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  1. hope Tav takes a gram it'll mibbe switch the cunt on
  2. Looks like a debt collector for a Mexican drug Lord. That'll dae me.
  3. My one abiding memory of the bold Zurab was taking the ball on his chest in our own box in his old firm debut and strolling out like fucking Beckenbauer. Hee haw else springs to mind but.
  4. Good signing. A winner, a right hardy bastard and a touch of class about him as well, don't win what he has without it. Also hope he fucking pulverises a few tarriers too.
  5. Union Jack Hope he signs noo
  6. Think Moult is a good player but it's one thing scoring goals for motherwell, another thing doing it in blue. We've seen this season that the shirt is too heavy for some.
  7. If they dangled £25k a week in front of him you better believe he'd wear the green and grey.
  8. Quality you've a lot of material to get through right enough!
  9. Kinda want someone to make a video featuring all of Kiernan's horror shows, see how it stacks up with this dude
  10. anthony stokes is a dirty, clatty, vile, bead rattling, tattie munching, nappy ripping, despicable, ugly, gypsy-looking low life fenian scum cunt Horrible bastards name should be censored on here. But aye, Tav, he's pish
  11. Sure I read somewhere the likes of Leverkusen and Porto were in for him We've more chance of Raoul Moat
  12. Aye Rangers have always been a storklubb. Dunno about Sevco tho mate.
  13. Wee dig at McKay in there? 10 one week, 3 or 4 the following weeks. Sums wee Barrie right up.
  14. By the way "Paysmith face"
  15. It's a shite state of affairs but realistically in the state we're in Naismith on a free is a no-brainer. Aye he's a cunt but so is getting turned over 5-1 home and away by they bastards. We need any and all improvement we can get and if that means swallowing a bit of pride, then so be it. IMO of course.