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  1. I’m a moderate - it’s not easy being. Moderate on RM, most have been shouted down so often they left. I stay cause I love you all.❤️
  2. Whoop whoop you win - good one - pathetic
  3. It’s ok - I’m a net contributor to the gov - not a taker. Also there is only one cunt in this conversation and that is not me!
  4. Real leadership and a real example!
  5. I'm no defender of referees - they are shite - I just don't but into all the conspiracy theory rubbish that abounds in RM.
  6. Interesting - I say again how is it Rangers related!
  7. You need to re-read your own text - also reread the AS account - she was naked as well Anyway still don't see how any of this is Rangers related
  8. So MSM are right about Morelos ? and if your last paragraph read -She was in his bedroom, she was naked And he didn’t read that as no - then we agree
  9. He might be in prison soon but do we no longer believe in the whole premise of innocent until proven guilty? Or are we now believing everything we read in MSM? ... and is this Rangers related?
  10. ... and waist - in fact my waist is very thick
  11. It’s extremely bad to disagree with a certain cabal of posters on here - well According to them it is! But I kinda like charity work so I persevere.
  12. Rangers related how? anyway innocent until proven guilty ! Kinda basic isn’t it! Don’t start believing the press just cause it’s someone you dislike!
  13. Once they were gone from here there was no way back as football is brutal - but folks thinking that there was some sort of binary switch, or even some sort of continuity from the past were living in cuckoo land. We need stability and time to get back to the top!
  14. I have always advocated for each of those managers to be given more time - I have yet to be proven wrong
  15. Welcome to my world - you’ll need a thick skin
  16. If I could understand that sentence I’m sure I could come up with a clever retort
  17. ... I’ve yet to be proved wrong - I’ve always maintained this was a long term project and we need to give a manager time to build - time to learn what it was about, time even to make mistakes - it also takes financial clout to get back and that takes time to build - to many folk think the are playing football manager and that it’s easy and easy just to start again.
  18. I prefer backing honestly instead of only hearing platitudes - even if that honesty is hard to listen to
  19. Don’t agree he’s a shite bag but yep he should be up front and centre - but then when he gives an honest answer folk will not like it - dammed if he does dammed if he doesn’t
  20. No I don’t need to dig deep to protect them. I am a supporter not a fucking whinging moaning hindsight quarter back that thinks it’s all easy
  21. So a station that hates us jumps on the hating bandwagon - I’m shocked. so a station a hates us is suddenly right when it suits you - go figure.
  22. So you’d prefer a captain who only gives honest assessments when things are going well? But being quiet when they are not? He should just trot out platitudes for us to lap up ?
  23. You don’t know how he’s reacting - ... glad to hear your bs king most our players -just two your not! 😩
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