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  1. Changes yes - big - no - incremenatal not wholesale but it’s the Internet pick a binary piv!
  2. No I’m consistent - unlike yourself floating up and down based on only last result - oh and I can make points without resorting to abuse - but you can’t - which say so much about you!
  3. I refer you to your own post of only 3 weeks ago about over reactionary nonsense - and since you can debate without abuse - your a stunning hypocrite!
  4. usual over reactionary nonsense to a set back
  5. Full rebuild required

    quite the over reaction! Bad result but the first on many ‘dummy oot of the oram’ posts I suspect.
  6. Walter behind the scenes?

    ... and Walter would be right!
  7. Walter behind the scenes?

    Sortof happened but at Ibrox in 93rd min... ... EDU!!!!
  8. Walter behind the scenes?

    Can GM not just get his own credit for going - well - ok!
  9. Leadership

    Fucking stunning how negative folks are on here - it’s obvious we lack Leadership and team spirit the way we bowed down to them after they went ahead - oh wait we won by fighting Back, staying organised and did so with two teenagers in central midfield! Ffs have a word with yourself!
  10. Wall of Yellow

    One of the best ‘we win so what can I moan about’ threads going. Most fans celebrating the win and laughing at Lennon - your counting stewards.
  11. Let’s End The Uncertainty

    Murty is a ‘proper’ manager - so we’re MW and PC.
  12. Let’s End The Uncertainty

    What I like about Murty is he seems very tactically aware and not afraid to make changes - like holding on for the win last night - good move to bring on Bates.. anyone we appoint is a gamble but we sort of know what we are getting with GM - yes he has learning to do but as we are a developing team let him learn in the job.
  13. Fitness

    Ach we just have to disagree in that - often stil full of running at the end and puts in a great shift - all imho! Of course.
  14. Fitness

    Holt not fit! Ffs heard it all now - his ‘engine’ is one of his strongest attributes!
  15. Hivs dominated that game from start to finish?

    .. and with two teenagers in centre midfield
  16. A beautiful three points

    Ffs lighten up and enjoy
  17. A beautiful three points

    Yep hammered us 1-2 now stop fucking moaning - wins like that are there to be enjoyed.
  18. Fod

    Definitely MoM tonight - by a mile!
  19. Shortest ever player?

    It was certainly not Jig - seemingly he was longest
  20. Aberdeen Chairman calls for apology?

    We certainly weren’t building bridges with our last statement
  21. What's their problem?

    I think it’s a more difficult job than many believe ( including the current board) - they have done many things right - many wrong - and are poor communicators but only one thing counts and that is performance on the pitch - if we were top of the league and the board were basket cases we would barely even give them a mention. Forums try to make everything binary, but most things are a lot more neuanced than that.
  22. December is a big month

    Ouch - anyone disagreeing with your viewpoint gets a severe reprimand eh! One of these people who want a debate as long as one agrees with your viewpoint Baa baa!