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  1. Being concerned is different from seeing ‘mistakes’ - these same players, these same tactics have given us a great run in Europe, delivered a win at the Peado-dome and had us in a very favourable position at the turn of the year. My concern, if I have one, is the mentality of the squad since Xmas - developing that mentality to deliver week on week out is developed, nurtured - earned! We have to do that - yes SG has a role in that but what you call mistakes are the same tactics that gave us belief. Having that hope squashed, again, is bitter but we need to look at the direction of travel and it is upwards. SG knows more about tactics and football than I, perhaps even more than you. Yes we need a trophy win and perhaps that can spur us on to more and develop that winning mentality. I fail to see how changing, again, would help us do that.
  2. Kinda interested - what ‘mistakes’ is he making week after week?
  3. This is the thing with 'mistakes' - I suspect we mean opinions. Some seem to think its a 'mistake' to persist with a 433 - and yet that 'mistake' has served us well in Europe. I suspect by 'mistake' we mean 'letting' the team lose / draw when we think we 'should' win. 'Mistakes' are easy to identify as a hindsight manager - he has a strategy and a method of play - its not delivered (yet) . I say give him more time to deliver.
  4. Is this meant to be a criticism? We have second biggest spend, we are second. We needed more creativity, he brought in Kamberi and Hagi, Last summer we needed more strength at the back and he brought in 3 new centre half's - he is learning and changing the squad. As I have said (many times 🙂 ) - it takes time to build squads to win - its not a binary process. To think he is not learning, not aware of what needs to be improved on is to say he doesn't have the ability to learn and grow and develop and I think he does have all of those traits.
  5. One reads the comments you’d think most want him out - poll shows that is no where near the case - beware false perceptions we need to believe and allow him to continue the building process - it’s not a binary thing but an incremental build.
  6. I always Remember Big Davie McPherson just getting a though ball to prevent 3-0 and then at the end we had chances to win it - great game!
  7. ‘I wonder what the RM body language experts will make of this’
  8. Love a good body language is shit thread - his body language when we scored was fine!
  9. That’s the issue with strikers - judged solely on scoring - Morelos played well tonight - has led their defence, was a great out ball, some decent crosses - a few saved shot, in fact good all round team play. and the number of folks spending their time looking for fault on one of our greatest European nights is stunning!
  10. Just a few weeks when loads were wanting him punted, dropped, no good , end of career etc etc
  11. I’d rather assume the league wasn’t over and stop all this surrender monkey shite - it wasn’t over when we beat them and it ain’t over now - to experiment is to concede!
  12. You'll not last long on here with that positive attitude! Good luck. ps I agree - but that's not a good thing on here!
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