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  1. Sounds like you’re getting you’re panic in early - very few teams win all games - it’s performance over a season, and overall this season is an improvement on last season. Long May that continue.
  2. That’s the nature of football - odd results happen - that lack of guarantee is what gives football an edge, it would be a bloody boring game if you ‘knew’ you were going to win. Teams lift themselves, especially against us, we will drop more points this season, that’s not accepting defeat or draws, that’s reality!
  3. And yet that equals one draw and 4 wins over the period of the game - hardly worth the melodrama or angst some have invested in this result.
  4. First points dropped away - hardly bullied at every away ground ffs the OTT melodrama
  5. I think I’ll stopped reading at ‘the manner of DEFEAT was embarrassing’ - Now that statement is embarrassing! at least I know the result of the game!
  6. Folk seem to think we will go through the season unbeaten both in league in Europe and then spit out the dummy cause we draw. Great to have high expectations but unrealistic - there are a lot more twists and turns to come but as usual some on here panic every time a slightly negative result happens
  7. Love these threads - great wee run in Europe, many points ahead of last year at this time, second by only goals scored, and this formation doesn’t work!
  8. Gotta try all these things - good to see.
  9. Your last paragraph would also work for a thread in the Bears Den .
  10. You seem to equate ‘being pish’ with ability to beat a mans team - that’s like saying women’s athletics is pish because a decent club player could beat the top women. Basically you made a shite point.
  11. So what ? Is there a point to that statement? Perhaps women should not compete at anything at all? Shit point badly presented.
  12. You watched it briefly! Ah the modern world! Read the head line move on - watch 1 min of a game - move on and bump you’re gums about how shite it is. Headlines are all you need to make an informed choice!
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