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  1. John Eric Bartholomew

    jack,dorrans, goss and docherty

    Dorrans and Jack never worked very well under previous management. I think the options is Goss and Docherty/Jack/Dorrans/Holt. Currently, you wouldn't want to leave Docherty out? And no one else can do what Goss does.
  2. John Eric Bartholomew

    Looking for some 90's Rangers Strips

    I have all of them. Unsellable, unless your bring "wheelbarrows full", as Murty would say.
  3. John Eric Bartholomew

    Looking at Centre backs

    Looks like a cyclist.
  4. John Eric Bartholomew

    Morales Cardosa

    There's nothing I detest more than failing to pronounce foreign names correcty. Football Italia inspired me to always say things correctly. 'Pe-na' is another well hated name atm.
  5. John Eric Bartholomew

    SL Benfica Game Cancelled/Club Statement

    Toronto played at home today and will be playing at home next Sunday too...surely our first enquiry to see if they wanna give some lads an extra run out? They have 2 games left now and have just guaranteed top spot in the Eastern conference.
  6. John Eric Bartholomew

    Rangers hugging beggars

    Only a coward doesn't shake the opposition's hand after a defeat. Winning and losing with dignity is an important trait in a Ranger.
  7. John Eric Bartholomew

    Another stonewall penalty turned down

    I have not heard that version - and I'd doubt it as football wasn't played for another 1800 years! It definitely is of Scottish origin from the different versions I've read. But I can't commit to any of them! I read of stonewalls being so common and obvious in Scotland that you'd struggle to walk in to them (which also sounds like shite to me).
  8. John Eric Bartholomew

    nothing that some steel won’t fix.

    This Rangers team is desperately short of 'cojones'. Once again, we were bullied all over the pitch by Brown and Griffiths. How long must we lie helpless beneath their filthy boots? There is no way on this earth that Brown should be allowed to walk off that park. He must be taken out until he can no longer play on. He is the centre of arrogance in their team and we allow him to bully us at every opportunity. I was expecting so much more from Dorrans, Jack and Peña today. In January, we need to sign some real hardmen, as suggested by the OP; or just anyone who can knock the playground bully back down to his level. Foderingham too showed his mental weakness...desperately wilting under pressure when some naughty bhoys stole his ball. Really fucking weak, bar McCrorie, Morelos and Candeias.
  9. John Eric Bartholomew

    Another stonewall penalty turned down

    50 Dembele dollars to whoever can supply me with the correct origins of the phrase 'stonewall penalty'.
  10. John Eric Bartholomew


    Griffiths was threatening to get in behind him all game, and he ultimately did. No blame on McCrorie for that, he has to learn these lessons. If we want him to be 'the future' we have to get him first team action elsewhere for the next 18 months so he's ready to replace Alves.
  11. John Eric Bartholomew

    The pin on Pedro's Jacket

    About a 4/10 on the Keith Jackson racism scale.
  12. John Eric Bartholomew

    Cardoso Celebrating A Great Tackle

    Cheering/celebrating tackles can have a huge psychological impact on the opposition at any level of football or rugby. As a home team in particular, it is extremely intimidating for the opposition when players and fans are pumped up and baying for blood. Hope to see it again on Saturday, Fabio.
  13. John Eric Bartholomew

    Saturday, the manager and the season ahead

    Great contribution. How many points do you think Caixinha must fall behind before the board take action? As above, I think it will be when we fall 20-25 points behind, which I think will be after the new year game, leaving us on course to match the poor performance of the previous season.
  14. John Eric Bartholomew

    Saturday, the manager and the season ahead

    Your reply is tragic and contributes nothing to this discussion. Classic RM 2017. This thread starts with a discussion about when it is justifiable to sack Caixinha based on his points tally. I would like to thank the honorable and loyalist gentleman, Rfc52, for offering his considered and much respected opinion on this issue. I've offered my opinion, how about yours? How many points do you think we will have after the new year game, if Caixinha is still in charge?
  15. John Eric Bartholomew

    Saturday, the manager and the season ahead

    The points difference is key, as Rfc52 says. I would estimate that we will only have 40 points come the new year game. After that game, we will still have 40 points and be in 3rd place, whereas the league leaders will have 60 (or more). I base my 40 point estimation on the following: celtic H Lose Accies A Win St. J A Draw Sheep H Lose Killie H Win Hearts A Draw Partick H Win Accies H Win Dundee A Win Sheep A Lose Ross C. H Win Hibs A Lose St. J H Win Killie A Win M'well H Win celtic A Lose With a points difference of 20-25 points with 15 games left, I will support the decision to sack Pedro Caixinha and install Graeme Murty, who will guide us to 2nd place by the end of the season.