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  1. Well done. Got a Continental B like McCoist?
  2. What the big brother one?You're certainly talking a lot of pish.
  3. As Struth of the main things Rangers FC exists upon is loyalty. Some of you are shameful.
  4. You've a continental pro licence like McCoist ya?'re just some dafty in a pub.
  5. Agreed. Singin from the same hymn sheet on this.
  6. That's cool. It's valid as well...I spent ages trying to explain it earlier. That's a small facet of a complex game. As I said, he's got it right so far and if he fails to adapt it for better'll have a point. Gogzy agreed with me....I'm re-agreeing....just to be sure.
  7. I was backing you. You misunderstood. Agreed? Tis cool by me.
  8. Above refers the post quoted before....otherwise I'd just be saying the EXACT opposite of all I'd done before. I dunno, I just thought the thread and interaction mean we were coming from the same place. Guess that wasn't clear. I'm a well-known McCoist loyalist. No idea why you'd think I'd do a total reverse opinion on a thread... Thanks for thinking I talk shite though lol.
  9. Jeez gogzy. The thread's been going a while...our views are similar. You made a point...the same as mine. We agree on this and always have done. I was telling the other to read the OP. Look above applies to the post above...not the post I'm quoting. That's standard forum stuff. Chill dude, you've got this wrong. No need to have a pop.
  10. As I said....he's better qualified than some dude on a forum...yeah? He's won twenty in a row. You wanna tell him he's wrong? You should be a manager then. Some just want an excuse to moan.
  11. it again...I was backing you.
  12. Ridiculous? Do you have a Uefa Pro 'A' license like Ally McCoist? Have you led a professional football team to twenty wins in a row? The answer's no to both. So moan when we get beat. Some of you...seriously....moaning bastards.
  13. I doubt some actually read the thread. Read OP...Post shite. Simples. Example above.
  14. Kille's the last SP(L) club I'd be getting angry at.