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  1. A bit of simple googling would have prevented you making an Arse of yourself ! 2nd point 1st On 5 December 1921, the Football Association effectively banned women from playing. They said at the time "the game of football is quite unsuitable for females and ought not to be encouraged". ....... More than 70,000 people turned out to celebrate women's football weekend on what was described as an "absolutely momentous" day for the Women's Super League. Two WSL attendance records were broken on Sunday, as four out of six fixtures were played at men's Premier League and Championship grounds. Arsenal's victory over north London rivals Tottenham was watched by a record 38,262 fans at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, while Anfield, hosting its first-ever WSL match, welcomed 23,500 supporters for the Merseyside derby between Liverpool and Everton. Chelsea's home game against Manchester United at Kingsmeadow also saw a record crowd - the 4,790 sell-out was a new best for a WSL game held at a non-Premier League stadium. Women’s football is having a lightbulb moment. With Manchester City hosting Manchester United at the Etihad stadium in the Women’s Super League in front of more than 31,000 fans, and Chelsea welcoming Tottenham to Stamford Bridge, change is afoot. ( Site not letting me post links - 2nd para is from the guardian 19th sept - 1st is from BBC 17th November )
  2. The English women’s game is starting to get big crowds 20k - 30k - it’s a growing sport both participation and support, we would Rangers not want involved? in the 1920s women’s football attracted huge crowds - and then bizzarly it was made ‘illegal’ by the FA.
  3. ... or a Chairman similar to DK - in the days of modern communication I don’t see the issue - surely (??) the issue is having the RIGHT chairman, regardless of domicile?
  4. 😂 in a thread where most are paying respect to .... an overseas chairman!
  5. Gattuso? Captained Milan but not sure about Country
  6. This! Shagger is superb, fucking superb! but Goram was better!
  7. Ally remains our best ever striker - won the lot - but El Buff could be up there with him in a few years. They are different styles tho' Ally played best in 442 and El Buff is a much more physical player and suited to the lone role.
  8. It was a thing of beauty! Loved those passing and finish. Great goal.
  9. So an ex player tells his story, in the most uncontroversial way, by not naming names, and on a Forum where the minutia of the club is discussed we critisise him and turn on him for it. The only part I agree with is he should name names and give us his full side of the story. Our club is not above criticism or reproach! What is the point in hearing from ex players if they only blow smoke up our arses? celtic players might choose to do that but that just makes what they puff pieces and nothing else. I remember Kenny for his goals, his effort, his will to win and I am interested to hear what he has to say, good or bad about the club.
  10. Err where did I say anyone was slating the club?? also i just don’t feel the need to slate every ex player like many in here do - especially for expressing an opinion or recounting a story - it’s like a collective angst against anyone who played for us and says anything.
  11. Oh goodie another thread slating an ex player - it’s the RM way!
  12. Yep - winning is the key and you are right even Walter did not win every game, and also he utilised his squad well. It is a squad game.
  13. 😂😂😂 putting it quite simply - Rangers expect to win every game - our supporters expect our strongest team every game. But the first point is a pipe dream as even great teams draw and lose occasionally. the second point is nieve - there are so many games in a season that to try to achieve point one means wee must rotate - or the players will run out of steam by the end of the season, it also helps injury prevention ( which is good for the team) and it keeps a good number of players match fit so folk can step in if someone is injured. SG is doing a good job of managing the squad. Ps - we won yesterday
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