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  1. No Grezda or Barisic in squad.... wonder if there is any truth to the rumours that they're away this summer...
  2. Defoe must be tiring otherwise he scores those for fun.
  3. The link up play between Arfield and Defoe has been brilliant today.
  4. We've found our goal scoring midfielder. Hope he gets a hat trick!
  5. We need to move the ball faster on the counter. Too much turning backwards.
  6. Nice finish! Hopefully get a couple more now!
  7. Cities all over Japan.... Osaka, Tokyo, Fukuoka, Hakkodate and Kobe.
  8. shaka

    Koh Samui

    That's what I thought too. I was waiting for the comments from someone claiming to know his dad and know that he's one of them
  9. Too defensive looking with only Kent to create and too many central midfielders. Hopefully Grezda or Candeias on in the second half to change things or it's going to be a tough game.
  10. I think it was Barisic... didn't hear anything about an injury for Grezda.
  11. I think the fringe players deserve a chance especially since a lot of the first team might not be there mentally after what happened at the weekend. I would pick the following players in a 4-3-1-2 formation: McGregor Polster (need to give him a chance at some point. He's 25 so hardly a youth player) Goldson Katic (no point playing Worrall now. He won't be here next season) Flanagan (with no Halliday or Barisic, there's no other option. Wallace will never play for us again. Are there any youth players pushing for a start?) McCrorie (he's our best defensive midfielder and Jack looks tired or possibly carrying a knock) Kamara Arfield Grezda (needs a run of games and I reckon he could be a good creative option in the number 10) Lafferty Defoe
  12. Any updates on how serious the injury is? If Halliday is out, then really don't want to even think about Flannigan playing left back!
  13. shaka


    It takes time for players to adjust to a new country and culture, so hopefully we'll see the best of Grezda, Barisic and Katic next season. After they learn that Scottish football is less beautiful game and more move the ball quick and avoid serious injury!
  14. Didn't see it but maybe it was precautionary...
  15. Why do we keep getting linked to mediocre players. To win the league you need quality and players like Stewart, Shinnie and McManaman are not those players.
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