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  1. Ashley

    Unless some daft oil-rich Arab takes them over and offers £25million for Josh Windass, I doubt it
  2. Pena

    The last Mexican to play in Scotland was touted for a £10million move to Arsenal, Peña has double the goals tally already. I'm intrigued by this guy, sometimes he looks all over the shop, others he looks dynamite. I'm gonna go on the assumption that he's dynamite and is merely finding his feet still. mon the Gullit
  3. Defending corners.

    Aye, we need to tighten up on the wings still (especially the left), we need to stop players getting in a position to whip crosses in. Get the oppositions wide men pressed early or better yet fucking clatter them on the half way line. I do not hold much hope for Windass providing either mind you.
  4. El Buffalo

    The buffalo will rag doll this no mark for his cheek, you watch
  5. McInnes- is it now or never?

    Can't wait for McInnes to fuck off to a Swindon or a Barnet so we no longer have to hear this shite every time aberdeen win a fucking game.
  6. 6 points, 7 goals - no Miller

    Peña has played his way into the team and deserves to stay there, and you sure as hell ain't dropping the buffalo. Tough to see where Miller features now, although this is long overdue.
  7. Harry Forrester

    Right Robson Green behave
  8. Miller to train with the Kids

    Correction- RM: BP9 oot!
  9. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    Hahahahaha Foderingham we just gave this fucking dud a new contract, he's utter shite. Dorrans is not good enough. Jack not good enough. Cardoso, Candeias, Windass fucking gash. pains me to say it but they cunts will stroll to 10 in a row + We are now also-rans in celtics league. What a fucking state.
  10. Pedro

    Hopefully swings his passport the way of Glesga airport officials and fucks off back to Saudi Arabia or whatever fucking wasteland he was in before. Not a fucking clue.
  11. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    Nerves well and truly kicking in now, if we don't win the game I at least want all of our midfielders in the book. Got to clatter these cunts today. Fucking into them Rangers!!!
  12. Mccrorie...

    Got ragdolled by Sammon. He looked far better when Alves went off as Sammon left him alone. McCrorie dealt with the threat far better.
  13. Pena

    Looks a better link between midfield and Morelos than Miller does. He's getting better with every game and is showing signs of quality imo. That header was top class. The Gullit will come good.
  14. Mccrorie...

    That's because Sammon left Cardoso alone and played right on top of McCrorie. Cardoso was getting bullied all night until Bruno went off, it's no surprise he looked better afterwards. Edit: also, McCrorie handled Sammon like a fucking boss. Magnificent debut.
  15. Mccrorie...

    Fucking better than Cardoso