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  1. Completely agree. It's insane how easily our fans are willing to undervalue our players. If a team isn't willing to bid at least £20m, then we keep him. He's on a long contract and has said he's happy to stay, so why would we just let him go...
  2. At some point we need to start giving a game to the youth players coming through or they will quite rightly look at Gilmour getting games at Chelsea while earning more money and think it's a better career move not to join Rangers. Even teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona where the pressure to win is huge are constantly giving games to players from their youth team.
  3. To be honest I'd rather we signed Moffi instead. I think he'll become a much better player than Roofe and would cost less.
  4. A couple of random players we've been getting linked to on various sites, Thomas Robert and Djordje Petrovic. https://Rangers.vitalfootball.co.uk/Rangers-linked-french-starlet-to-make-transfer-decision-after-receiving-several-offers/ https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2020/06/29/report-claims-Rangers-have-enquired-about-20-year-old-potential-offer-soon/
  5. Unless there's something in the rumours that Morelos is about to leave. Although in that case I'd imagine Defoe would start. Are we allowed new signings for the Leverkusen game or does it need to be the same players registered for the first leg?
  6. According to Sunday Post, Florian Kamberi's loan has been extended to cover the Bayer Leverkusen game. He's got another chance to impress and win a permanent move. Could be a decent squad option but ideally we need better than him to win the league. https://www.sundaypost.com/fp/florian-kamberis-Rangers-loan-extended-in-time-for-europe/
  7. Largie Ramazani just released by Man United after he allegedly refused to sign a new contract. Very highly rated winger.
  8. I like how we're doing our business so far. Only heard his name mentioned yesterday in connection to us. Everything was about him going to an English club and then we just stepped in and signed him... no fuss all business!
  9. Hopefully he's an upgrade on Flanagan and Halliday. Barisic is the best left back in the league but whenever he wasn't available there was a huge drop in quality this season regardless of who played. Never heard of this guy but trust Ross Wilson to have scouted him thoroughly and know what he can add to the squad.
  10. Jack is better as a box to box player. Kamara is most likely gone this summer. Davis is just terrible, his biggest strength was his energy and work rate around the pitch and now he's too old and slow to do that. A CDM is the one thing the team desperately lacks and it needs to be a genuine ball winning midfielder who can dominate letting the likes of Hagi, Aribo and Kent to create.
  11. We already expect to sell our top players. No one realistically expects us to keep Morelos and he's our best forward. As long as we keep bringing in young players, improving them and selling them for a suitably high price we will continue to be successful in Scotland. We won't have the same level of competition Ajax have as we only really have to compete with the scum and they already operate a similar system. We just need to make sure our scouting for young players is better than them and then actually give those players an opportunity in the first team.
  12. I'm not saying we are already at Ajax levels for youth development. I'm raising that as the ideal. It should be what we aspire for, rather than constantly wasting money on average players who are never good enough to be anything other than squad players.
  13. Liam Kelly, now at QPR, could've been a decent backup keeper. We need to improve in giving chances to young players. It can't be good in the long run to be known as the team that would rather bring in other teams' youth players or sign average players as backup and give them a chance before we give an opportunity to our own youth players. Personally I'd rather see us become more like an Ajax type team that produces it's own superstars and sells them for a profit rather than keep signing "solid" squad players with no potential to improve and even less chance of becoming first picks. It's also our best bet for winning the league and cups again. Have a lot of squad players does not win anything.
  14. Gazza was a really good player but Laudrup was just better and made everything seem easy.
  15. I've always rated Edu. He might not be great technically but he done a power of work in midfield and made the other players look even better by winning the ball back whenever they lost possession, which Davis in particular had a habit of doing.
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