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  1. Polster loses the ball in the midfield then loses his man at the back post. Dunno if he's lacking match fitness or what's but he looks a big slow haddy to me. Like running thru treacle.
  2. Get Hagi on this pitch, hopefully at the expense of Glen Kamara
  3. 4-4-2 with Stewart and Halliday up front, Jones and Barker on the wings. A real SPFL barnstormer for the ages. On a serious note, we'll probably get pumped. A trip to freezing windy Dingwall on a Saturday afternoon will seem like community service to our squad of Euro stars
  4. The writing was on the wall for us, there was absolutely no way we weren't heading to Division 2. Saying that's what we wanted isn't entirely accurate.
  5. Was it our say which league we played in? As I don't recall anyone from the SFA asking me?
  6. Imagine giving him and Defoe new deals ffs
  7. I'd love to split a good few of that squad, starting with el capitan
  8. Said it in the match thread and I'll say it again here, that cunt was never injured tonight. Never in a million years. The "captain" wilted under the pressure and deserted us. Notice no handshake or gesture from Gerrard as he went off, he knows it too. James Tavernier is a coward who should never, ever again be seen in a Rangers jersey.
  9. The brass neck of him taking the captains armband, absolute mongo
  10. Not having Tav's injury at all. Captain of the Rangers and the big shitebag has bottled it and deserted us in time of need. Should never wear our shirt again, if not for being a cowardly prick, for being a fucking rank rotten footballer who's won nor will win fuck all of note in his career.
  11. That linesman looks like the heid from Art Attack
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