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  1. Germans look too strong, plus Chelseas only available "centre half" is Sideshow Bob Mad Dave Luiz. Home advantage too, don't see anything other than a Bayern win.
  2. Bought 4 tickets on Friday
  3. thanks m8 for your educated replies to my posts in regards of mental health lol .i think we where losing a battle there but not THE BATTLE ...I didnt mean for it to cascade into the stupidity it did ,but as usuall we had posters that think they know it all ..thanks for the back up m8 anyway cause its a topic thats close to my heart ..WATP

  4. What he said. I need to find a public house to show it if so.
  5. Im looking forward to joining all you hooligans for next season Do I need to have my tap aff every game? I might put some of the players off
  6. ye dain oan ma profile?

  7. Everyone that had anything to do with that can rot in hell. Scum to a man.
  8. I wonder how many times that wee cunt got molested before leaving the ground.
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