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  1. We need an enforcer

    I don't think we are struggling because we don't have anyone like I. Ferguson or McCall. I think it's more likely because we don't have anyone near the quality of Laudrup or Gazza. We need more talented players. Candeias is a hard worker down the right but not particularly skilful at beating a man. Windass just runs aimlessly with no end product and Pena again doesn't look like he's going to be the creative player we lack. We need some players with the ability to get on the ball and make things happen. Jack and Dorrans can win tackles in midfield but half the time they're covering for the fullbacks and then when they win the ball they've got no one to pass to.
  2. It was horrible... they all came racing to gloat. All I needed to say was that they're so scared of us that they needed corrupt officials to win. That seemed to give them something to do for a few hours as they Googled for pictures to prove it wasn't actually a penalty. None of them found anything surprisingly enough but tried to convince themselves more than me that Morelos had dived. I mentioned the elbow from Brown and that was them away searching for evidence and me free to put some earphones in and actually do some work... something I wouldn't have so much of if they actually did their jobs!
  3. External refs

    He was biased. Penalty not given in the first half changed the game. It was poor decision after poor decision against us and sadly it will always be the same unless we as fans and the club make a stand against it.
  4. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    The ref has been beyond an embarrassment and deserves something horrible to happen to him. We've played quite well though and should be ahead.
  5. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    Ref and linesmen showing why we need to fight back against the bias against us
  6. Pedro's refwatch

    Already tons of bad decisions against us. Showing why Pedro was right.
  7. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    Holt is a CM who hasn't played LM for us and everyone seems to be forgetting that no one wanted him in the team last season because he would disappear in big games. Windass might not be the perfect choice but there weren't many others.
  8. Barry- Pedro Must Play Kenny Today

    Good decision from Pedro not to pick Miller. Need a disciplined performance today and whenever Miller plays nowadays he just runs around wherever he feels like. We can't afford to have him dropping deep to get the ball and then lose it. Morelos will need support up top and Pena looks a better link up player.
  9. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    That would be amazing... not really played yet this season comes off the bench goes into Bheast-skelper mode and gets a hat trick 😁
  10. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    Feeling really nervous about this but just praying for a win.... hopefully a cheeky one nil with Morelos scoring a wonder goal!
  11. Pedro's refwatch

    I agree with Pedro on this. There seems to be a lot more dodgy decisions against us than any other team. It also seems to have got progressively worse over the last few seasons, so letting refs know that we're keeping a record of these just might keep them honest. I really like how Pedro stands up for the club when the board and even certain "fans" would rather just quietly accept being second.
  12. Herrera Goal - Latin America Commentary

    That's brilliant! Didn't understand a word he said other than goal and Mexican but loved the passion... hopefully we're attracting more fans in Mexico!
  13. It's clear that we're a work in progress but I like the way Pedro has been going about his business. There were always going to be ups and downs on the way back to the top but he's building a decent squad. The team set up was right today, maybe only disagree with picking Windass, but he can't be blamed for so many sitters being finished and a reluctance from players to take on shots. His substitutions won us the game. McCrorie made us more solid at the back and Herrera added a physical presence up top. He might not be the greatest manager but he's definitely an improvement on Warburton and is doing a lot of things right.
  14. McCrorie has shown the more experienced defenders how to deal with players like Sammon. Win the headers and tackles early and not stand off
  15. What a finish from Herrera!