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  1. Leipzig

    Apart from losing my passport and being stranded in Berlin an extra day , brilliant trip , the beer hall on the Saturday night upstairs was superb ! Wish i could do it all again tomorrow ?
  2. Leipzig

    £35 return train from berlin to Leipzig on the trainline.eu website ??
  3. Leipzig

    Think since the game was announced mate prices have just kept going up and up , would be trying different airports down south , we got return from Manchester for £40 but the price of that flight is up to £200 now ! Sure my RSC is running a bus trip there if all else fails ?
  4. Leipzig

    Flights from manc , hotel in alexandrplatz and return trains to Leipzig all sorted now £150 each , can't complain staying in h2 hotel at Alexanderplatz anyone else staying there ?
  5. Leipzig

    Looking at train prices through and back from Berlin to Leipzig on day of game seeing it around £35 anyone know if that's good/bad or better waiting til were over there
  6. Leipzig

    i booked on easyjet mate 06.50 flight out on the Saturday and 10.10 back on the Monday ??
  7. The Joey Barton Thread

    On Rangers website now return to full training
  8. Leipzig

    Just booked 4 of us £30 return flights from Manchester to Berlin ? Saturday - Monday
  9. Leipzig

    Leipzig/Halle airport ? Is that near
  10. *****The official Rangers v Them Match Thread****

    I think he should stick with gilks as he has done in previous cup games in goal . gilks tav Wilson hill Wallace forrester rossiter Halliday McKay Miller waghorn
  11. The Semi Final Draw **Rangers vs Taigs**

    Should be 3 together in south £31 each came off but ticked friends/family ! beats sitting in row A behind the goals , was there when jelavic scored 2-1 game and pens v Dundee Utd , couldn't see a thing ?
  12. All Barton Chat.

    Well we are paying him 22k a week I wouldn't put him into the starting 11 but would give him the chance to come back and prove himself . A twitter ban for him should be in order Imo
  13. All Barton Chat.

    Would you have him in the team v Inverness ? On the bench ?
  14. The Semi Final Draw **Rangers vs Taigs**

    Let's just hope it's not row A behind the goals now ?
  15. The Semi Final Draw **Rangers vs Taigs**

    They always give the option to upgrade child's ticket to an adult shouldn't be a problem , guy on my bus has had the same happen to him 6 year old got a ticket and he didn't
  16. The Semi Final Draw **Rangers vs Taigs**

    Ticket office closed now looks like it'll be another wait tomorrow to see if we get one
  17. The Semi Final Draw **Rangers vs Taigs**

    Only saving themselves the hassle today , will be constant tomorrow for them !
  18. The Semi Final Draw **Rangers vs Taigs**

    I'd imagine emails be out just before ticket office closes , saves them all the hassle of incoming calls 'why have I not got a ticket ' ?
  19. All Barton Chat.

    If he does come back into the team he's going to need to do his talking on the park , should get a twitter ban from warbs! Can't see him playing again though
  20. All Barton Chat.

    Think he bet barca -3 , sfa rules no betting at all ? That'l be another fine and couple of matches , be lucky to wear a rangers shirt again imo