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  1. Stale Stensaas Tero Pentilla Bajram Fetai
  2. Fuck aye Rangers thru these bastards!
  3. Imagine giving this pish space in a newspaper ffs Take a fuck to yersel Hartson ya fat riddy
  4. Watched the highlights on YouTube there, the comments are full of foreign football fans that watched the game and couldn't believe the refereeing. Seems it's only this country that doesn't see what we do.
  5. Our Croatian connection is deadly, Barisic with the world class deliveries and big Niko dominating cunts in the air
  6. Played them off the park last 3 halves of football against them, their last 2 goals against us should have been disallowed. We are better than these manky cunts, come on to fuck Rangers
  7. See that dirty fenian bastard Porteous he's got previous for getting sent off trying to injure one of our players, wee tarrier rat
  8. Ryan Jack for me, and that's harsh on Alfie
  9. Imagine a Rangers team managed by Steven Gerrard pumping Man Utd at old trafford...... Make it so
  10. If the board don't go all guns blazing at these bastards there's something far wrong
  11. All faith I had in us to win the league is completely gone now tbh
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