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  1. Millers Agent

    You do like to stir up old shite - we've done this twice now - where you forget what you've said before - you chucked the dummy out last time. I've had enough of the Groundhog Day shite so move on.
  2. Millers Agent

    Kai's a fantasist - and there was No excuse for hibs fans being on the pitch nor our fans either - none at all.
  3. Millers Agent

    No I think you believe what you say - that's why I called you a fantasist.
  4. Millers Agent

    So I should run with the pack? Get my hate head on and moan like fuck - na I'llMarch away to my own drumbeat thanks.
  5. Millers Agent

    You must be so proud. You're a fantasist, but I feel sorry for you as your a sad wee thing.
  6. Millers Agent

    Calm doon dear! I know keeping tracks difficult for you but I've already said Miller is 'just' a player and Pedro is there to make decisions - but it is kinda cute how desparate you are to have a go at Miller? It's the fashion on here but there you go.
  7. Millers Agent

    What?? Your an idiot that's twice been banned from Ibrox for acting like a fanny, who ran on the pitch like a twat and doesn't care how fans / club come across to the wider public. Kenny was in a restraurant having a meal with his wife. 2 wildly different scenarios but good try.
  8. Big Clint Hill on Rangers

    Soz! Was your thumb sore scrolling down to see what I wrote? Apologies again!
  9. Millers Agent

    Ffs he was lifted after a rammy where some taught arse hole had a go at him and his wife and your going to use that as some sort of stick to beat him with - I fucking despair about some of our 'support' ! Fucking shame on you.
  10. Millers Agent

    What ? An agent has no mind or will Of their own? Next you'll be telling me the club and manager ( managers ) have never used the press either. Its a sorry affair , badly handled by the club, now badly handled by millers agent and, back to my original point, lept upon by those who want to castigate Miller and besmirching the previous good he has done for us.
  11. Millers Agent

    The type of hypocritical doublespeak that makes me laugh. Just look at your last two lines- comments that are not attributed to club - ok followed by the last line - it was his agent not a club employee - you can't have it both ways!
  12. Millers Agent

    So he is not allowed to fight back against all the implication and speculation caused by the innuendo and repeated on various forums? Some on here 'know' ( ??) it's him.
  13. Millers Agent

    ... basically back to your flawed argument - prove your innocent!
  14. Millers Agent

    On a one to one basis - old management adage - praise in public - critique in private!
  15. Millers Agent

    I though we already established I was daft? There was also a time 'everyone' knew the earth was flat! ... and you have yet to prove your not daft.
  16. Millers Agent

    He had his moments - but I bet he spoke to most individuals like a man, he might have roasted colllectively but I would also suggest that he came across very positively looking at the good in his squad and bringing out the best and he did not do that via bulllying.
  17. Millers Agent

    Or in summation - Kenny prove your not the leak.
  18. Millers Agent

    Do I need to be balanced ? Am I the BBC? I'm a positive counterpoint to the 'moaning gits' my idea of critique and yours differ - I like to see a bit of respect for those playing for us - but it's vitriol that often gets spilled on here - perhaps it's the safety of an anonomous forum! i decided not to go down that route in life - respect costs nothing to provide. So, for instance, would I give Kenny a renewal next year - no - but I don't have to roast him in order to respectfully let him go. As your Clint hill thread says - bo it with respect and the lack of respect, and loyalty, on here, to those playing g and managing us is astounding at times.
  19. Millers Agent

    .. I'm not the manager I stay positive in here because someone has to - I manage people every day tho' and rarely do I ever get 'tore into' anyone to make a point. It's counter productive but I do set expectations, jointly, with folks and they motivate themselves when they come up short ( but I do need to help them see that) - but 'tore in to them' na - that's just bullying and no need.
  20. Big Clint Hill on Rangers

    A good read
  21. Millers Agent

    Prove a negative - prove you are innocent! I accuse you of anything and the onus is on you to prove your not! How fucking wrapped is that! You're daft! Now prove your not!
  22. Millers Agent

    Read this thread - read any thread about him over the last few weeks - in a forum of bizarre statements that is bizarre
  23. Millers Agent

    For me critique should always be balanced - it rarely is in here - your either brilliant - or shite ! 2shite games and your out! No one seems to listen when coaches / folks with real expertise talk in months or years - fans just don't want to hear it ( although that malady is becoming quite prominent all through football)
  24. Millers Agent

    Agree with 2 ... and 3
  25. Millers Agent

    Criminally daft! Na that's no me - daft I'd accept! If Kenny is not the leak does he not have a right to be defended - we have ( used to have) a presumption of innocence but it seems innuendo is enough on here.