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  1. I think Halliday is the same for some people. Constant misplaced crosses, diving instead of being strong in challenges and poor defensive positioning. Not a mention but then he makes one needlessly aggressive slide tackle around the half way line and suddenly his fans on here go crazy about good he is. Halliday and Flanagan are both below average left backs. Sadly Barisic is currently playing with no confidence and is probably just average. If Gerrard can work on his confidence like he did with Katic, then he could be decent. Ideally we get rid of Halliday and Barisic and sign a top left back. Flanagan can be back up due to his versatility unless we have any youth players worth promoting.
  2. What a second half and by the end it felt like we were going to score every time we attacked! I'm away to party.... was going to a party anyway but this just made it even better!
  3. We played brilliantly for so much of that and should've scored a lot more but just so slack at times. Flanagan in particular just seems to stop concentrating and gets lazy in everything he does. On the positive Jones looks a much better player than I ever imagined.
  4. Well with such low expectations from everyone, the only way is up. Here's hoping he turns out to be decent and surprises everyone. I'm sure I read online that he's two footed so might be the reason SG wanted him to have an option of someone capable of going down the wing and cutting in.
  5. Or he scores an amazing hat-trick and we decide to keep him! Optimistic loyal 😀
  6. I think we're doing alright on a rubbish pitch and against a team who are refusing to play football and have nearly their whole team back defending, even though they're losing. One more goal and it's completely game over.
  7. I don't think Barisic is as bad defensively as people make out and he's improved on last season. Halliday is also over rated defensively. He makes a lot of big tackles but then gets caught out of position, which isn't surprising since it's not his natural position.
  8. I think there's a tendency to really over rate Halliday's performance and under value Barisic. Halliday likes an aggressive tackle which seems to make too many ignore his lack of ability on the ball and poor final delivery. Barisic might not be perfect but he's more composed on the ball and delivers better crosses.
  9. Good team. Might be a bit tough on Kamara but it's difficult to find a place for him with so much competition in midfield. Barisic is much better than Halliday so should always start whenever he's available.
  10. We really need to get a killer instinct in front of goals. All that possession and creativity but no end product is not good enough. I'm still hopeful we're getting better.
  11. shaka

    Joe Aribo

    He looks the player that Ejaria wished he was. He looks so composed on the ball and does things quickly and effectively which has been an issue with our midfield in past seasons. Hopefully scores a lot more goals too so we don't rely so much on the forwards and Tav this season.
  12. Well he won the penalty and should've have had a second one as well. Other than that he runs at defenders... shame they don't move out the way and let him through! He desperately needs a couple of tricks, step overs, anything to beat a player or pace won't be enough when faced by teams that sit in against us.
  13. We were comfortable enough for most of the game, just got a bit slack in the last 15 minutes. We seem to switch off after subs come on. Almost like the players start thinking it's a preseason game and relax too much.
  14. I honestly think it's the opposite. Halliday is constantly over hitting crosses or having poor attempts at goal but because people have low expectations they ignore it. Then they over hype the random aggressive tackles he puts in, usually where the ball goes out for a throw in to the other team. Whereas people expect Barisic to defend like Paulo Maldini and attack like Roberto Carlos every game.
  15. Barisic, Katic and Kamara should've started but still expect us to win by a few goals. Don't mind experimenting with the team a bit at this stage but we'll need to have a settled first choice team by the time the league starts. Hopefully Halliday doesn't start a lot of games in the league or it's gonna be a tough season.
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