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  1. Dado'sMulls


    Worse at keeping a baw in play than Waghorn
  2. Don't be shy chaps get the links PM'd Richmond or otherwise
  3. Ojo is shite and he's got a whole lot of convincing to do to make me think otherwise. Fucking chronic on the ball and looks completely disinterested when he loses it, which is most of the time tbh. Another Ejaria if you ask me. Fuck him off back south and get Kent in ffs.
  4. Aribo to meg McGregor, marseille turn Broon, lob whatever bogging bastard keeper they play from 30 yards then do the spinaroonie in the centre circle
  5. Would love an English side for a big Battle of Britain affair 🇬🇧
  6. Need one hell of an inspirational half time team talk from Gerrard here, few players not up to it at all tonight so far. This second half will be nervy as fuck.
  7. Fenians Against Rangers Exclusively How sad must your life be that you're listening out for naughty words at a football game ffs.
  8. Expect Helander and King to see game time, probably Barker too. Jones for Ojo.
  9. That game pisses me off to this day, never seen anything like it.
  10. Steven Smith at left mid was as dreary as you'd expect Jon Toral pitched in at centre half against Motherwell under Pedro if I mind right. Also, The Dalcio playing for a football team.
  11. Dado'sMulls

    Left back

    I'd be looking at EPL clubs for any good young left backs on loan for a season at the very least, to have 3 players for one jersey and not one of them good enough is criminal. Halliday was utter chronic the day and that's against East Fife which says it all, although Barisic can't get a game against any cunt which maybe says even more. Flanagan is the least shite of the 3 imo but ffs..
  12. Don't know what the answer is at left back but it certainly isn't Halliday Helander been good imo. Likes of Stewart, Kamara, Docherty need to up it if they want a shirt.
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