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  1. I wear mine! I apologise!
  2. I'm 58 - still playing and still wear the top to training !
  3. Nope shite idea - it's all just part of the game
  4. Ban ? What ban? I've just not had much to say !
  5. Disagree with this - Beerman did well but still has developing to do - and while playing helps - he is not ready to be in front of wallace
  6. You looked at the background??
  7. Jack will be a first choice pick imho
  8. ... and someone thought this is worthy of a bears den thread? which I Have now posted in - damm! i suppose a wee boycott is fine after all the tims have probably been boycotting the build a bear shops ! utter pish!
  9. Always a legend - move on.
  10. Hope he does well - good luck to him.
  11. Nah - it's no fun if they are not there to be mocked
  12. Personally I would rather they were around to suffer as we return to the top while they look up at us, and wallow in their own mediocrity - that is revenge!
  13. lighten up ye serious Wally!
  14. wtf???
  15. But but how else could we be outraged if we did not read/ buy / give hits to it? Man the pitchforks
  16. It's a waiting game - it's not about who he signs but about results once the season begins so no change from me - we will have a clearer view by Xmas.
  17. When 'they' won the European cup - Scottish football was pretty strong - All out clubs did well and our national team also was decent but now Scottish football is comparatably weak - I doubt this Celtic team could beat many of the Celtic teams that lost titles to us, never mind come close to our 9 in a row teams - even the team Walter had in his second term would show this team up - problem is until we get our act together there is no real challenge and their results flatter to deceive. Fingers crossed we have the wherewithall to burst their bubble, sooner rather than later.
  18. Good read
  19. I've got s mind of my own. I am not a sheep. thank you for noticing! You need to work on your insulting skills as I suspect these were not meant as the compliment I take them to be.
  20. So you IGNORE my answer when I said yes - and I have the Rosette - and then get indignant when I ask a simple question. The relevance of that fact?
  21. So you demand answers but won't answer questions to you -
  22. Did you just ignore my other post ? And what relevance is that?
  23. So ( if I may) play nice when folks post shite and don't rip the shit out of them? Even whilst being called a cunt? I do try!
  24. If one only looks with blue tinted glasses one tends to see only what you want - there have been plenty of negative stories about them and a good few positive ones about us. Now on the shooting front they have a stabilised club we have one - we'll let's just say transition - so the stories sound more negative because they are dealing with negativity. ( a wee point to sorta make my point - the BBC - the fucking BBC drove the torbett story but there were folk did not even get that)