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  1. For me that's just their immaturity but it's my country so why should I give up on my country for a bunch of losers. I can appreciate why some Rangers fans feel they've had enough of the negativity involved with the national team but I think it's just a minority who hate us, many of whom don't even want to be Scottish!
  2. The only obscure one I can think of is Marcus Gayle. English born but played for Jamaica.
  3. I'm proud to be a Rangers fan but I'm also proud to be Scottish and support my nation. Having lived abroad and experienced life away from Scotland, it has made me even more patriotic about my country.
  4. Another "squad" player.... yay...
  5. If there's a low bid, then what benefit is it to us to sell our top goalscorer...? We'd just keep him for another season to score even more goals next season!
  6. shaka

    Defoes Dummy

    The whole build up and finish to that goal was like poetry in motion
  7. shaka

    Glen Kamara

    He just glides through games. It's great to watch the taigs attempting to tackle, fail and then try to foul in desperation and still fail because he's already kept the ball and moved into space or found a teammate in space!
  8. shaka


    I'll admit I didn't think he still had the legs to do a job for us but happy he's proven me wrong and hopefully continues to keep up these excellent performances.
  9. Really confident going into next season with Katic and Goldson as our centre backs. They look comfortable playing alongside each other which I don't think Worrall has with anyone this season.
  10. Katic has been immense today. We deserve to be further ahead. Totally in control!
  11. Another of the youth players, Kyle Bradley is also apparently leaving at the end of the season.
  12. I've never seen him any of the youth teams before so I'm guessing he might just be a trialist.
  13. Who's Bensaber? And I thought McGinty had left?
  14. He was highly rated at one point. Shame it never worked out for him. It's a lesson for the younger lads that you need to impress when given a chance out on loan and keep trying to improve. Hopefully he finds a new club soon and makes a good career for himself.
  15. Well done to the players and coaches! Hopefully inspire the first team for next season!
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