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  1. Have you got that scarf yet vita?
  2. her is copy of the receipt vitaly, You should have it in about 4 days, Also the barcode with the code RJ333498330GB is the tracking number, it can tracked through the uk but not russia but you will need to sign for it.
  3. evreything sorted with the payment mate and i will post 1st thing in the morning.
  4. hey vita, ive been keeping an eye on the emails mate and none have been from you. try again, scarfs here waiting to be posted for you.
  5. Do u want the scarf mate ?
  6. hi mate, i have scarf number one for your collection. Just noticed it might be different, aw well unlucky
  7. hers a few i took last week
  8. C'mon get pledging bears. ITS ABOUT THE CLUB.
  9. Good on them, get them arranged an il be going.
  10. If we were to say lose the league by 9 points id know wee really won the league so il celebrate it anyway.
  11. So are we doomed? Aye or naw?
  12. Happy as fuck m8 lol Sunday morning horrors.
  13. Who gives a fuck, i dont care if its sent by telegram as long as its sorted. Pure pish
  14. Well done dunny on being positive mate. Was always slightly positive myself and was certainly never going to throw in the towel regarding anything what they mhutants come out with. If you did take there comments seriously you would of took a flying heeder aff the erskine bridge by now lol Ive always fancied us to come out of this and that 49m bill is as high as could be which is probably very unlikely but its been enough to keep timmy and all the other tools cummin in there pants for ages now. Im convinced we will a result here and we will get whacked with something but nothing the rangers cant manage. HMRC are wanks and i know each case if different but they always hit you with a potential bill and its up to you to sort it. I got hit with a 5k bill, got my accountant to sort it, 2k rebate for me. And i know my wee bill is totally different but come on tae fuck does everycunt just pay these without fighting , no chance. We are rangers and if we get knocked down we will get fuckin back up again. harder.
  15. I was at that game as a 10 yr old, cant remember much apart from we won 1-0 and fergie spitting at gazza?