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  1. Add to that we seem to also be in control of our reactions when fouled ( especially Morelos ) then bring it on !
  2. .... and yet was in with a shout for MoM for me - some of his vision and passing was superb and his determination amazing - an asset to have no matter where he plays.
  3. Bluepeter9


    ... and that is with Defoe getting good game time, starts and goals. Love it.
  4. Lol what s difference a week makes - inspired choice by the manager last week - shite this week - he had an ok game - calm, good in the tackle, covered well inside a few times - miles better than Barrasic
  5. He certainly strengthens our bench - and if we compete on all fronts we have a lot of games - he is experienced many of our central midfielders arnt - he can spell / replace Steve Davis especially when we need experience - great addition to the squad
  6. Where the fuck is the let’s all laugh at celtic thread when you need it!
  7. Embrace your inner ‘everyone anyone’ and give him his like back! Xx
  8. I am and have been - we are all in love and embracing our inner ‘everyone - anyone’ vibe! 💋
  9. The Warburton ‘revolution’ - it was a good start 🙃
  10. I’ve been married for 32 years - we got our season tickets the year we married - going into our 33rd season together as Man, wife and Rangers. 😎
  11. I love myself - obviously! I think what you meant to say was ‘ I love everybody today EVEN you’ but the excitement has been to much for you.
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