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  1. As I approach my 33 rd season as a season ticket holder basically I think calling me a glory hunter is a bit off the mark but the day I allow supporting a team to dictate how I react to politics is the day I give up . Mind you your abusing posts have nearly made me change my mind with their strong arguments and well thought out positions! Nearly but not quite! Petal!
  2. I already do - it’s on my hat! And do you really think some bullying prat at a game will change me? Is that how you think folk change there mind?
  3. Fuck aye - all the time - we call it banter though and don’t get all pissed off for the rest of their life.
  4. So basically some guys took the piss out of you for supporting Rangers - so you got all huffy and soar the dummy out. Aw petal!
  5. Na not buying any of that! What a shame to be so petty minded - I feel sorry for you in your bitterness.
  6. My wife comes from Northern Ireland - why would she want to attend Scotland games ( except when we play them)?
  7. Loads of us go - half the group I go with are Ibrox season ticket holders
  8. My time is fast approaching !
  9. Fuck me given we probably have 500k supporter or maybe more I suspect I’d struggle - and it would be a fucking long list - are you telling me that all politicians, councillors, lawyers, committee members are all celtic supporters and not one is a Rangers man? 😂
  10. I believe I’m very consistent in my opinion of our paranoia - perhaps the only posters left on this site are the paranoid and myself!
  11. You would think that Rangers had no supporters anywhere in any senior position reading that blog - only them, and every other team supporting them as a default of not supporting us, has any influence. Utter non-sense. Basically another paranoid posting pandering to the blue paranoia that is growing in our support.
  12. Groundhog Day! You win me out.
  13. No need there’s enough of it in this thread never mind on the forum in general - and that’s only in your posts!
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