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  1. ... involving stokes!
  2. It screams Latte and Biscotti - where do I join?
  3. I'm Peter Liewell! oh and when I watched that again I still don't understand why stokes did not get sent off!
  4. I see the negative in many things! I'm always moaning! Get with the programme.
  5. So will Jack play? Should Jack play? I think he will and should and I'd go with same team as v Hibs except bring Wallace back at LB. this game will tell us more about this squads ability to handle pressure than last weeeks game which was ruined by farcical refereeing.
  6. I want. I want. I want. Are you also jumping up and down and stamping yer feet like a bairnn as well.
  7. Whatever.
  8. Oih! I'm not ginger... ... oh wait!
  9. It was on the BBC ( !!!) report I read - he was removed from the premier league Rota - make of it what you want
  10. Red card rescinded - ref demoted - not sure what any further statement would hope to achieve.
  11. Good thanks for the clarification - it was needed and I appreciate it.
  12. Perhaps not - but it is relevant to your 'damming praise' ( or made up 'fake news' ) commentary on his motivation for staying. Basically you said he had no ambition but here he is captain of Rangers a goal beyond the reach of all but a chosen few.
  13. Anyone that is a permanent captain of ours - especially one with a multi year tenure - has a pretty special place in our story - winning 55 with him as captain will give and extraordinary position in our history.
  14. Just my dyslexia kicking in!
  15. He gets asked the same questions week after week - how do you expect him to be original every time? He's saying what he thinks - we are training hard - working hard - and repeat? What more is there ?
  16. Managers speaks - critisised Manager stays quiet - criticised. We want to know what people at the club think - we critique them for saying what they think. Go figure.
  17. So Wallace 2nd best? Doesn't make him out as someone that we need to drop/ replace
  18. Rangers vs them stokes cleans out papac after about 2 minutes - fucking horendous tackle - straight red but ref bottled it - was right in front of me and I was livid - still annoys me.
  19. You certainly have a high opinion of your self - but I'm happy enough with my opinions - unlike some at least they are my own.
  20. That's the best you've got? Really! Oh well.
  21. It's all opinion - for you to miss how good a defender he is laughable but your welcome to your opinion.
  22. I have no problem with debating pros and cons - I get into it when a player ( or manager ) gets called a cunt, a shitebag, and other such things - all our players deserve some respect often missing from folks that say there are supporters. There is more to a team than individual skill - there is the team dynamic - looking at Wallace and miller, could we do better - of course - give us EPL cash and they don't play for us- but with our budget, where we are and level of Scottish football they are good players in a small pool of mediocrity - but they are our players and ( imho) that buys them, or should buy them respect from supporters. as for Pedro I'm firmly in the cautious but hopeful camp.
  23. We lose goals - it needs addressed - anecdotally the number down the right where tav had wandered upfield and jogged back worries me far more than Wallace being upfield. Having decent centre backs and a decent holding midfielder helps - after all it's a team game.
  24. Then again I could just hate and be blind to what is good in front of me. Like you. Logan's ok Thierney gets caught out when teams come at him but he's in a better side than we currently have - but under pressure Wallace is Better. Neither would get in our team in front of Wallace.
  25. It's nonsense to say he has cost us goals week after week - utter bullocks - and it's my opinion he is best in Scotland ( when fit)