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  1. Maurice Edu suspended? If Lee McCulloch starts this one then Ally McCoist has major problems.
  2. McGregor Broadfoot - Goian - Bartley - Wallace Bedoya - Davis - Edu Naismith - Jelavic - Lafferty Providing certain players are fit! The pressure is on, a must win game, anything other than three points is completely unacceptable.
  3. An absolute disgrace of a second half performance. Lee McCulloch is done, the legs have gone, we have absolutely no midfield, Steven Davis was non existent, the defence is all over the place. Never seen such a negative, turgid, one paced pile of crap. Ally McCoist sitting there in the dug out not knowing what the fuck to do. Embarrassing performance and result in Europe once again.
  4. Sorry to disappoint some, Scott McDonald will never play for The Rangers
  5. I don't want any shite that has played for them
  6. Not a Ranger. No Ranger pulls on that shite, rattles our players and celebrates like that. His celebrations after that penalty at the piggery a few years ago says it all.
  7. I know he supported The Rangers, stayed with Barry, Derek and the Ferguson's...but he pulled on the bheggars shirt, assaulted our players on the park and couldn't hide his happiness when he scored/beat The Rangers. A True Blue, my arse...
  8. Both played for the bog trotters, equally as bad!
  9. A fat, hopeless, cheating scumbag. Why anyone would want this rhat bastard at The Rangers I will never know?
  10. Next some will be suggesting Barry Robson
  11. Not mental, just don't want fenian shite at my club.
  12. Fuck signing ex-bheggars, even worse when they are not good enough.
  13. McGregor Broadfoot - Goian - Perry - Wallace Davis - Ness - Edu Ortiz - Jelavic - Naismith
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