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  1. shaka

    Ross McCrorie [Swansea]

    I'd be happy if he goes anywhere other than stay with us!
  2. shaka

    Ross McCrorie [Swansea]

    They can have Pena....
  3. shaka

    Mohanad Ali

    I'd imagine it's a loan for the youth team with an option to buy. He has good stats at club and international level so hopefully becomes a success for us.
  4. shaka

    Gerrard challenge to Grezda and Barisic

    That's good... proves he's a man of the people not snobby about hanging out with regular folk! 😂
  5. shaka

    Grezda injured

    Wow people on here write players quick... last season Morelos was apparently overrated with attitude problems and at the start season Kent was a headless chicken with no end product. Even Middleton and McCrorie are either huge prospects or not going to make it on a game by game basis. Personally I don't think we'll see the best of Grezda next season until he has had time to adapt to a new country, culture and style of football with a full preseason behind him.
  6. shaka

    Defoe confirmed

    Great signing.... can't wait until our next game! Wish we were playing this week!
  7. shaka

    Welcome To Ibrox Jones + Kamara

    Not really expecting huge things from either player but if Gerrard thinks he can improve them and make them productive members of the team, then I trust him fully.
  8. shaka


    He's a natural finisher and will score a ton of goals up here. Really looking forward to the second half if the season now!
  9. shaka


    Things like that happen in any derby game around the world and people put it down to passion and move on but when it's Morelos and Rangers then it's highlighted as being vicious and dangerous. The kick on Brown he was smart he was looking in a different direction when it happened and there's no way anyone could prove he did it on purpose. Ralston and Christie were diving and making a meal of things all game so can easily be dismissed as just their normal reaction. The ref did a good job and ensured the game kept flowing. He was fair and that's all we can ask for.
  10. shaka

    Sportscene again

    Highlights were edited to make it look like it was more even than it was. All their chances shown including one that deflected well wide but only some of ours but the analysis was fine but they couldn't leave it without making it out that Morelos should've been red carded. The ref was sensible it's an old firm game there will always be little niggles but nothing Morelos did was worthy of a red.
  11. shaka

    How Do You Judge SG So Far?

    If you consider how poor we were last season, he's came in and done brilliantly. No one expected us to qualify for the Europa group stages but we not only did that but nearly got to the next round. The league form has been inconsistent but we're still competing and absolutely dominated celtic yesterday so gets a pass for that too. Gerrard is new to management but he's getting better and better and it looks like the players are learning from him and getting better too. Just needs a good January transfer window and we'll win the league!
  12. shaka

    Jordan Jones

    We need to aim higher. We need players who are much better than the guys already in the team. I'd rather try and keep Kent than signing someone who isn't quite as good as him. If we can't keep Kent, then we need to find players as good or even better than him.
  13. I love his attitude, even though he's facing defenders who are 6ft plus and he's 5ft9 he never gets bullied or pushed of the ball and wins more long balls to him than someone his height should. He's just a machine... a celic killing machine!
  14. shaka

    Ross McCrorie

    The amount of running he does and ground he covers, it's almost like having 2 players and it helped us completely annihilate their midfield. Christie was reduced to diving as he couldn't find any space to play in.
  15. He's been playing as a defensive midfielder but since McCrorie has started playing there, you can see Jack has started driving forward more. Also feel his confidence grew after the goal. He had another decent attempt later on. Hopefully he carries on and becomes the goalscoring midfielder we need.