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  1. Bluepeter9

    Most memorable Rangers game, and why?

    Leeds United Home for the atmosphere, and away for the two goals and our second in the away leg is my favourite goal of all time.
  2. Bluepeter9

    Referee Conspiracy

    Quiet. That doesn’t suit the narritive of this thread.
  3. Bluepeter9

    Boycotting House of Fraser

    This. 100%
  4. Bluepeter9

    Farewell Josh Windass

    Every day is indeed a learning day! Ta
  5. Bluepeter9

    Farewell Josh Windass

    A Dyslexic mongo !
  6. Bluepeter9

    Farewell Josh Windass

    This all day! Some of the threads last night - like the one calling Morelos and Candais mongals!
  7. Bluepeter9

    Lucky Rangers...

    Folk always said Ally was a lucky striker ...
  8. Bluepeter9

    Lucky Rangers...

  9. Bluepeter9

    Whats the story with Ross McCrorie

    He's on the bench and will get plenty chances during the season - and is still young. This is a squad game and he is a great player to have in the squad and will make his mark over the season. SG also seems to be the type of manager who will try to close out a game when we are leading with 15-20 min to go and I can see RMc being the player called upon when that is the case so plenty of game time for him.
  10. There was no need for a half time thread calling two of our players Mongos! But he has form for hating on our players.
  11. Bluepeter9


    agreed - some great performances tonight
  12. Fucking rediculous is right! Fucking rediculous post. Morelos sponsors man of the match, scores, wins a penalt, held the ball up brilliantly. then again you hating on Rangers players is nothing new - but at half time
  13. Bluepeter9

    Barisic signs

    I’m Mr Positive!
  14. Bluepeter9

    Barisic signs

    I thought barisic - was like ‘ I have no money’ or at worst ‘freezing’
  15. Bluepeter9

    We’re winning it

    I think some folk get far to hung up when you don’t toe some party line on here - and and staying reasonable seems, somehow, not normal -my views are quite mild in the main, but online brings out the rabid and the paranoid especially on RM - everything is black and white.