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  1. sfa bigot exposed

    Overcoat was only for sickies!! .... oh wait ...
  2. sfa bigot exposed

    I see it in black and white???? this from you after your ‘everyone is out to get us’ nonsense! good one!
  3. sfa bigot exposed

    Nope - electronics - the winner of wars - with clean, soft hands!
  4. sfa bigot exposed

    I was in the rainbows 🌈 the gay section ! Now gee’s a kiss and let’s all be friends - it is a Friday after all!
  5. sfa bigot exposed

    Ah the 10% of our nation and while all this goes on the 50% atheist and 40% Protestant and others do nothing - that 10% sure is a powerful cabal - clever bastards!
  6. sfa bigot exposed

    You don’t think I’m a veteran or you don’t think I’d desert?
  7. sfa bigot exposed

    REME - our DZ flash was Red Blue And Yellow - red for the blood we never seen, blue for the seas we never crossed and yellow for the streaks down our back!
  8. sfa bigot exposed

    What and every catholic is only out to see the demise of Rangers? Is that your position? ... and yet your wife worked there for 18 years - couldn’t have been that bad or she would have moved on surely?
  9. sfa bigot exposed

    ‘Run by’ - ‘these people’? We probably need to start with a definition of ‘these people’ ?
  10. sfa bigot exposed

    I assume you mean in the forces - yes - 6 years.
  11. sfa bigot exposed

    Ever post gets more desperate - more paranoid than the last one! It’s really pathetic.
  12. sfa bigot exposed

    Clearly my arse!
  13. sfa bigot exposed

    This whole post is full of paranoia - ‘them’? Just anyone that’s not ‘us’? paranoid drivel!
  14. sfa bigot exposed

    The paranoia I refer to is the collective ‘feeling’ that every thing is run by them - controlled by them and influenced by them and then joining the dots with every story to prove that is ‘true’! Your post exhibits lots of those traits.
  15. sfa bigot exposed

    Paranoia - the gift that keeps on giving ‘There is plenty of evidence to suggest its not paranoia.’ Oh !
  16. sfa bigot exposed

    If it reads like paranoia, and sounds like paranoia then it probably means they are out to get us. Really, we do look at the world view though very blue tinted glasses and every thing that happens feeds the chip on our shoulder. Sad as fuck.
  17. sfa bigot exposed

    No my fault I was ‘dragged’ into the thread - blame @terminator for that
  18. sfa bigot exposed

    Country is full of idiots - it does not mean there is a conspiracy! But if you’re paranoid you’ll not get that!
  19. The Worst Rangers Teams In History 2016-2018.

    Yep I’m sure I was at a game that season that had 15,000 - on a Saturday! The good times will be back tjo’ Just wish it would hurry up!
  20. The Worst Rangers Teams In History 2016-2018.

    Really interesting and informative - some shockers in there with 4th behind Scimdee United one of the standouts. If our fortunes are an Ebb and flow time for the tide to come in. Again. I hope!
  21. Davie Weir meets Simon Ferry

    Where’s your hate man! How have you lasted so long on here? i still dream of a team of Davie Weirs!
  22. Season Tickets

    32nd season
  23. Reporting Scotland Leading Story

    The SNP hate the bbc for their biased reporting so IF the BBC have an ‘agenda’ then it’s definately nothing to do with the SNP!
  24. Reporting Scotland Leading Story

    ... and folk wonder why I say some come across as paranoid!