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  1. Yep, he's a quality centre half. Our back 4 is settled now and it should stay that way.
  2. Helander has won absolutely everything that's came his way the day, he's a far better centre half than Katic imo.
  3. Alfredo is a better player than Prso and by some way imo. I always rated Jelavic above them both but Morelos has edged ahead for me now, he's incredible. I can't even think of a striker we've had in the past that you can compare to Morelos in terms of playing style, he's one of a kind.
  4. Hopefully we can qualify on match day 5 and rest a few against YB on day 6. Be a good chance for the likes of Edmundson, Doc et al to get experience in Euro football.
  5. Teams all across the top leagues in Europe will be taking notice of Alfredo and his reign of carnage It'll take huge money to buy him, huge. £20million should be dismissed as laughable.
  6. Ffs big Goldson has turned into this years Joe Worrall on here, cunts giving it "he's obvs the weak link!!" Hard as it may be for some to take, the reason Katic is on the bench is because HE is often the weak link. Don't get me wrong I love the guy and think he'll become a top player, but he was utter shite against Hearts in the league and cunts were up in arms cos he didn't warrant a start yesterday against....Hearts! Who'd a thought?! Goldson is the leader in the back 4, he's going nowhere.
  7. Early goal second half we'll give this mob 5. cruising.
  8. Walks into Pep's first XI imo
  9. Florida Cup or Gerrard out imo even Murty managed to win it ffs
  10. The players around him need to be smart in covering for his lack of pace, few times in the first half the Motherwell centre forward dragged Helander wide into the space Barisic was leaving. It's like Davie Weir, you can't leave him isolated.
  11. Thought he was in for a long night after getting booked so early but he fucking bossed it. Absolute beast of a cross ball on him.
  12. Was raging Borna never took that free kick at the end, could see Tav's overhit pish to nobody coming a mile off
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