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  1. Aye better way us than against , getting slaughtered on here just think what would happen if it was their top he was holding.
  2. The lad ? that's Kai Kennedy a superb player .
  3. 6ft 4" and took him 6 month to get down to save , grew up with him and Stewart Kennedy who kept him out of the first team in the seventies which says it all , played 10 yrs TOO long.Remembering how bad he was . Jim Stewart took over from him thankfully although we just didn't have a good keeper until the likes of Chris woods then Goram.
  4. As a defender Tav is Warburton class not good enough for Gerrard class but fear that Tav arranged a deal of playing when he was the subject of transfer speculation early in SG management career, he also was made captain , not captain material, would a captain mess up for their equalizer and then blame Goldson? The amount of mistakes leading to goals and lost games he has caused is a concern. Rest ,sell or move to wing as cover.
  5. Changed lad , smile on his face looks happy at his work . keep it up son and fire the goals in.
  6. lerxst

    Expanding Ibrox

    As long as they don't go down into the pitch again because that would render those rows useless in Europe as the ads are bigger that's why theirs is about three rows empty all round in euro games
  7. lerxst

    Expanding Ibrox

    Well why are we posting about it , when SR is talking about expanding it obviously is too small , put your head back in the sand.
  8. lerxst

    Expanding Ibrox

    History shows Rangers FC as the premier club of Scotland with the best standards and the biggest stadium , Since that changed in the mid 90's with Ibrox being smaller was always amazed that we never did anything about it. In this time Ibrox is too small and too old , new locks of paint here and there just look cheap and nasty. We all know the financial thing but something needs done.
  9. remember that but no idea how they gave that up
  10. Wish they would have somewhere for sky to go instead of that green box , it's embarrassing for a club of our standing in 2019
  11. That's the most predictable reply , We know what it is . The current board could never come up with the funds, It was a reply to how do we do it.
  12. The goal post roof steel is only supporting the roof , so take the roof of and build on another tier and do the support with a cantilever like Dortmunds estimated 8000 extra seats . Do the other two the same and we're at mid sixty thousands where we should be.
  13. Ours was reduced because no safety certificate for segregation further along the stand , should have been given the half empty end then. reduce theirs but hands will be tied. Hope they return unsold tickets.
  14. Is Matt Polsters girl working for Sportscene ? She interviewed Dundee utd owner the other day , seem's ok at the job but Sportscene.
  15. Congratulations to the young bears , the reputation of the club at this level in recent years has grown to the point they are regarded as a top outfit .great to see so many fans supporting them out there, well done to all.
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