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  1. Why would I not sing BBs ? love it as a song - all for it. ... then again why would I deliberately try to get the club in trouble? Seems fare want to do that but if we are daft enough to give anyone ammunition then shame on us.
  2. It's a move that allows him the chance to play and experience something different - got to be better than say, Bradford or Dundee! Hard to dislike him and I hope all works out well for him.
  3. A close second is with us putting up a real challenge, something we know we can push on from because no one wants another summer of wholesale changes. Next summer we need to see we are 'just' strengthening and not a 8-10 player rebuild.
  4. I wear mine! I apologise!
  5. I'm 58 - still playing and still wear the top to training !
  6. Nope shite idea - it's all just part of the game
  7. Ban ? What ban? I've just not had much to say !
  8. Disagree with this - Beerman did well but still has developing to do - and while playing helps - he is not ready to be in front of wallace
  9. You looked at the background??
  10. Jack will be a first choice pick imho
  11. ... and someone thought this is worthy of a bears den thread? which I Have now posted in - damm! i suppose a wee boycott is fine after all the tims have probably been boycotting the build a bear shops ! utter pish!
  12. Always a legend - move on.
  13. Hope he does well - good luck to him.
  14. Nah - it's no fun if they are not there to be mocked