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  1. The Kelty Guy has as basically nailed the spfl , English must have loved that bit , Stewart must have been raging
  2. Leckie is his column today saying Rangers are constantly pandering to the lowest common denominator .
  3. He gave his solemn word it was sent , The Dundee owner is going to have to be careful how to handle him , He could cause mayhem , Here’s hoping
  4. The Dundee secretary is an interesting one , what will they do with him ?
  5. Staying in renfrew I know a few at mirren fans and there certain they received floodlights from us for the start of the 1959 season it was those floodlights at love street that caused problems at renfrew airport
  6. When can supporters buses get refunds for the scum game and st mirren ?
  7. I’m sorry but I’m a bit of a cynic when it comes to boxing , I think both of them would eat Joshua alive , But he’s a massive draw and Joshua v fury would be huge ..... I see a tight victory for wilder , fury to destroy Joshua , then some sort of rematch ..... those 3 guys can make absolute crazy money out of this
  8. As above , starts at 5 points , to be collected over there
  9. Yep horrendous stuff regarding Morelos getting posted on ff , If true it’s gone way too far
  10. i was at the game , Heard the start of just can’t get enough by depeche mode which suddenly went into sweet Caroline , Thought it was a strange combo but hey ho , As for anything untoward ? I never heard anything
  11. Yes it’s Rotterdam , But forget Ajax if you we’re in a hotel with your mates would you accept it ? Fuck that
  12. Edin to Amsterdam on the Tuesday 18.45 flight return on the Friday, Amsterdam to edin 07.20 flight , Staying in the xo park hotel west sloterdijk
  13. Sorry mate , were you the guy I met today ? I’m all over the place 😆, cheers and thanks for coming through for the ticket
  14. 😀 He was on his best behaviour on thursday , good reliable guy 👍
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