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  1. A few players appear leaner than they were until recently. McKay in particular. Hopefully a sign of better fitness all round.
  2. Well done The Dude. When I was a wannabe writer and editor, I would have loved to write for someone and be paid for it. In fact, I was trying to get this gig before it started, but it wasn't to be. There are always going to be people who support Rangers online who hate on the next Rangers man through jealousy, or short-sightedness. It doesn't matter who you are or what you do. Fair play to you for having the confidence to publish your work through the Record on RM.
  3. Are you the younger player? And the mole?
  4. The last quotes I read from Cathro, he stated he wanted three years out of his stint in Valencia as Assistant Manager before returning to the UK at a lower level at the very start of pre-seaaon to become a manager in his own right. http://bbc.co.uk/sport/football/29463560
  5. No. King stated he wants a Head Coach, presumably with a DoF above which Magath has already been linked with. Warburton and Weir are leaving Brentford as Brentford board want to go from having Manager role...to DoF with Head Coach.
  6. Now you've said it, it sounds obvious. I genuinely don't understand these things.
  7. Until someone more intelligent than I can tell me that the club can continue to operate as it is today until ST renewal time, I cannot say whether the accounts look good or bad. I'm not clever enough to very roughly forecast our results for June 2014, but I think that's what we need to see to be able to decide whether the Rangers are safe from another insolvency event, as suggested by Dave King (I think).
  8. That 11mil included 4.5mil of ST money for 13/14.
  9. Are you suggesting that Imran Ahmad has a working history with Octopus Investments (who own Ticketus)?
  10. If you are referring to the launch of Jig's book, it was the publishers that determined where to advertise it, not Jig.
  11. Oi! I've barely missed an episode now since midway through season 3! We're going to be on all summer, to try and keep up with all this pish.
  12. Aye, sorry, I did read it, but forgot to reply. As a regular on WATP, and occassional CRO appearances probable in the future, I think plenty others deserve their chance to talk! No one wants to be a whore!
  13. Pinning threads isn't necessary when the thread is active on a daily basis. It defeats the purpose of 'pinning'.
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