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  1. I’m flying out of Madrid at 14.50 on Ryanair , If that his flight I’d share a taxi to the city centre , Still time to book in my digs and get a beer or 2
  2. I am mate , if it’s the Ryanair flight he’s on , Give me a pm
  3. Thanks to @Womble72 much appreciated
  4. Sky scanner are doing flights from Madrid to Porto for around 36 euro return around our dates , If that helps , I’m flying in and out of Madrid from Edinburgh
  5. Feyenoord booked , out on Tuesday , Edinburgh to Amsterdam , back on the Friday flight same way , Just hoping 4 points gets me a ticket
  6. imagine the new system could detect and invalidate any cards with traces of cocaine etc , Absolute carnage 😂😂
  7. I’m still trying to get my head round the patronising outrage of Scott brown looking enlightened with a pride flag on his face saying “he would love” a member of his dressing room to come out as gay ........oh my days
  8. As per title , who do we fancy for the eclipse tomorrow ? Fitness says magical , but class and the fact it must be ready says enable It’s the latter for me
  9. That’s bang out of order comparing him with Davis
  10. Looks like you need 3 points to get a travel club ticket for Vienna , I’m on 2 so sektor 5 for me
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