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  1. We're pish without Arfield, have been all season. Crucial we get a quality attacking mid in the door. Also need a winger who can use the ball better than Candeias, he's better off the ball than he is on it.
  2. Worth 100x the fee we paid, very classy player.
  3. Feed Jermain and he will score. 2-0 the Famous. FTP
  4. McGregor's a right fucking mongo at times man fuck me
  5. He was solid today, love the big man
  6. McPake the star man for me, looks a real gem of a player.
  7. Harper is exactly what a manky wee fenian fuck looks like
  8. Like that number 8, some nice touches. McPake and Sideshow Bob look a handful up top as well. Keep it up young Bears 👍
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