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  1. Alves [ yes] Dorrans [yes] Miller [yes] Kranjcar [no] and Wallace [ ffs ]
  2. Big Sam or Mc Innes, Pedro started off with good knowledge and good speak interviews but when the football started it was clear he hasn't got it. Any hopes of a manager with a tactical brain and balls to hook players who clearly aren't good enough has not happened BTW what do the backroom staff contribute ? Since the arrival of JJ it's worse .You would think Warburton was still here as nothing has changed .
  3. Headless chickens spring to mind , should be excited about the new season but with Europa and the general play and clueless tactics ie have outside right and left like Davie Cooper and Tommy McLean not defenders [Tav and Wallace] get playmakers not third division players like Wallace the mute captain .
  4. Yes what a time, team in the top 5 in Britain and Stadium top 3 , now team is top 50 and stadium top 20 how things change . The Rangers name has taken a battering I don't see us recovering anytime soon .
  5. When he came in all we wanted was a manager with balls , hook players who are not good enough etc and be good with tactics .To me he seems too soft and what input are the assistants giving , we need a Sam Allardyce type to kick arse. Playing players like Wallace as an outside and Miller too deep , Kranjcar is by and so far Ryan Jack is a poor Andy Halliday with his negative backward passing, Foderingham reminds me of Jim Stewart a really pish keeper. The list is too long to write where's the noose.
  6. That way there is only one line of segregation the way it use to be.
  7. Need to sort out the segregation , that was a disgrace having all the corner for 25 away fans . must be another place to put them ie UB 's corner and give them a prime part of the stadium as they get the crowd going .Respect to the young yins
  8. Always black affronted when they have a live game and when inside the viewers are treated to a stupid gap between Broomloan and BS Stands. As bad as a 2nd div teams temp scaffold.
  9. Tell that to the fans on the waiting list as the limit of 43000 because of the scum . Ibrox was at one time the top stadium in Britain but in this day and age it is so far down the ladder it is a shame to see. btw just on sky that the scum have sold 50000 season tickets so far , the Rangers fans will probably have their allocation cut again.
  10. Will never get use to them having the full stand just gives them a massive looking away support where as the Rangers fans at parkhead are tucked away out of sight from the watching world , I would put them in the BS enclosure, main and club deck to the same 8000. Damage is nothing new but everything to do with them is hyped in their favour . BTW why all the stewarding in the corner and the SJ stand is this the f........ SNP , if your there watching the game and the stewards are blocking your view it would be worse than a restricted seat, gone are the days of two rows of seats segregation.
  11. Yes he has done nothing to help was a pish keeper in his day and the final straw was seeing him show instructions to players preparing to come on . Jim just go btw is Pedro not bring his own keeper coach?
  12. Big difference without Halliday , hope he doesn't get anywhere near the first team again. Toral might be a player after all .
  13. Aye a remember the old ibrox it was a dirty black pit as well , this one is 40yrs old and paint and banners is a waste of time , the folk in charge need to read these forums . the old girl is more like anne widdecombe than helen Mirren, major investor in and drop the three stands before they fall to bits. used to be proud of ibrox not anymoe.
  14. Dying breed no just dying a slow death
  15. Ibrox was the envy of all in the uk from the bowl shape in the sixties to the ultra modern ibrox in the eighties now you see all these prem teams down south expanding, just shows how far the club has fallen in stature. Our grand old lady is walking with a zimmer and smelling of pish now.