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  1. Jamie Murphy

    Wallace will be looking at moving on as there's no way he can get back in the team, if he walked back in at the expense of John then he is Kings love child. We don't need him bombing up the wing then stop put foot on the ball then pass back the way. John linking with Murphy is great. But Murty seems to know quality so he should never play for Rangers again , was ok at div 2 level but that's his limit .
  2. Jamie Murphy - thoughts so far?

    The teams Murty is putting out are playing better than when we were using Dorrans and Jack and as for Wallace , John is doing great. Not nice to say but nearly forgot about those three
  3. Good old fashioned ground with a decent capacity and at least there wasn't too many police standing in the way blocking your view btw it was good to see not one player wearing gloves keepers aside.
  4. Club Deck construction.

    Blue image is old ibrox
  5. David Bates

    With his performances in big games this season , caps and experience are ok if you can still do it , but useless if you can't.
  6. David Bates

    Alves would have shit it tonight
  7. Midfield for wednesday

    As long as Kranjcar and Halliday are not playing then anyone. Not a game for pampered primadonnas . Kranjcar looks as if he's running in three feet of water all the time, well past it should never play again , and Halliday needs to earn a place and not walk straight in , the last thing we need is a well balanced side having some hope messed up with new lads arriving.
  8. Tavernier

    With that performance he'll be a target for English clubs , superb captain material .
  9. Our Board

    Mc Innes and Milne have given us the biggest kick in the teeth . played the board the most embarrassing snub . Our board are the laughing stock of world football.
  10. Charlie Adam

    Maybe not first team choice just now but when he comes on he rarely wastes a pass and still has the cultured left foot , compared to Kranjcar who is too heavy and runs as if wearing lead boots, Adam could do a job.
  11. Just listening to..

    All IBROX singing this would be the ultimate
  12. Anybody else miss the old Ibrox?

    First game sat in the centenary stand against Aberdeen , a 1-0 win a late penalty by Alex Miller .Just under 19000 there, but as an 11 year old my"" memory was Arthur Graham was on the touchline and a fan shout "HAW GRAHAM YOU MITHERS A NUN" Used to think Ibrox was huge but compare to today it dwarfs the old one as it's about twice the height . Think the back seat copland/broom is closer than the front standing behind the goals at old Ibrox
  13. We need an enforcer

    Love or hate him the best centre mid we had was Barry Ferguson , a great ball player/passer and took no shit . And above all a great captain. It's a times like this you realise how good he was.
  14. Jim from coronation street

    Remember his line in coronation street " Elizabeth ya hoor "
  15. Caption...

    Hey Sutton swivel on this