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  1. Johnnyren

    Edmiston Drive

    So saddened to hear this , when we chatted on here it was rarely about football, ed has such a great knowledge of music And in particular the old glasgow scene , it was fascinating to hear some of his stories .... great guy
  2. Johnnyren

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    I’m flying out to berlin on the Tuesday morning , spending a night there , then berlin to Vienna on the Wednesday , The return is Vienna to Edinburgh with a 2 hour stop in cologne on the Friday
  3. Johnnyren

    Killie tickets posted out without emails being sent

    I received one this morning , didn’t get a email
  4. Johnnyren

    Travelling to Skopje thread

    Lots of bears in thessalonki tonight
  5. Johnnyren

    Travelling to Skopje thread

    Flying to berlin first thing in the morn , then hopefully to thessaloniki on Monday , then bus to skopje .....
  6. Johnnyren

    Skopje 2nd leg....

    Was on a forum where I was told thessaloniki was part of macedonia, which is part of Greece ect ect .... ill just take the passport 😀
  7. Johnnyren

    Skopje 2nd leg....

    I’m travelling from Thessaloniki by bus into Skopje , do I still need to carry my passport for that trip ? I was hoping to leave it back in the hotel under lock and key ?
  8. Johnnyren


    I’m the same mate , but I think we’re meant to go with the dinar
  9. Johnnyren

    Away leg e.mails out

    Can these get sent out to the house ?
  10. Johnnyren

    Bigotry in Cowdenbeath

    Mon the sandy
  11. Johnnyren

    Europa league 1st qualifier draw

    Im doing glasgow to berlin On the sunday , fly to thessaloniki on the monday , back to berlin on the wednesday , then glasgow on the thursday
  12. Johnnyren

    Europa league 1st qualifier draw

    If anyone hears of transport arranged for getting in and out of thessalonki, give me a shout plz
  13. Johnnyren

    Rangers v Chelsea 9th June

    Sutton , south west london
  14. Johnnyren

    Rangers v Chelsea 9th June

    Heading down the now with a few boys from renfrew and erskine
  15. Johnnyren

    Major investment?

    Ive been told al fayed now 😀😀😀