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  1. That's only 14 players p- shorter to type who stays! I don't think we have the luxuary of 14 players being swapped out
  2. Would be a good captain but there's more to being rangers captain than on the park so I'd be surprised if he walks straight into it - but captain or not he would provide on field leadership anyway.
  3. Nearly positive!! But I agree with the post
  4. I think he plays well in that deep position and it's obviously the managers decision as it's a regular thing! We have enough to moan about without a thread on Kenny Miller - especially such a negative toned one! Such is RM
  5. Davie weir was 23 when he stared playing Seniors - all are different and some adjust quicker than others but make no mistake their is an adjustment to be made and in generalisation terms that adjustment is not 1-2 games but 1-2 seasons
  6. Agreed - and if we are to develop young players we need to try to recognise where they will be in 2-3 years - not 2-3 matches. It's a big step from development to first team.
  7. This thread shows why youth seldom gets a chance to develop at Rangers - the fans - developing youth takes game time and acceptance that they will make errors and be inconsistent - we have zero tolerance for that.
  8. But it used to! Now it's all structured sessions and real footballs - when you can header a neep or play keeps up with a tin can then you have real development.
  9. At under 20 level we need development - I play/ played at a shite level and can never remember an uncompetitive game nor one that I did not want to win. Yes top players and teams have a 'winning'mentality but what makes them top is the skill of the players , their class and that's what needs developed right through the Scottish game and to do that we need games that develop that.
  10. Uberfan is much more in vogue!
  11. Source?
  12. Good luck to him and I hope he meets his milestones - for his own sake I hope he never regrets it.
  13. He has a tendency to jog back and does get caught out of position so often - especially against them where I though he was missing for at least two of there goals - perhaps a better right mid than right back
  14. Ah hope he wisnae misquoted!!!
  15. It's hard to fault an honest man - seems some will try!