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  1. Ours was reduced because no safety certificate for segregation further along the stand , should have been given the half empty end then. reduce theirs but hands will be tied. Hope they return unsold tickets.
  2. Is Matt Polsters girl working for Sportscene ? She interviewed Dundee utd owner the other day , seem's ok at the job but Sportscene.
  3. Congratulations to the young bears , the reputation of the club at this level in recent years has grown to the point they are regarded as a top outfit .great to see so many fans supporting them out there, well done to all.
  4. Master stoke by the club , the fans surrounded the pitch and their players shit it . Ibrox is our home and this time in an old firm game it felt the way it should. 12th man for sure.
  5. The midfield today are not creative enough Halliday is ok as emergency back up but not midfield, looks lost going forward , plays too many side or back passes. Coulibaly is just a terrible footballer, McCrorie is never a creating midfielder , Grezda has had enough chances . Arfield ,Dorrans and Jack are missed badly. So today we dodged a bullet with the players Stevie has available .
  6. Just when you try to erase that time from memory
  7. Their main reason is they have a contractual obligation to Hampden for both semi finals , No wonder our standing in world football is seen as mickey mouse Do they not have the foresight to think our clubs would qualify for Europe and the inevitable fixture congestion ie a plan to help euro competing teams a chance to recover, for a start we don't need a winter break
  8. Is it right Rangers got 800 out of 60000 and their getting 900 out of 51000 , the bears were out of sight from the watching tv millions and their getting full view in the away corner, get them somewhere out of sight as well .
  9. Put that up on the big screens when they visit
  10. Aye it was at their park only one stand but a section with their version of the UB's , point was they were reducing prices to get more support , as it turned out that was a non starter .
  11. Watched a bit of a home game of theirs, fans setting off flares and singing throughout , moving to their national stadium will create a good atmosphere with maybe 20.000 at it. Can't believe no fans of theirs come over considering how they support .
  12. Stewart Robertson welcomes Kamara to Ibrox with a smug smile opens the door and Chris Kamara walks out
  13. Souness looks like a Harry Enfield scouser in this pic
  14. Good old fashioned ground with a decent capacity and at least there wasn't too many police standing in the way blocking your view btw it was good to see not one player wearing gloves keepers aside.
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