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  1. Greg Docherty

    I thought he played quite well for a young player making a big step up. Hopefully once he settles in, he will be a top player. Has got a good engine and gets the ball forward quick, could be a good option playing next to McCrorie.
  2. Every player at every club has a price and if another team is willing to pay that then that player is sold. PSG bid 200million and Barca sold Neymar, who is a brilliant player. If we've been offered 11million upfront for Morelos, then sadly we got to sell. The player will want to go and make big money and we can reinvest it in a couple of players making us stronger in the long run. Win-win!
  3. Best XI?

    We've got tons of options now, which shows how much we're improving. For me the best xi would be: Wes Tav Bates Martin John McCrorie Goss Candeais Dorrans Murphy Morelos Jack could be a good option instead of Goss when we need a bit more dig and Windass instead of Dorrans if we're looking to be more attacking.
  4. Shame Morelos didn't get a chance to get his hat trick but it's good to see he doesn't get affected by misses. Will only improve. Not impressed with Miller being back in the team would've been better seeing a youth player getting a chance instead.
  5. Hard to judge players in these tough conditions, pitch is a mess and the weather horrendous. Will be happy to just take the win and move on. Also brilliant finish from Cummings.
  6. Dean Furman.... maybe not made it big but built a solid career after being let go by us and won a lot of international caps.
  7. We really can't afford to lose tomorrow

    It's all one-off games and I think with some good luck along the way, I can see us winning the cup this year and hopefully the league next season!
  8. Wilson Loaned to Dumbarton

    Being thrown in and playing for a weaker team will be good for character building and maybe just boost the motivation to make it at Rangers even more knowing what it's like playing in the lower leagues if you don't make it at Rangers. Hopefully he does well and comes back a better, more experienced player. Spending loan time in the lower leagues certainly helped McGregor, McCrorie and the likes to improve and break into the top team.
  9. Looking much more direct second half. We could've been winning by a lot more. Need to start finishing all these chances we are creating.
  10. Referees

    This is one of the reasons why referees and officials in general don't fear being openly biased against us. We are not only passive about bad decisions against us but actually have a go at anyone willing to stand up for us. There is no other team or set of fans who would accept this behaviour against their team and surprisingly enough no other team gets treated as badly as we do.
  11. Goss

    Needed someone stronger, more physical playing next to him.... McCrorie would've been perfect if fit but I think Docherty could've been a better pick for this game than Holt who is too lightweight to play in games like today.
  12. Collum

    Needs to be chased out of Scottish football.... there are a lot of bad referees in Scotland but he's the most blatantly biased referee out there. Still we're Rangers fans so we blame the players, manager, board, etc and just keep letting dodgy match officials get away with it.
  13. ** Rangers V Hibs Official Thread **

    In a season full of "poor" (biased) referees, this has been one of the worst. He's been desperate to help Hibs as much as he can. FIFA and UEFA need to get involved because this cannot continue.
  14. Potentially a very good signing. I watched him playing for the Scottish youth teams a couple of times and he was the standout player in every game. He was very highly rated at Norwich.
  15. Youths win at Villarreal

    Very impressive, hopefully they put highlights up later.