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  1. It's not even been one week of no football and I'm already bored! Might even be forced into having conversations with family if this continues!
  2. shaka


    Polster might not be the only problem but it's endemic of the issues we have. Most of the first picks are not very good but our back up players are seriously lacking in ability. We've got a big squad but sadly it's just packed with below average players.
  3. shaka


    Patterson should definitely be ahead of Polster and TBH on current form he should start ahead of Tavernier.
  4. We did well in parts but they are a much better side than us and we can't afford playing a weaker side by picking liabilities like Davis. Still we got a lot further in Europe than many of us could have hoped for this season. Get rid of the deadwood and sign some talented players, then we should be easily winning the league next season!
  5. Does Gerrard not watch the same game as us?! Davis and Tavernier are absolutely horrendous players, yet they are always first picks when even half fit...
  6. Going to be tough now. They're a very good team and have the potential to pick us off now that they are ahead and we need to attack.
  7. Was always going to be given. Can't put your hand up like Edmundson did.
  8. It's hard to tell what Gerrard sees in Kamara and Davis. Neither contribute anything at all.
  9. We're looking up for it. Just wish Davis wasn't such a passenger all the time.
  10. Most of his passes are either misplaced or short and he always takes 3/4 touches before releasing the pass to slow everything down. He nearly caused us to concede at one point when he misplaced a forward pass and Ross County were able to hit us on the counter. He's a huge liability right now. We need quicker passing and fast movement to break through defences and everything is slow and ponderous with Davis.
  11. Whenever the ball goes to Davis you know the move will end while he takes his time to think about what to do with the ball before passing it backwards or to an opponent. Also Davis can't tackle well enough to be a defensive midfielder. He can run alongside the opposition players until he tires and passes him onto someone else. We have so many better options for the midfield. I would even play any of our youth players ahead of Davis now.
  12. A win and 3 points but still not good enough and it's horrible to watch right now.
  13. Terrible again and there were people before the game who were happy with the team selection and formation. Gerrard has no clue what to do to change things anymore and will keep playing the same players in the same formation, making the same excuses.
  14. His constant weird team selections, backing of certain players regardless of their lack of performance, just makes me wonder what is his end game... Is he trying to get fired? Now is the time to try young players, build up for next season. Patterson had to start ahead of Polster. The formation isn't working so try something new. I would've preferred to see Kamberi instead of Davis. It's Ross County, we should be able to handle them with 2 central midfielders. The only reason we keep picking 3 is because Davis doesn't have the fitness, pace or speed of thought to play in a 2 man midfield anymore. Also Goldson needs dropped for a while to make him reassess his effort levels or he won't be here next season.
  15. That's so depressing... Goldson and Davis again?! How much more humiliation do we need to take before he drops those losers! Also sticking with a formation we know isn't working.... madness!
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