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  1. David Dein? I wish ''Well funded London based consortium'' sounds like the sort of guff d&p have been feeding the media for weeks
  2. It will be years and years in the wilderness but it stops liquidation. As long as we realise this and dont start calling for heads next season. Im just feart a lot of our fans dont quite understand whats going on, they see a new owner and magically thats everything hunky dorey. We are in for a lot of hurt in coming years!
  3. It all reeks form top to bottom. You know you get that gut instinct - you know if someone is good or bad you can just feel it. I cant feel it, i dont have a clue who is a goody and who is a baddy anymore. But i can tell yeah something in years tae come these people who seek to harm our club because of their own agenda will get their dues
  4. I really really really fancy Motherell and at 5/1 they look a really good value bet.
  5. 1998 is a distannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnt memory So our next opportunity is the world cup 2014 which would be a 16 year absence. 16 years in which we have done nothing and that's if we qualify which i doubt. Nae wonder i cannae stand internationals.
  6. Oh the bluebells are blue, oh the celtic are shite Im been listening to bheggars nip my heid for weeks about our financial woes hopefully this will fcuking shut them up!
  7. Glimmer of hope is that we have the away goal but terrible all the same
  8. Badger is decent folk he just has his opinion and he is the boss so he wins.
  9. Well comparing womans soccer to wrestling isnt exactly correct, the way i define a competitive sport is if the bookies take bets on it. Ive just had a look and they are taking bets. The do not take bets on wrestling, wrestling is just glorified acting. I dont give a shit where the thread is as i dont give a fcuk about womans fitbaw, you see better fitbaw down the sunday leagues but technically it should be in general sports.
  10. Maybe because Rory is a golfer, you're comparing apples and oranges
  11. He is just not in the same bracket, yes he can beat nadal but he cannot consistently beat him
  12. They are accusing butcher of tampering with the pitch
  13. Ah the shit we've put up wae from these cunts this season they deserve to rot in hell but getting beat in inverness will cover it.
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