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  1. Dado'sMulls

    SSN Reaction

    McInnes reeling out the "difference in resources" patter haha you could have had all those lovely resources Derek but you're a big shitebag
  2. Dado'sMulls

    ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Thread***

    Slated him for what?
  3. Dado'sMulls

    ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Thread***

    Thought Joe Worrall had a great game tonight, won everything that came his way and dealt with that ugly big cunt Cosgrove well.
  4. Dado'sMulls

    ***The Official Livingston v Rangers Thread***

    McCrorie is a must today, need his height and power in the middle of the park. Don't do what we did last time and lump high balls up the pitch, get it in the deck, play our game and we'll win.
  5. Dado'sMulls


    Nathan Lowndes
  6. Dado'sMulls


    Marino Keith Benito Kemble Ludovic Roy
  7. Dado'sMulls

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Their January window so far hardly fills ye with fear does it? Can see this Weah getting clattered a dull yin away to Motherwell then pulling an Ovie.
  8. Dado'sMulls


    Many years has he been here now and contributed nothing? Injured or not we've paid the boy a lot of money and received nothing for it, it's time to cut our losses imo. Im sure he's a smashing lad and a good footballer but he can't be relied upon, get him off the wage bill.
  9. Dado'sMulls

    Sign up Kent

    On the blower to Liverpool first thing tomorrow Stevie
  10. Dado'sMulls

    Ross McCrorie

    Beautiful big Protestant colossus of a laddie
  11. Dado'sMulls

    Arfield and Kent

    Arfield is the first name on the team sheet for me, he's a fucking quality footballer. Bossed that ugly cunt brown the day, absolutely bossed him.
  12. Dado'sMulls

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Sheep getting beat already? Be as well blowing the final whistle the now fs
  13. Dado'sMulls


    Lloyd's had a beer again guys
  14. Dado'sMulls

    Goldson & Worrall

    Worrall looks like he wants to hold hands with Goldson at times he gets that close. Return in January hopefully.
  15. Dado'sMulls

    Thank you Alfie

    Tell them they're way off and fuck them oot the door.