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  1. Some of the sentences handed out ARE shambolic, i know the boy Quite well who got the 18 month fur throwing a bottle ffs, it has to be the worst example of clutching at straws Ive ever seen in my life. Hes one of us damn right, who Ive traveled to many away games with across the UK, just done something daft and is paying for it now. Also the judges comments about it being the worse destruction Manchester has seen since the Blitz is an absolute disgrace, the cunt should be brought to task on the that one.
  2. He may not sign after all, Anyone remember Jardel ?
  3. Did anyone not see his interview in one of the papers the other day on how hed love to play for ra sellik ?
  4. back on says real radio, vienna have backed down on wantin him to play against villa.
  5. Hes not signed yet, people talkin mince. Nothin on SSN.
  6. Mourinho shows once again that hes the man, fuck barca and fuck that diving wee shite messi
  7. Fantastic fae Inter, is Messi even on the pitch ?
  8. God help him if he wants tae develope Ibrox into houses, the pressure he would get would be too hard for him to handle.
  9. How the fuck can so many people on here be so gullible ? Fuck I'm gonny start a rumour saying bill gates is buying rangers and so how many threads it get gets.
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