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  1. Partick robbed of a penalty last night Hibs gifted victory today See where this is going??
  2. Did your genius blind you from the moment we went a man down, da Vinci? What would taking off a striker and replacing him with a holding midfielder, where we're already outnumbered and bypassing with long balls anyway, do towards us scoring a goal? Pena came on and guess what? Still no midfield! We quite obviously left men up and played long looking for the second ball, could have put fucking Iniesta in there it wouldn't have mattered.
  3. One of those strikers was playing in midfield, did that help us keep or win the ball? How fucking dare Pedro put 3 strikers on in a game we're losing, honestly ffs
  4. Why bring Rossiter on? A defensive mid when we need a goal? It's conceding the game. Again, what did Windass do to warrant being replaced? Was doing well first half imo. Why not 3 strikers?
  5. What else were we gonna do? Hold out for 1-2 and hope Hodson does something special?
  6. Beaten by the fucking referee today. The worst officiating I've seen in Scotland and I've seen a lot of shite. Completely lost hold of the game and resorted to sending Jack off just because. Fuckin boggin fenian cunt Beaton
  7. It is bro just search "Rangers hibernian live" and you'll see it.
  8. Got a feeling we're in for a Dorrans midfield masterclass today Fucking into these no marks Rangers!!!
  9. Feed the Buffalo.
  10. Friday evening the bold Carlos should be half plastered by noo Hoolit Peña loyal
  11. Hope big Ryan Jack puts that ugly, ugly bastard McGinn into several pieces.
  12. I stand corrected! Hopefully the Buffalo runs riot from here on in and Herrera has to work his way back in.
  13. Ah, could be right bud I wasn't aware Herrera sat out completely
  14. Whittaker is a complete donkey of a full back when you get him on the back foot, always was. Fancy Windass to wreck him. Want to see Morelos start but reckon it'll be Herrera, think him and Jack are guarantees after sitting out last night. The hype train will be full steam ahead if we gub these clatty junkie bastards, let's fucking do this Rangers.
  15. Don Fabio is the man I tells ya