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  1. Our Board

    Mc Innes and Milne have given us the biggest kick in the teeth . played the board the most embarrassing snub . Our board are the laughing stock of world football.
  2. Charlie Adam

    Maybe not first team choice just now but when he comes on he rarely wastes a pass and still has the cultured left foot , compared to Kranjcar who is too heavy and runs as if wearing lead boots, Adam could do a job.
  3. Just listening to..

    All IBROX singing this would be the ultimate
  4. Anybody else miss the old Ibrox?

    First game sat in the centenary stand against Aberdeen , a 1-0 win a late penalty by Alex Miller .Just under 19000 there, but as an 11 year old my"" memory was Arthur Graham was on the touchline and a fan shout "HAW GRAHAM YOU MITHERS A NUN" Used to think Ibrox was huge but compare to today it dwarfs the old one as it's about twice the height . Think the back seat copland/broom is closer than the front standing behind the goals at old Ibrox
  5. We need an enforcer

    Love or hate him the best centre mid we had was Barry Ferguson , a great ball player/passer and took no shit . And above all a great captain. It's a times like this you realise how good he was.
  6. Jim from coronation street

    Remember his line in coronation street " Elizabeth ya hoor "
  7. Caption...

    Hey Sutton swivel on this
  8. Tarriers Allocation

    If Rangers fans were all behind their goal as like the broomie then it would be fair but half are hidden in the corner and the fact that the same allocation is unbelievable works out at 16% that should give us 9600 not 8000 . The fact our season ticket holders have to be moved in this day and age is shocking and having to limit season books to 43000 because of those bastards , They get the spectacle of the full stand and we are tucked away against and extra 10000 fans at theirs . The board need to check out this site to see how we feel and stop lying down and remember they all put the boot in when we were down , that should NEVER be forgotten.
  9. Banners on staircase

    If you class Ibrox as an old lady then she would be beautiful in her day 40 yrs ago but now she's well past it and pissing herself but she still got a nice face ie the red brick façade.
  10. Greatest Moment as a Rangers Fan

    76 and 78 Trebles , Peter McCloy finally getting dropped , Souness take over [probably best ] , Nine in a row , Leeds games, First ever champions league competition ,Helicopters, Road to Manchester [Hemdani shit it in the final] , Edu , Semi Final , A lot more in between
  11. Charbonnier - Video

    Great keeper , typical French flamboyant ,stylish and a brave b...... .
  12. Is this a live game at 3pm or is it a live game shown later as it say's Sheffield Wed v Rangers [archive]
  13. 'Five Captains'.

    Alves [ yes] Dorrans [yes] Miller [yes] Kranjcar [no] and Wallace [ ffs ]
  14. Big Sam or Mc Innes, Pedro started off with good knowledge and good speak interviews but when the football started it was clear he hasn't got it. Any hopes of a manager with a tactical brain and balls to hook players who clearly aren't good enough has not happened BTW what do the backroom staff contribute ? Since the arrival of JJ it's worse .You would think Warburton was still here as nothing has changed .
  15. Niko dismissal today

    Headless chickens spring to mind , should be excited about the new season but with Europa and the general play and clueless tactics ie have outside right and left like Davie Cooper and Tommy McLean not defenders [Tav and Wallace] get playmakers not third division players like Wallace the mute captain .