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  1. Agreed. If only to stop that TamCoopz posting nonsense
  2. I get the reason for the thread but can’t be arsed with folk turning it into a did we or didn’t we thread. Or even just a debate about songs.
  3. Can we lock this thread too please. Point made and the other thread is locked
  4. The league winner would start a round later than just now. Even being 17th in the coefficient table gives the league winner an extra 2 weeks in the summer
  5. Do you need the row and seat number? Fuck off
  6. Yep, can’t understand why you need to give this specific guy pelters.
  7. “You own it” etc - calm down for fuck sake the guy joined the forum to apologise and talk about it. I respect him for that, he doesn’t fucking own what happened
  8. You can “FFS”. And that comparison makes no sense at all!! Us, Porto and Young Boys could be on 10 points. And all 3 teams could have a better head-to-head against 1 of the 2 other teams. 1) we would have a better head to head than Porto 2) porto would have a better head-to-head than Young Boys 3) Young Boys would have a better head-to-head than us. so someone has to go out and it’s worked out from triple head-to-head - i.e exclude the Feyenoord results (from which could have 6 points)
  9. Yeah ahead of Porto on head-to-head but if 3 teams are on the same point it becomes triple head-to-head. and we might only have 4 points from the games against Porto & Young Boys. Whilst Young Boys could get 6 from us and Porto 6 points against Young Boys.
  10. Looking at the rules I don’t think winning against Feyenoord guarantees us qualification unless Young Boys get something against Porto. Porto, Young Boys and us could all end up on 10 points (if Porto win their 2 games and Young Boys beat us). In that scenario it goes to a mini table of head-to-head - since we would have got the most points against Feyenoord (which would be removed) we would end up third. that won’t happen though!
  11. To be honest even though we have seen very little of Rossiter, I thought he would be given pre-season. Especially after positive comments from Gerrard at last pre-season.
  12. If we hadn’t done the above for Rossiter then there would be even less chance of other clubs being interested in signing him this summer and taking away his wage cost. If we don’t think he is good enough it’s better than letting him rot and stealing a significant wage for another year
  13. Goldson at the end, just stood and smiled for at least a minute watching the Copland cleary loving it, moments like that will make him want to stay and build up a medal collection
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