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  1. Im not convinced regards Pedro , theres just something i dont like ,doesnt fill me with confidence tbh
  2. NOT JOB DONE tbh, they werent as bad as i thought they would be ,we have to improve although signs are there that we have improved on last season.Niko is a plus,class act ,if only we had players on the same wavelength...Dalcio looked at times tricky,Cardoso was solid and good on the ball,Candeias looks like a flying machine that can cross a ball...Rossiter back to himself ,heres hoping .All in all cant see a problem getting through and once we gel we should be better than last season .
  3. Looks like all that money Ashley gave us in the January transfer window to ensure we made it up to fight for the CL place he so craves has gone to waste ffs ?????
  4. Hahaha , if talking shite wasnt enough u might as well lower yourself to name calling.
  5. And you're clearly an embarrasment to that crest,union flag and username ..
  6. Hahaha ,are you that fat prick Ashley in disguise ffs
  7. i did think the souness inclusion was indeed a kick in the baws .why highlight that was my reaction tbh . but that aside or the ebts aside for that matter it did throw up a shocking side of things with regards dumb and dumber although most of us did have our doubts ... Just lets all see what comes of this guys in the following days ..all will no doubt come out in the wash .. No need for us to fall out over it ..We all know it will end up ok in the end ...hopefully with D&P in jail ..
  8. next few days will be good reading ...dumb and dumber are already squirming ,everyone but the tea lady has made statement ffs ..what does that tell you ? ... should never have been appointed in the first place .only worrying thing about that is ,,it was the courts that appointed them ...are they gonna admit their mistake ? Heres hoping they do and at least then we can move a step forward instead of moving 2 steps back week in week out.
  9. they are representing the courts m8 ..something tells me if push comes to shove which it is they coulda got the goalposts moved ... they dont want the posts moved m8 ..
  10. We need that money now ...thats my point ..and any admin worth their weight in salt woulda pushed for an earlier hearing ..thats if infact they where doing their job and working for and in respect of the creditors ... but october is okay ffs ..
  11. still at least 4 million unaccounted for that rests within collyer bristow ..i thought the admin had sought legal proceedings for that cash ..or was that a lie also ? ...WHERE IS IT ? The other question that needs answered which has been overlooked is .... WHY WAS GARY WITHEY REMOVED FROM COLLYER BRISTOW ? ...thats another mystery never been explained tbh.
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