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  1. shaka


    We could sign him and leave him on loan there for the rest of the season.
  2. shaka


    Apparently we're scouting Harvey St. Clair. A Scotland Under 21 attacking midfielder who used to play for Chelsea but now playing in Italy.
  3. It's his reasoning made no sense. He kept saying it's in the rules but never explained why a hand up in the air clearly to block the ball isn't a penalty. He just ended up sounding clueless and biased.
  4. shaka

    With the hysterics

    It's a new set of players, new manager and a different style of playing. It was always going to take time for the team to settle but we're way ahead of schedule and improving all the time.
  5. shaka


    It's good to have another goal scoring option with the team having been so reliant on Morelos lately.
  6. The way the Motherwell players were trying to injure us probably a good idea to end it so we didn't lose anyone else. Felt really bad for Atakyi to only get 5 mins because of those thugs.
  7. What a turnaround for Grezda from people doubting his ability to man of the match!
  8. Middleton is a really confident finisher. We're cruising now!
  9. We need to be careful, can see Motherwell doing anything they can to provoke a reaction to get someone sent off. Lots of diving and getting in the face already.
  10. Well played ref. Def penalty. Good finish Tav after all that time wasting!
  11. Hope the ref is strong today because Motherwell will foul and try to hurt players all day long if they can get away with it.
  12. We really struggle to keep hold of the ball at times. Need to show more composure and play things simpler. But Katic got turned far too easily.