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  1. Gerrard needs to take responsibility for this result. He needed to make better decisions and bring off Flanagan and Goldson at half time when everyone could see things weren't working with them. It's been our worst performance of the season so far and Gerrard's stubbornness has let him down.
  2. But everything we've seen of Ojo so far in his career has shown he doesn't like battles and we need someone to come on and start winning those for us.
  3. Does Gerrard genuinely think Ojo is the answer to how to win this game?!
  4. It feels more like a game from last season. Horrible to watch and Gerrard still not making any changes...
  5. Goldson seems determined to make us lose. Can't defend and suicide passing.
  6. If Flanagan is playing to win a new contract, then he's failing badly. Also Goldson is a shockingly poor CB.
  7. We should be comfortable in this game already but despite dominating we keep making silly mistakes. Hopefully we get rid of these in the second half and beat them by a few goals to go top of the league.
  8. Not completely true. I'm a Muslim who went to a Catholic school (only school near my home at the time) but I've always supported Rangers. My cousins support Rangers too but I know some people who went to non-denominational schools and support them. I think they're are lots of factors and school is only one of them. I liked Rangers players like Laudrup while growing up so supported Rangers even though it meant I got some stick for it at school.
  9. Gutted to miss this, was on a train back from London. How did we play? Brilliant result against a top team regardless and European clubs now know that we're back!
  10. Good team overall. Midfield a little defensive with Davis, Kamara and Jack. I would've preferred Aribo in there to add a bit more of a creativity but we should still win by a couple of goals. Hopefully Ojo and Kent with too much pace and ability for their fullbacks.
  11. Comfortable win. We always look so much better when Jack is playing. He just controls everything and since he's started scoring goals he's almost the perfect midfielder.
  12. Need to keep hold of the ball somehow. Barisic was my MOTM. Davis done alright but Barisic was like a machine!
  13. Not confident with the defence we've got that we won't get caught out on the counter attack. Hopefully Morelos and Defoe can win this for us.
  14. Don't let Tav take any set pieces right now. It's guaranteed to be wasted.
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