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  1. .... and loads more - good point well made.
  2. And proud to do so!
  3. Oh the outrage - you gotta laugh - there’s Morelos playing for zero wages - showing how it should be done - and our greatest every striker giving him some advice but wee must discount it because Ally was paid to do a job. Oh and a couple of weeks ago most of RM was raging at Morelos and wanting to get him to fuck! The hypocrisy is fucking astounding on here.
  4. I just think that a lot of this comes from having the blue tinted specs on - and when we start discussing ‘levels’ of coverage and condemnation - that’s just like 2 kids farting in class and when caught one lad saying but his was louder and smellier than mine. The only thing that sorts this is when we start winning trophies again and when we start laughing at their paranoia instead of feeding our own.
  5. To me there was plenty condemnation of what was said / happened to SG and the kit man - and there in lies one of my issues we notice / react to things through purely blue tint - using a light example if some one does a high boot on the field against us - we scream and wonder why the player was not booked but if our own player has a high boot it hardly registers. unconcious bias is a different matte - I absolutely accept Sutton walker etc have a bias against us - I hate walker as co- commentator - but (again) when Ally is on all we seem to notice is what he didn’t do not what he does. Given the size and support for our club there is probably plenty of unconscious bias FOR our club but like the fouls our players get away with it hardly registers. i know individuals hate us - but just don’t buy into this whole institutional bias crap - all the papers, every tv program, every ref and the sfa are out to get us - it’s just ballocks ( imho of course) .
  6. What the fuck is this ?? At least learn to read before writing!
  7. Jesus fucking wept - we start the thread by saying (basically) there are no Rangers minded pundits - when that's shown to be wrong we get pish like this - basically the bad conspiracy agenda theorists - this belief that this 'bias' has all these clever people 'setting the narrative', that despite being the best supported team - everyone is against us, including our own ex-players who are suddenly to scared to be honest - it's just rampant paranoia and a blue tinted view of the world. It's fucking sad.
  8. Err - does Ally not work for BT? does Barry Ferguson and Mark Hateley not write for DR? And Derek Johnston? Plus his Clyde stint? Is Boyd not a regular panelist on the TV? Yes walker and Sutton are wanks but it’s no where near as biased or as one sided as you make out !
  9. Yep -100% this - but some of our fans ( and a good few on here) would rather we told tales and went whinging and running to the sfa about it - sorting it on the pitch is the only way to get this fixed. Winning not whinging!
  10. Given I was in the army, have a wife who’s from NI ( prod) - even in jest it’s kinda not funny!
  11. .... the fact he stood by us is a big part of that - I agree he is in there.
  12. And you see that as a bad thing
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