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  1. It's why we need to sign some players who have experienced playing regularly in front of bigger, more demanding crowds than the likes of McLean or Moult that we keep getting linked to. So many players have been stars at a smaller team and then move to us and suddenly look timid and too scared to try anything. Look at MOH a big star at StJ but worse than useless when asked to make the step up.
  2. Scrap all first team players

    I'm not comparing them in terms of talent but in the kind of role I could see Jack playing with better players around him.... I want him to play the Gattuso role.... just getting stuck in and then pass it to a more creative player.... again just to emphasize I'm not saying he's the future Gattuso! I just think in a better team he has the ability to do all the dirty work and win the ball back, fill in gaps for players who move forward to join the attack. He did it a couple of times today when Wilson went forward or wide left. He has the potential to be an effective player if not a star player and that's more than can be said of most of the squad.
  3. The problem is that a precedent has been set. You can't drop Miller or you will lose your job! Don't know when, how or why it happened but Miller is now essentially been given the freedom to play whenever/wherever he wants and managers will be too scared of his influence to drop him.
  4. Scrap all first team players

    I would agree with most of that apart from keeping Miller and getting rid of Jack. I think Miller is a huge part of what's wrong with us right now. He never stays in the right position and wanders around doing what he likes. He's always losing the ball in his own half. He's a forward, what's he doing dropping behind the midfielders?! Also I think Morelos has become a worse/less effective player since playing with Miller. At the start of the season Morelos was up top getting on the end of things, holding up the ball and scoring goals. Now he's doing what he sees Miller do and drop deep or spend all his time on the wing. Finally any player who is likely to start kicking up a fuss if he's not in the squad is not a good option to have around the team, especially at his age. Jack I think has potential and could be an effective DM with better players around him to pass to and players who are more likely to keep the ball better. He's aggressive in the tackle which only McCrorie has shown from the current squad to have the ability to do. Just needs to learn to judge when to tackle to win the ball and when to stand off and hold up to avoid giving needless fouls.
  5. Honestly did you watch the game? If you did, and found positivity, then wow! I'm normally very positive about the future but watching that for me was not a sign of progress... we are going backwards. We've got players who can't even do the basics of controlling a ball and showing composure on the ball. Murty isn't the answer but I don't believe McInnes is either. If we want any level of success in the future we need a board that is more ambitious. Murty or McInnes would be a battle to achieve mediocre, a lucky second and the occasional loser in a cup final. We, the fans, and the club in general, board, coaching staff and players, need to aim higher or become another average Scottish club.
  6. I'm fed up with the commentators making it sound like we're unlucky in front of goal. It's not lack of luck, it's a lack of quality. We're missing easy chance after easy chance. It's embarrassing.
  7. Did Murty not watch the team earlier in the season? Hodson, Windass, Miller and Holt are just not good enough for this level. We're going backwards rapidly.
  8. That was coming... there is no quality in the team. Apart from Tav no one is able to take a player on. So many clueless players.
  9. This is pathetic so far. Miller has been worse than a player down and Windass has a horrible first touch and even worse control.
  10. Jason Holt

    He brought a lot of energy to the team and helps drive the team forward which was lacking earlier in the season but what happens when Dorrans returns from injury. Personally I would drop Miller and play Dorrans further up the pitch.
  11. He looks an outstanding prospect but don't want to hype too much because even Barrie McKay looked a huge prospect when he first started getting regular games for us and then the inconsistent performances began which made him a target for people to get their frustrations out on. Wouldn't want McCrorie to be hyped so far that one or two average games and he becomes a target too.
  12. Good to see us playing well and winning comfortably. If Murty keeps the team performing the way they are, the why not keep him in charge at least until the end of the season to see how he handles it.
  13. Derek McInnes

    Not that impressed by McInnes. He hasn't really done anything in his managerial career so far to suggest he could create a team to challenge for the title. If it's him, then he gets my backing as all previous managers have had at the start of their careers but I would have very low expectations of him. I would love us to be ambitious and go for a manager with a bigger reputation in turning clubs around.
  14. Well done Ryan Jack

    I know and it's depressing. I remember when both the squads and supporters were dominated by Rangers fans. Now everywhere you go it's them or fans of other clubs who all hate us. We need our country and national team back!
  15. Well done Ryan Jack

    It's useful for information regarding the Scotland national team and before the huge change towards needless negativity towards us, I actually followed the national team. I'm finding myself less interested nowadays especially but I was just curious what people thought of the squad. Didn't expect the comments to be so anti-Rangers on both tartan army message boards.