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  1. Rangers Eyeing Summer Swoop For Louis Moult

    I was thinking more King Louie - oh I’m the king of the swingers... oh wait it’s not the OTT
  2. What the Fuck is This.

    ... and string vest
  3. Windass Hits Back On Twitter

    Look at the abuse the lad has had on this thread alone ! Then again what you say is true - I’m still here and I defend our players more than most.
  4. Windass Hits Back On Twitter

    Not my perception of him or his game - he is a flair player that can seem to drift in and out of games - but that is his game ( now I’m not suggesting he is anywhere in this mans league) and Davie Cooper was like that - could be anonomous for long periods and ‘go missing’ but that’s the way it is. Windass is always looking for the ball and for space and making runs- being a hard tackling midfielder who chases back is NOT his game but his assists and goals are what define his overall contribution and make him an asset to the game. It seems he is just the latest whipping boy and your one of the ones who has jumped on that band wagon.
  5. Windass Hits Back On Twitter

    You’ll not last long standing up for our players on here. 11 goals in 9 games but is accused of ‘going missing’ and in the of game even scored ( whilst being missing!) - there’s always a whooping boy for our support - it’s Windass at the moment!
  6. Can we please stop the fantasy now?

    He is also proud to be banned from Ibrox - twice! He is a bit of a fantasist as well and very inconsistent except for his distain for most things Rangers! ( like players - managers - directors - supporters )
  7. Can we please stop the fantasy now?

    No surprise here - most of us will be watching Rangers on a sat afternoon. Also back to your base level I see. Again no surprise.
  8. In the same way folk can say he hasn’t done enough - it’s an opinion!
  9. No I’ll wait till the end of the season and not some transient moment. in fact did you not start a thread a few weeks ago about waiting till end of season and assessing then?
  10. We are second - keep up. You assume the sheep will win their game!
  11. No we can’t keep someone just for the sake of stability but Murty has done enough to warrant at least a full season to show what he can do - along with the benefit of a summer transfer window
  12. The word every one uses is proven! experience means little till we see what they do when they get here - warburton and Pedro were experienced! ... and it’s only a debate whether his subs are ‘mistakes’ he should be ‘learning’ from. Everyday is a learning day and Murty is learning - and ( imho) done enough to warrant a full season - also if we keep chopping and changing we will go nowhere - rebuilding takes time it is not an instant, single person thing.
  13. If this debate has become about budgets and position Murty took over a few points adrift of Aberdeen - we are now second - This is about the league where he should be judged over the piece but folk look at individual games. Oh and it’s stil a work in progress - Murty has had one transfer window and done pretty well in it.
  14. I like Murty - folk keep saying we need a ‘proven’ manager ? If it’s not someone who has won trophies then what? I remember Tommy Wright was ‘in the running’ for the job based on his great work at saints. Now they are poor. Clark is on a good run - hardly makes him ‘proven’ I’d stick.
  15. Nope I mention buget in response to track records - keep up. also I’m pointing out our budget is doing its job and we are where our budget says we should be ( if budgets was the only argument)
  16. Our budget is higher - our league position is higher. Your point?
  17. .. what has he done? What makes him ‘proven’
  18. Or even comparable budgets?
  19. Stats may be misleading because folk will want to twist them based on there pre conceived desired outcome ( confirmation bias) its a good set of stats.
  20. But but ... not read the thread - should be interesting!
  21. What the Fuck is This.

    To good looking for me - and I would be in my Braveheart suit!
  22. Lee Wallace Interview

    Great asset to the team and club - John has done little wrong but a fit Wallace would be a first puck for me.
  23. New Vanguard Bear Article.

  24. New Vanguard Bear Article.

    There’s a reason I watch football and not play - I’m shite at playing but like many I talk a good game. I’m also 58 slow as fuck and the turning circle of a ocean liner. But I can learn fifa 17 the place where many a tactical genius on here Learnt how to manage?
  25. New Vanguard Bear Article.

    ... ‘baws Kicked’ - as in let’s settle this over a game of football? Anything else would sound like a threat and I’d have to respond by cowering in a corner and sucking my thumb as I would be terrified about an anonomous lowlife wannabe hard man threatening me!