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  1. Roberto Martinez

    Just read this about Martinez' Everton team: "Defenders make basic errors trying to pass from the back. The open style of plays gives too many opponents the confidence they’ll score. All the qualities that won admiration under Moyes – resoluteness, character, organisation – have disappeared. Most worryingly, Everton’s players have never looked so unfit as in recent weeks. Questions were consistently asked about the nature of the training and whether technique has been prioritised over energy. From his early days, the number of soft tissue injuries gave the impression player’s were not being physically conditioned for the intensity of the Premier League." Remind us of anyone? We're going down a road I thought we were steering away from with Martinez. And he'll potentially miss pre season? Let's get real, it's a piss poor idea on all fronts. Which means our board are probably all over it.
  2. Where Murty record is compared with his predecessors

    What's his record like compared to PLG and Warburton, just out of interest?
  3. Roberto Martinez

    Another manager who neglects defending in search of the perfect game. Not the answer, but will our board realise that? hah.
  4. Roberto Martinez

    Better aff wi Roberto Malcolm FTP
  5. Bruno Alves

    Ron's fluffer confirmed then
  6. **Official Rangers v Killie Match Thread**

  7. Bruno Alves

    He's absolutely dung, a genuine weak link. If he makes the Portugal World Cup squad he must be Ronaldo's fluffer cos he's done as a centre half. Just another of the clueless matador's pish signings.
  8. Clarke v Murty

    Look at the difference in Killie this season compared to last, that's what a proper manager brings to a club. With our squad and resources, a top manager would take us to the next level. Graeme Murty is not that manager, Clarke probably would be but I doubt he'd take it tbh. Whether it's Steve Clarke or someone else its priority number 1 this summer.
  9. **Official Rangers v Killie Match Thread**

    Not even the Scottish cup can save Murty for me, he's out his depth. Outclassed by 2 better managers in 2 weeks, at home as well. Not good enough I'm afraid.
  10. **Official Rangers v Killie Match Thread**

    Alves and Cardoso don't fill me with confidence Big day for the Cumdog, think he'll rise to the occasion
  11. Cardoso

    I despise this wee Portuguese poof tbh
  12. Morelos

    2 Old Firms in a row he's cost us, he'd better start learning a whole lot quicker than he has so far. At what age do you learn to aim a header anywhere other than the keeper from 5 yards? What age do open goals from 3 yards become routine?
  13. Two Centre Backs + Goalkeeper

    A shot at Foderingham from distance is almost as good as a penalty. Could see it coming for the first and third goals, soon as the player finds a yard and sets themself it's a goal. I don't know what it is, whether he lacks anticipation, positioning, footwork maybe the whole lot. But he's beat from range way too often for it to be coincidence imo.
  14. THE TRUTH - Where's Fucking Gap????? Bring on the Cup!!!

    Absolute riddy
  15. Cardoso

    Hopefully Bruno gives him a run to the airport and they can catch the same flight, pair of useless cunts.