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  1. Then he picks the same players and tactics for the next game. I really hope he genuinely learnt from this game and we don't have to see Flanagan again or long aimless balls up to Defoe or the wide players.
  2. The scary thought is that Gerrard keeps acknowledging that the players aren't performing and then continues to pick these same players. He said the same thing today but you get the feeling a lot of the guys who have been struggling will get picked again.
  3. We desperately need a midfielder who can take control of the game and dominate like Barry Ferguson used to do. Kamara looks scared when he's got the ball at times and Davis regularly looks tired and immobile in fast paced games. Jack does his job fairly well of getting stuck in but he needs that player next to him, who can take the creative responsibilities away from him. Don't know what's happened to Arfield but he doesn't make the same runs or even show the close control that he used to before he got dropped.
  4. Too many players look tired both physically and mentally. Really need to consider whether these winter breaks away are worthwhile or if it would be better to stay here and try to stay focused on keeping the competitiveness going. Maybe just train as normal and play friendlies with teams closer to home. Although better players and less wasters in the squad would always help!
  5. After today he could quite easily replace Kamara.... and probably an even older and slower Davis next season.
  6. Still don't understand how after watching Kamara all first half he still got allowed to stay on for the second half. He was having a total nightmare and ended up causing the defeat. We've been struggling since coming back from the break and Gerrard picks the same team?! He needs to learn that if players keep getting picked without performing, then they will get more and more complacent until games like today happen.
  7. Championship winning teams have big players who lift and carry their teams to win games like this. We only have Morelos with a winning mentality. All other players we have just don't look mentally strong at all. Can't see us winning anything until we buy better players.
  8. That was bound to happen. Gerrard has to realise that the quality of this squad isn't good enough and we need a lot better if we want to win the league!
  9. Games like this are when we wish we had another forward on the bench whose name isn't Ojo.
  10. Yasss! Exactly like I said Barisic offers an overlap option and creates the goal!
  11. It's not happening enough but they've tried a couple of times. Just the quality hasn't been there. There was one good move when Kent put Barisic through but his cross wasn't good enough to reach Aribo and Defoe was marked. But at least they're trying that side. The right side has literally created nothing. The only chances Aribo has had was when he tried to go through the middle. We need more width from both sides to stretch the game.
  12. He's got absolutely no support on the right. He keeps having to cut inside and look for someone. He desperately needs a right back capable of providing an overlapping run. He's not fast enough to just run at players especially when they can easily double up on him.
  13. Aribo is also suffering because he's not got anyone going on the outside and players can double up on him safe in the knowledge that if he passes to Flanagan he's going to turn around and pass it backwards.
  14. Absolutely no quality or creativity in the team. Kamara has been terrible on the ball with lots of lazy passes that are too short. Flanagan has been just as terrible as everyone imagined. He has been worse than a player down. Arfield needs to come on for Kamara and I can't believe anyone would want Flanagan in the team instead of Patterson. Patterson may be young and inexperienced but if he knows how to control, pass and cross a ball, then he's already a much better footballer than Flanagan!
  15. Hearts have looked terrible all season, even with their new manager. This would be the perfect time to bring Patterson into the team. It will hopefully give him confidence against a weak opponent and he will offer a much better attacking option than a very limited Flanagan.
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