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  1. shaka

    Dorrans left camp (injury?)

    I hope it's not another season fighting injury problems for him. It's an important season for him, if he ever wants to establish himself in the team. Gerrard didn't sign him and might not know a lot about him, so could potentially mean that if he's out for any significant time, then he could be forgotten.
  2. shaka

    Welcome to Rangers Jon Flanagan

    Rightly or wrongly we've signed him. He's now at our club so will be supported if he puts the effort in and shows some quality. Otherwise he'll be hounded out like any other wage thief! Everyone deserves a second chance if they genuinely feel bad about their behaviour and ensure they never do it again. By all accounts it was a one-off incident that was completely out of character for him. If his partner can forgive him and move on, why can't we look beyond his indiscretion and support him as one of our players.
  3. I expect him to be more of a squad player next season, on the bench for more games than he starts.
  4. shaka

    ***Rumours thread***

    How much would they be looking for to sign Kent permanently. With the crazy inflated prices down south, I'd imagine it will be a lot higher than we're willing to pay.
  5. shaka

    Jon Flanagan

    I don't know about his injury record but a lot of good players struggle to get games for Liverpool. He does sound like a scumbag but Gerrard knows him and maybe he thinks he deserves a second chance. We don't know what impact that moment had on his life, he might be really contrite and trying to live a better life or he could still just be a vile human....
  6. shaka

    Jon Flanagan

    The quality players mentioned would've been massively beyond our budget at their peak, so the club has a choice either sign those players when they are past their best which they've tried and it failed. Players like Kranjcar and Alves were quality players at their peak but what we got was a shadow of that level. The alternative is to sign players with potential and gamble that you sign them before they become top quality. This is what we're trying to do now and we have to hope the scouting is up to scratch, so the guys we sign do actually go on to become successful with us. The advantage is that we can make money by selling these guys on, while the first lot have already cost us money to release.
  7. shaka

    Jon Flanagan

    I wouldn't want us to sign him to be truthful but will trust Gerrard on this and who knows he's trying to rebuild his reputation so he might not ask for a lot in terms of wages and will be highly motivated to succeed. Still an awkward signing due to what he's done and not someone I would really want at the club.
  8. shaka

    Jon Flanagan

    I think the big difference is that those players were older and coming to the end of their careers, whereas our recent signings are younger and at least in theory still to reach their peak. Pedigree matters very little, if the hunger to play and improve isn't there anymore.
  9. shaka

    Jason Cummings

    Too many people are judging him on his potential performances rather than his actual performances. He never really did anything on loan to suggest he would be a success for us.
  10. shaka

    Out?: James Tavernier

    He's our player, he's under a long contract, so if they want him then they better be willing to pay above market value. That is way more than £3 million.
  11. Maybe we brought him in to have a look and realised he's not that good.... wouldn't pay £600k for him anyway. He would be a backup and we can find much better than him for that price.
  12. shaka

    Rangers touch down in Spain

    Maybe he's realised he will finally have professional coaching after having to suffer under Pedro and Murty....
  13. shaka

    Out?: Alfredo Morelos

    If we must sell Morelos, I hope we put a decent sell on clause because he will go for a huge fee if he scores goals at his next club and they're based in France, China or Turkey. If he managed to get a team in the English leagues, he would probably sell for an even bigger fee.
  14. shaka

    Gerrard keeping Wallace

    Even if he's staying, he won't be captain. Gerrard was bigging up Goldson as a leader, which would suggest he's already decided to make him captain. Don't think LW would be a starter anyway. He's backup to John, who I think is underrated on here. He's a good young attacking left back, who will only improve with more experience.
  15. shaka

    Hardie signs new contract

    I hope he takes this as an opportunity to impress Gerrard. With guidance and a lot of work on the physical side of the game, he could potentially be a very good player. He's got good instinct and a natural talent when it comes to finishing but just lacks the physicality to hold up the ball and not get bullied off the ball.