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  1. Ajer's a fucking diddy, delighted when I see his name on the team sheet against us
  2. Jacques Hoovestie would be some signing tbh, great player.
  3. Made a right arse of things so he has
  4. Better than this seasons imo Cannae go this years strip at all, fucking honking man
  5. Winning the league next year with a title winning ex-tarrier in the team would be extra devastating to they manky bastards
  6. I'm not sure what "us" refers to in this case as I have nothing in common with you.
  7. So all these Scottish clubs are signing players they can't afford eh, where have I heard that before? "Living out with their means" and all that. If you can't pay your players, you play a team of youths. If you can't muster that, tough fucking titties.
  8. Used to love buying the Number One on match day, absolutely pishing yersel reading it on the train home. Take it it's done for good aye?
  9. This seasons home top is howling That awful song that gets belted out with the wee Iceland fans clap is horrendous Filip Helander's beard is cool
  10. Polster loses the ball in the midfield then loses his man at the back post. Dunno if he's lacking match fitness or what's but he looks a big slow haddy to me. Like running thru treacle.
  11. Get Hagi on this pitch, hopefully at the expense of Glen Kamara
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