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  1. Will never get use to them having the full stand just gives them a massive looking away support where as the Rangers fans at parkhead are tucked away out of sight from the watching world , I would put them in the BS enclosure, main and club deck to the same 8000. Damage is nothing new but everything to do with them is hyped in their favour . BTW why all the stewarding in the corner and the SJ stand is this the f........ SNP , if your there watching the game and the stewards are blocking your view it would be worse than a restricted seat, gone are the days of two rows of seats segregation.
  2. Yes he has done nothing to help was a pish keeper in his day and the final straw was seeing him show instructions to players preparing to come on . Jim just go btw is Pedro not bring his own keeper coach?
  3. Big difference without Halliday , hope he doesn't get anywhere near the first team again. Toral might be a player after all .
  4. Aye a remember the old ibrox it was a dirty black pit as well , this one is 40yrs old and paint and banners is a waste of time , the folk in charge need to read these forums . the old girl is more like anne widdecombe than helen Mirren, major investor in and drop the three stands before they fall to bits. used to be proud of ibrox not anymoe.
  5. Dying breed no just dying a slow death
  6. Ibrox was the envy of all in the uk from the bowl shape in the sixties to the ultra modern ibrox in the eighties now you see all these prem teams down south expanding, just shows how far the club has fallen in stature. Our grand old lady is walking with a zimmer and smelling of pish now.
  7. In a decade the modern ibrox will be 50 years old, hope they modernise it before then, its falling apart and all this vinyl signage is just papering over the cracks.As for standing it has to be the east enclosure first and fill it with UBs .
  8. Just watched "Joe Garner all the goals" on youtube , what a player ,we have natural finisher ,great in the air scores with both feet , was a hero for Preston and if he plays against Kilmarnock he'll score a hat trick for starters. Happy Days
  9. Just back from Marmaris where Rangers are massive every turk knows the gers ,the Ibrox bar was heavin for the Hamilton game . the Ibrox bar boat trip is a big event. and as for the 12th that's a three day party and parade .
  10. Kranjcar was playing with lead boots on , defence passing back to keeper TOO much which always give them back the ball , some players can't even control the ball , need Rossiter playing sweeper and never though i'd say this but keep Wilson in for Hill, Hodson for Tav . only positives for me were when subs came on was better and Windass will be back.
  11. I think with Mr King in charge of the purse strings you can guarantee we won't spend millions on anything, He and the board are good for the club but bicuit tin and moths flying out the wallet mentality is what we will have for the next few years , until we get a Robert Sarver type we will paint over the cracks and not look to the future for plans for Ibrox. I know a few Scottish barrow boys who have became multi millionaires their still as tight as a troots erse that's what King reminds me off.So get someone on board now surely Rangers have a good profile again which should help.
  12. The time is now to at least put plans into increasing Ibrox , with all this talk of denying our own fans there seat and no space for all the waiting list . The only way I can see is third tier on Sandy Jardine , would be a hell of a job but can't see any other way of getting 7-10000 more fans in .
  13. Do you think they would cut a huge Rangers support that THEY need ? They need Rangers supporters more than wee needs them that's for sure.
  14. Great player and a special game that will live on in the memory bank
  15. When Ibrox was rebuilt they got the broomie and half the main stand and enclosure about 18000