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  1. Had food poisoning through the night - pissing rusty water out my arse - this isn't helping!
  2. I've now opened my 10th can... the night is young and I am not. This is going to be messy! Love y'all! 😍 ⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽
  3. I pity anyone out there who still thinks that either Defoe doesn't have the fitness or the hunger. or Jordan Jones doesn't have the ability to be a great asset for RFC. This was the first time in awhile when I could have chosen FIVE MOTMs! Incredible... 😀
  4. Superb! Everything SG said regarding deepening the squad to get every player playing to the max in every minute and bringing in players who can open up teams and finish opportunities was demonstrated on the pitch today. We blew them away and without an incredible display from their keeper we'd have hit 10 minimum. Just beautiful to watch! BTW I'm on my 9th Estrella and a couple of cocktails on holiday.. took ages to sort typos and send this! 😄 Cheers Fellow Bears! 🍺
  5. ara


    So happy with this statement of intent from the club! All aboard for 55! 👍
  6. All games are now important for different reasons... it would be good to get some £££s in from next stage Europa qualification and that can be used to bring in aigher calibre players to the club in the January window..European dimension will be important for some of these... I'll be up the road for Thursday's game with the wee man anyhow, so here's hoping we can step up yet again.. .
  7. I'd be happy with that team..? 7 hrs each way drive up the road but cannot wait for it! I'm going for 2-0...
  8. Totally shell-shocked after that.. McGreggor was incredible, but so was our central defence. This is new team that's meant to take tome to learn to play together, but SG has defied all odds to create a real warrior spirit from the start! Just so happy... thanks for giving us our club back Stevie - now lets hump the Taigs on Sunday! LET'S GO! Off to get hammered ...
  9. Well if that’s the worst performance of a virgin manager and team we should all be happy given where we left of last season shouldn’t we?
  10. ..and I agree wi that too bud. Murty is developing with us too but it’s a team thing! Just want to see us keep moving forward rather than throw all our progress down the stank.. Mid a couple of lessons are learned for the semi final then we’ll fuck them then! WATP!
  11. If Morelos had netted his 2 then everyone would be happy. If anyone thought our team were set up badly or played shite in the first half - APART FROM WHEN OUR CENTRAL DEFENCE WAS WEAKENED AFTER BATES GOT INJURED - they should stop claiming to know anything about football. We has 3 main weaknesses after the Bates injury. 1. Central defence (which was at its weakest..we should shed Cardoso and Alves asap). 2. Morelos is in the middle of a bad patch. Every striker that’s lived has had them - it doesn’t stop them being a decent striker..only lack of confidence does that. Blaming Morelos or the manager for selecting one of the best SPL goal scorers is total bollocks. 3. Our team panicked under pressure of the occasion after unexpectedly going a goal down - panicked in the some key situations etc. I’m as emotional at the result as anyone but only because this game was within our grasp..frustrating as fuck. BUT.. if we’d netted those 2 we would have celebrated the Murty revolution big time. And I for one respect the style of offensive, highly connected football he is attempting to develop. He stated before the game “we’re not there yet!”..and maybe we aren’t .. but the fact many of us have higher expectations means he’s surely part of a longer term solution, not the problem? Surely the real problem has been the lack of managerial, team and financial stability in the last 5 years? For me this young team have showed that they can provide the foundation of a new style, forward- looking Rangers team, that are not just a bunch of disparate and highly paid mercenaries. We’ve seen that this model isn’t affordable long term in the SPL. Shouting for change when there is no clear better alternative is bollocks and reeks of the knee-jerk desperation this club has suffered from too much in recent years and needs to rid itself of. So time to suck it back up and support our club and manager - and trust that they will recognise and address the 3 weaknesses above - the 2nd (Morelos) will need encouragement, not slagging, to get the usual goals flowing again. He was obviously desolate at both misses but worked his ass of as usual all game. We have come a long way in a short time.. we aren’t too far and we must build on the style of play seen in the first half - and the obvious teamwork seen in most areas of the park..apart from the middle of our defence post Bates. Given the situation I reckon McCrorie could help us out in our hour of need here. But let’s not throw the developing, possibly beautiful looking, baby out with the bath water! WATP!
  12. It's not nerves mate .. it's the adrenaline rush that hits before going into a fight. Swallow that feeling down and smile, 'cos it means we're ready to go into battle.. C'MOAN Rangers!
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