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  1. Is it just me or does anybody else see the bit of the SPFL letter that I've highlighted, as an admission in writing, that they fucked up! Over to you Hearts and Thistle. Good luck.
  2. It could be the league is called on monday simply because the last day of the actual season was due for this sunday. Remember.....Scottish cup final was early this year due to Hampden being used for Euro championship.
  3. I've asked the question of why Partick Thistle were counted as a League one club and Hearts not a championship cub. Plenty of posters have given answers, and I thank you for that. However, in a meeting of Premiership clubs on 1st May, Dundee United were part of this meeting. Can anybody shed any light on the reason they are classed as being able to take part in a top league meeting when, as others have said, they are not yet promoted? Just asking.
  4. Correct. And if thistle are counted as 1st division, then Hearts must be counted as championship. Still doesn't add up.
  5. For everybodies information: The SPFL Board includes three Ladbrokes Premiership representatives, two from the Ladbrokes Championship and one covering Ladbrokes League 1 and Ladbrokes League 2. Elected to serve on the 2019/20 SPFL Board, alongside SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster, chairman Murdoch MacLennan and independent non-executive director Karyn McCluskey, were: • Ladbrokes Premiership: Alan Burrows (Motherwell), Les Gray (Hamilton Academical), Stewart Robertson (Rangers) • Ladbrokes Championship: Ross McArthur (Dunfermline Athletic), Graham Peterkin (Ayr United) • Ladbrokes League 1 and League 2: Ken Ferguson (Brechin City)
  6. I posed this question about a week ago, before the actual vote. Dude explained that it has been done this way since the inception of the SPFL. Apparently it's based on the number of people representing the leagues ie. on the SPFL board. Leagues 1&2 have only one representative (I believe he's from Brechin F.C). Hope this answers your query. PS. I personally think it should be individual leagues to vote.
  7. So, as it looks at the moment, clubs are going to be given titles without actually winning them and clubs are to be relegated, even though they can all still avoid that fate. What if the following happens? Next season starts with the same rules in place (it must be assumed that they will, as changing them would surely be an admittance as to being ‘unfit for purpose’) .What happens if 2 or 3 games into the season the same happens as this season? The lockdown lasts 6 or 7 months and the season, again, cannot complete the 38 games? Does the team that sits atop the league after just 3 games get rewarded with the title? Does the team sitting bottom get relegated? What if ‘they’ are bottom? Do you honestly believe that that would be allowed to happen? Do you think that is fair? (I must admit I would probably die of dehydration due to pissing myself with so much laughing!) However, we could also be caught in that same scenario. Quite frankly,the whole thing is an absolute farce! The league rules are unfair and unjust and, it seems, only fair minded, common sensed people can see that!
  8. I wonder why leagues 1 and 2 have been banded together? If I was a cynic, I would say that the reason is league 1 teams (if voting as one) would reject it because they have 5 teams within 8 points of the top of the table, with 8 games left to play. In other words, 4 unhappy clubs denied a chance of automatic promotion, plus another automatically being relegated! Good ol' SPFL.
  9. I,ve supported Rangers all my life. I'm willing to forget any reimbursment for loss of games from my season ticket this season. I'm willing to pay for next seasons' ticket, even if that means a reduced number of games or even no games at all. I've held season tickets at various times throughout my life, starting with a Rover ticket as a teenager, during the Greig era. And my elderly father and I have been ticket holders ever since 2012, making a concious effort to support Rangers financially. This has been at a time when (like so many others) I was not in a particularly good situation, financially wise. But I still managed to go support my club in their time of need. However, I have for the last 2 weeks been telling my father that, IF, (1) they are awarded the title by the SPFL (2) Rangers don't fight it ALL THE WAY (and I mean ALL THE WAY to the very highest available court, whatever that may be) then I will NOT be attending any Scottish football ever again. It hurts to even contemplate that scenario, as Rangers is part of me. It's in my blood. You all know what I'm talking about my fellow Bears. But we may as well sit down at the start of a season and hand the title to whoever has the most cash or on-paper better team. Or toss a coin to see who wins each game. Or set up a pools type panel to guess winners of games. I hope I'm wrong and common sense prevails, but I don't have much faith in the present caretakers of Scottish football or indeed with our seemingly weak Board.
  10. Yes, but insurance should cover this. I for one will refuse any refund. I haven't been a season ticket holder since 2012 just to watch Rangers, it's so I helped keep my club alive!
  11. I read today that experts reckon that the virus will PEAK NEXT WINTER! If that is the case, then there must surely be a chance of next season being thrown into turmoil as well. This has the potential (without being too dramatic) to seriously damage Scottish clubs' finances. For instance, if fans know they might not get to all or even some games, will they buy season tickets etc? Unless the football governing bodies or governments promise to cover losses, then some clubs might well disappear.
  12. I make that 5 penalties in a row we've missed! FFS!
  13. Here is my take on the subject. Saturday against Aberdeen will be Alfie's 19th league game of the season. (He has already missed 3 -Hibs/St Mirren/Hearts due to his red card offences against Motherwell and them). He has been issued with 7 yellow cards (both second yellow cards shown when he was ordered off, don't count towards total and the third yellow issued to him by Clancy). Thus he sits on a total of 5 (1 more and he hits the threshold of 6 which will earn him a 1 match ban). However, having read the SFA disciplinary stuff, it would seem to me that by avoiding a yellow card against Aberdeen (unlikely I admit) he would then be free to accumulate a further 7 yellow cards (total of 12 from 38 SPFL matches) before he was banned again. That's how I interpret the situation. Of course, any further red card would mean a 3 game ban because of his previous 2 red cards.
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