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  1. Usain Bolt

    So I'm guessing the Borussia Dortmund publicity stunt, sorry "trial", must be going badly if he's having to get his media team plant these kind of stories....
  2. Is FDB the right choice?

    I don't care where the managers, coaches or players are born as long as we start bringing in people with a history of success. I'm fed up with this promotion of average and often below average individuals just because they are British and Rangers fans. They will not suddenly become better than what they were just because they sign for Rangers. We need a lot more people who have been there and won things and understand how to be successful. Personally I would like MPH to become our new manager because he's a winner and has a history of success but FDB wouldn't be the worst choice because at least he was successful at Ajax and will be determined to rebuild his reputation. Clarke on the other hand has won nothing and has never managed a club as big as ours or had to deal with the pressures of managing a team like ours.
  3. Rumours at this stage

    I don't want him coaching the youth team without his loser mentality. I want him to leave the club now and for us to bring in people who understand that winning is the only option!
  4. Which players in the squad would you keep?

    I would keep mainly the younger players like McCrorie, Docherty, John and replace the rest with better quality and supplement with players from the youth teams. Don't understand why anyone would want to keep Tav, Fod, Wallace, Candeias or Dorrans. They are just as horrendous as the rest of the losers. A total clear out is required starting with the manager.
  5. ***Official Rangers v Taigs Thread***

    I knew this was going to be a disaster, you can't keep buying average players and expecting that they'll lift their game because they are Rangers fans. We need actual quality in both the team and management.
  6. ***Official Rangers v Taigs Thread***

    Without Alves to win headers, we'll need Fod to do something he doesn't normally do and dominate his box and come out and catch the ball or at least punch it as far as possible!
  7. ***Official Rangers v Taigs Thread***

    Not confident at all with Halliday in there..... not sure what he brings to the team. It's like being a man down and we already needed everyone to be at the top of their game. Hopefully I'm wrong and we win!
  8. Sunday’s Game Andy Halliday

    Halliday is not good enough and never will be, so anyone but him in midfield please!
  9. Bates is off

    If you don't ask you don't get.....
  10. Bates is off

    Bates is not irreplaceable and you don't need to spend a fortune replacing the defence, just need better scouting. Top teams from the EPL, La Liga and Bundesliga are always releasing very good young players who never got a chance and with good scouting we should be cherry picking the best players since we offer European football and a proven opportunity to win a move to the EPL and the big wages players want.
  11. We need to stop buying average players and hoping that they will improve and help close the gap! We've signed tons of average players and got nowhere. We need to sign real quality and maybe having grown up in the 9iar generation I have higher expectations, but I would love us to sign a marquee player like we used to. Like Laudrup, Gazza, Van Bronkhurst, Mols, etc.... it's the only way we can take the next step to winning the league. Mulumbu, Moult, etc do not win you league titles!
  12. Bates is off

    A bit of a surprise this one... he doesn't really seem like the type of defender who would be suited to German football. He's more of an old school British defender but good luck to him. Ideally we would've kept him as a backup but not if he was wanting a big pay rise. Moving forward we need much better than players like Bates. Hopefully Allen and the new manager have already lined up some quality defenders because to be competitive we need a serious upgrade in defence.
  13. Morelos penalty

    Horrible decision from the ref..... how did he think the keeper got injured?!
  14. *****The Official Rangers v Dundee Thread*****

    Good boost to the goal difference as well, might be useful in the race for 2nd place.
  15. *****The Official Rangers v Dundee Thread*****

    Played some good stuff today but will need to play even better before some of these guys convince me they have a future at Rangers.