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  1. Fuckin Armstrong love-in now Get a grip ffs
  2. Always hated they howlin strips Nhorwich wear, very taigy. Naismith and Whittaker wore them well.
  3. Last week the FF ITK crowd were all "we've been silenced, club asked us to stay quiet nat no" This week it's "Frazier Campbell boom #itk" Cunts ken hee haw.
  4. Barrie's finished here I feel
  5. Van Dijk
  6. Yesssssss Rangers bring the man home!
  7. Banstead Athletic! Gave them £250k iirc for reasons unknown fucking mental stuff looking back
  8. Who was that wee tiny club in England we gave money to for some reason? Fuck was going on there?!
  9. "Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring...well, apart from Ally McCoist, wondering when he can spend his 10 million quid!"
  10. Thought the man from Cumnock had made his return for a second there
  11. Right so how does any of this apply to Kenny McLean??
  12. What lot of utter shite you speak. Black was always seen as a wee paper hardman who wasn't very good. Just because you state something as "fact" on the Internet doesn't for one second make it true mate.
  13. Taking McLean weakens us and strengthens aberdeen? How do you work that out? Lot of people saying we should look elsewhere and there's better to be had for £1m+......who? Where? Certainly nobody in England and we haven't the time to start scouting new players just now. McLean was a stand out at St Mirren, got his step up. Been a stand out at aberdeen (unless you value the RM superscouts opinions higher than that of Pedro Caixinha I suppose) and deserves his next step up. Will he make the step up again and shine? Time will tell. This is a signing we absolutely should be making imo
  14. Fuck aberdeen we're the Rangers we buy who the fuck we like
  15. He's tying up the Nani deal at the minute give him time