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  1. Talksport: 3 Hour Scottish Football Show

    They can ram that conkers deep
  2. Club Statement

    its a cowardly , patronising shambles of a statement
  3. When Are The Aberdeen Emails Out?

    Brilliant mate, just booked myself on there the now , see you then
  4. When Are The Aberdeen Emails Out?

    Got one , thats the partick cup game , hearts and aberdeen
  5. Buses from Stirling tomorrow

    Theres one that leaves from st ninians toll, think its the amoruso loyal or something , there was always seats when i used to go on it
  6. Anybody gonna try and defend Pedro now?

    Theres many a thing wrong with that team , but the thing that stood out glaringly for me was the total lack of fitness , in the second half we were knackered and all over the place , He cant even get the players fit , we are going nowhere with this dud
  7. Your first experience of Hampden

    Glasgow cup final 1975 , first old firm / hampden game , My dad took me along , 2.2 and there was still over 70000 there.
  8. Kevin Thomson

    Sorry mate lol, i like thomson , he is a decent guy , but im not sure he would work with us unless it was really worth his while , he is a defo hibby and is trying to make a career for himself with his football school, were hated so much these days i think he might just stick to being even handed on the bt stuff , but working for us would upset the haters, Might be wrong , hope i am...
  9. Kevin Thomson

  10. Season ticket payments

    My 2nd payment was taken out on July 3rd
  11. Results you never really get over.

    Same for me , they went down to ten men that night , with doyle nearly killing alex mcdonald , i remember being in floods of tears at the end
  12. Do you support another team as well as Rangers?

    Yes i mind him , scored the goal the won ajax the european cup v juve ,. And i think he scored hollands second in the archie gemmill game
  13. Do you support another team as well as Rangers?

    Only rangers , soft spot for ajax
  14. Progrès roll call (away)

    I was going to ask if there was any bears in stuttgart tonight , could have been worse