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  1. Hopefully he's not talking about the rugby team...
  2. Hmm - roll up and buy your STs, because "something BIG" is about to happen....
  3. I hope that's fishing - Whittaker would never be accepted by most of the support and is also crap. Not even that convinced he is better than Wallace or Hodson tbh
  4. Broadly speaking there's three aspects to being a manager - 1. Player acquisition 2. Man management 3. Formations and tactics Very few managers are really good at all three (Ferguson for instance). Advocaat was good at 1 and 3 but not 2, McLeish at 2 and 3 but not 1. Smith very good at 1 and 2 but not always as good at 3. So let's look at Pedro - what can we judge so far? 1. Nothing to see here... 2. Could anyone get more from this group? Not sure but individual performances haven't improved. 3. There are some positives, despite the last 7 days. We have looked more organised at the back, corners don't look like the opposition might as well have been given a penalty. He is prepared to make changes at half time if things aren't working. I don't think he has got the tactics right at all in the two Old Firm games but I don't think it has been all downside. In short - it is too early to judge him
  5. Definitely has ability and looks to have genuine pace. Like others, I'm not that convinced he's a LB but time will tell, there's been quite a few relatively short, but very successful full backs in the past
  6. Basically it was 442 with Toral and Holt as the central pair. McKay and Hyndeman wide left and right with Miller and Waghorn up front. However it was reasonably fluid with Miller dropping back to help out in midfield at times and Hyndman drifting more centrally, so I can see why people can see it as 4411 or even 4231 at times. Looked pretty solid and the most promising thing to me was that when we got the ball we tried to move it forward far faster than previously.
  7. You were robbed. But frankly all three of you should be given a life ban for that display
  8. Easily the most accomplished footballer we have, as Hyndman is on loan. Get him signed.
  9. Indeed - must be something about Chelsea
  10. This I really like Klopp as a person, so inspiring. But I'm not so convinced about his coaching. He has a "system" which he uses regardless of whether his players can actually sustain it (which in Liverpool's case they can't). I prefer coaches who look at the players they have and adapt - compare how Guss Hiddink's South Korea team played compared to his Chelsea team - that's coaching.
  11. Clearly, Garner hasn't been a success so far and certainly doesn't look like finisher but I still want to see him played in a sensible role before writing him off. I also remember how crap McCoist was in his first season (as a player)
  12. Hi Zander
  13. McLeish has been around long enough that we know what he'll do as pretty much every job he has had has gone the same way. He nearly always gets more out of the squad he takes over. He's a good man manager and decent tactician. After that things start to deteriorate because he is not good at squad building and recruitment. Right now I'd take him because I'm desperate, but I also know the squad needs a clear out and he's not the man to do that. Would it be better if he had a DoF? Maybe
  14. Both similar tackles for me - studs up, contact with opposing player. Anyone that thinks that sort of a tackle isn't a red is living in the past. Neither got the ball, but that alone wouldn't necessarily have saved them. MOH's tackle looked worse on first viewing because it was high and I thought the ref did well with the McDonald tackle as it happened very quickly and low to the ground. To me they both looked reckless rather than malicious, but who knows what is going on in a player's head. As to the idea that football has been turned into a non contact game - I'm not sure the Motherwell lad lying on the touchline after that perfectly legal tackle from Hill would agree. Ozblue might miss the old days, but one of the reasons our football is technically so far behind many countries these days is that we still allow hatchetmet to kick skillful players out of the game.
  15. Our best 11 would have Garner playing as a centre forward with a strike partner close to him. Not going to happen, though