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  1. Scotland are not the only country to have international breaks - you might find other countries do it as well - of course Scotland should be blamed for it and the only reason they did it this time was to make life more difficult for us Rangers fans!
  2. One! in fact one draw!
  3. Green Afro? Na no buying that! Me I'm 87 in from the left and 103 up from bottom - I have a tin of Stella in my hand.
  4. No disagreement from me.
  5. Hard to turn down tho' easy at our age ( my age anyway) to say be patient - learn your trade and then move on but not easy to turn down cash, especially if you were brought up with little - perhaps a development loan move back to us is best of both worlds
  6. Well said
  7. Maybe a Motherwell billionaire will invest in us! .... oh wait!!!
  8. £100m might not do it ( copyright davie weir) fuck me im getting cynical this place is changing me!!
  9. Hate - sorry hated - no hate him- murdering scumbag of the highest order! Not really RM material tho'
  10. I wish - I know I'm not good enough despite my dreams - you just want to decide who supports us while never being good enough yourself - so would rather mock those who do get the opportunity.
  11. Man loves playing for Rangers - wants to show his appreciation for playing for the biggest team he'll ever play for and living our dream - and you want to give him pelters - that's RM for you!
  12. Agreed - cracked under the pressure to conform
  13. Yep - ask Ian cathro
  14. Made me laugh - shouldn't have but it did!
  15. My life is complete!
  16. Ah a surrender monkey!
  17. They were celebrating the Goal! I suppose you just sat in your seat at home and sipped your cup of tea and said well done lads - or possible you thought 'about time' and went into the huff at full time.
  18. Goal scoring is as much a team thing - Ally did well as he had great skill and a great team around him - waghorn is not in Ally's class as a striker but nor is our team anyplace near the class of those Ally had to support him - Ally was the best we had and missed loads, same with Boyd.
  19. I was interested in this 40 goals per season expectation - and it's a bit out there - last person to score over 40 in a season for us was Ally ( in 87 and 92) - Negri came close with 38 in 97 Derek Johnston in his best season got 38 ( in 77) - kris Boyd was top for a number of years and his best was 31. You then have to go back to 64 to get over 40 - waghorns 28 last year was good his contribution this year also looks good and that's been with injuries.
  20. Can I just remind you ( and others ) of MWs first game - it's about what we do long term - many of us thought the board did well getting MW and that continued for over a year.
  21. Great touch by the fans and spot on response by Murty - hope he stays at the club for a good long time
  22. You expect a lot on the first date! Oh ok then!
  23. I'm sure Clint came here thinking he was a squad player and back up ( which is how he started the season) and is probably pleased and surprised to get so many games - I for one welcome the contribution he has made this season. I suspect ( expect)the centre backs to be strengthened but if we keep him in the squad as back up for another year I don't think Clint would have any issues with that.