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  1. Does anyone have a decent image of this poster ? Anything I find is blurry when loaded. Any help appreciated bears.
  2. Encouraging someone to sell over face value but someone else doing the same you would probably condemn as ripping off bears.
  3. has anyone got this badge and willing to sell? thanks
  4. xbox are doing the free game thing aswell now i think ive had fable 3, rainbow 6 and various other free games
  5. i was ps3 loyal then went to xbox. i must say online and etc is much better and its behind my reasoning for getting new xbox one. as BN has said i prefer the ease of communicating, inviting etc. both consoles are different and do diff things better. if they were exactly the same as each other there would be no features for either to market to users
  6. xbox all paid for day one edition £368
  7. seen motherwells black away one. can just imagine them slapping a rangers badge on it. and it being red where the white is
  8. its up to people if they want to go or not. i can see both sides of the argument and agree on both. at the end of they day if a FAN wants to go thats choice. if this comes back to ibrox will you all boycott? naw. RM has become a place where if you dont follow the majority your not a rangers fan, you questioned on who you support etc. if you aint to declare your team youve to boycott a paper, shut your bank account or stop betting at particular places. Everyones different and has diff choices but what it boils down to at the end of the day is being a ranges FAN
  9. get to gen sports ya fucking knob nothing about rangers in here
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