’ve received red cards that I’ve not deserved and that’s why they’ve been appealed. “But oh well, the federation here disagreed. “Others such as my team-mates, other players and even managers make mistakes. “If it’s time for me to improve temperament on the field, then the best thing for me is that I do so.” He said: “Well, the offers are interesting. “In the winter market nothing came up because the coach wanted me here, and I stayed with Rangers. “The manager made me aware that he wants me here in the team. “That’s why he was talking with a lot of confidence to the press, with the idea I was going to stay. “But as I said we are waiting till the end of the season. “I can’t confirm anything, but I am aware there are a lot of clubs interested. “We will have to pray everything works out in the best way.” Morelos also thanked Gerrard for helping take his game to a new level since his summer arrival at Ibrox. Speaking to a Colombian radio station, Morelos said: “I am very happy to working with the coach and the trust that he has in me every day. “I learn a lot one-to-one in training and when he comments about the games. “I keep learning every day from him and I feel very happy. “First of all, he is a great person. Secondly, he is a great coach. “He has trusted me a lot and I think I have replied in the best way. “I have to keep doing the same but it makes very proud to be next to this wonderful person, who was an amazing player. “Thank God things are working out. As a striker, my skills are obvious. “I scored four goals in a game this week and I am opening doors.”
  18. soulboy

    Walter Smith

    Happy birthday Sir
  19. Id never heard the thing about Ryan Jack being used on their site so had a look and found the pic on twitter. The bbc issued an apolgy saying it was a mistake, fuck me is Stevie Wonder now the head of putting photos online for them, mistake my arse.
  20. Sad grassing bastard for 90 min should do it
  21. Just had a look on the CAS website probably about 90% of cases coming up are about football so get tore into these SFA cunts in court.
  22. Fuck this shit it's about time we started making complaints to CAS, what's the point of having an arbitration for sport if we never use them. it's now gone passed ridiculous, getting kicked in the head nothing to see here getting elbowed in the face as long as it's on a Rangers player it's fine. Kick somebody on the shin red card.
  23. Great vid again. Why oh why do we hardly ever play the ball inside the fullback like Tav did for the 1st because we score a lot of goals when we do but we only seem to do it 1 in 7 or 8 games.
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