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  1. Thursdays Ballot

    Every time I try to phone them it's cutting me off. Anyone else having the same problem?
  2. Lee Wallace 200th appearance

    Fair enough I just couldn't find it anywhere. He must have pretty much played every game since he joined in 2011.
  3. Lee Wallace 200th appearance

    Seriously though I can't find any website that has him at 200.
  4. Lee Wallace 200th appearance

    Right on cue...
  5. Lee Wallace 200th appearance

    Wikipedia has it at 147 appearances?
  6. Matched Betting

    Not bad mate, long time no see I need the collateral to get it started, looks like a payday venture ?
  7. Rangers V Kilmarnock Saturday February 6Th 12:30 Kick Off

    When do tickets go on sale?
  8. Matched Betting

  9. Matched Betting

    Going to fire right into it when I get paid then, fuck it ?
  10. Matched Betting

    Do you not run out of sites eventually?
  11. Nicky Clark

    He's a poor mans Nacho Novo, tries hard but ultimately not good enough. He should be punted when we get promoted. His finish today was well taken though, give him that.
  12. ***Champions League Final Thread ***

    Germans look too strong, plus Chelseas only available "centre half" is Sideshow Bob Mad Dave Luiz. Home advantage too, don't see anything other than a Bayern win.
  13. Legends Game

    Bought 4 tickets on Friday
  14. Wylde is rotten, he has no final ball.
  15. thanks m8 for your educated replies to my posts in regards of mental health lol .i think we where losing a battle there but not THE BATTLE ...I didnt mean for it to cascade into the stupidity it did ,but as usuall we had posters that think they know it all ..thanks for the back up m8 anyway cause its a topic thats close to my heart ..WATP