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  1. The real game was only until half time... right? So we won!
  2. Wilson will need to improve quick or he might not get a lot of game time and might even find that one of the younger lads, Ross McCrorie or Aidan Wilson, will move ahead of him in the pecking order.
  3. Have a feeling his crossing is going to be our biggest weapon this season. Nearly every cross was put into a very dangerous area and sooner or later when the forwards get used to this they will be getting in the right positions to finish them.
  4. Looks some people have already decided they don't like Pedro regardless of how well he or the team does. Even positives are being turned into negatives to bash him with. To me it looks like he's said all the right things. The defeat against Progres hurt and he's acknowledged that but he's also aware that he can't change that. There were definite improvements yesterday and things to build on for the future which he wants to focus on. Also we've already played St Johnstone twice so he's wanting to get games against teams who play differently to possibly test how they react... sounds like good planning to me!
  5. Brilliant free-kick from Niko! Looking forward to him scoring these all season now!
  6. After the game against Progres I'd lost all my optimism and hope for the new season... but the way Pedro is building the team and bringing in the right type of players like Alves, Dorrans and Jack is making hopeful that he will turn things around. If we can build a solid back line and become hard to beat, then we have a chance to start challenging again.
  7. Looks more like a lecture on safe sex and he's handing out condoms...
  8. Wonder how much we got for him. Is it unrealistic to hope we made a profit on his sale?
  9. I agree. Apparently Kiernan and Waghorn look world beaters in training.... just saying
  10. Hopefully he can be effective from the left. I don't think Candeias can really do much from the left, since his game mainly involves getting crosses in as early as possible and he's predominantly right footed.
  11. Does Walker play on the left wing or will Candeias need to play there? As long as Dalcio isn't starting, I'd be happy with Walker and Candeias on either wing.
  12. Probably the only signing who would've been considered a good signing back in the good days. Here's hoping he lifts everyone up to his level!
  13. I think people forget how young and inexperienced Beerman is and he will hopefully improve with first team experience. It will help having someone as good as Alves in defence to guide him. I think it's good for the young defenders to have the opportunity to learn from someone who has played and played well at the highest level instead of someone like Senderos.
  14. I would expect him to go out on loan somewhere this season. Needs games to show if he has what it takes to play for the first team here.
  15. Hope not, he's barely played since 2011... Has been capped for Portugal, so must have at least some talent but doesn't look good if teams are barely playing him before moving him on.