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  1. demise

    Jaap Stam

    Went to watch the Feyenoord vs Porto(amazing atmosphere) game few weeks ago. Feyenoord had good spells during the game, and were kinda lucky that Porto hit the bar twice in a matter of minutes. Even 2-0 win for Feyenoord, everyone after the game was saying that Stam is not gonna be around for very long. I guess they were not wrong.
  2. Its funny how few weeks ago Bulgaria went to Wembley, lost 4:0 and there were english fans chanting ''fuckin gypsies'' on tv, but nobody picked that up. The same Jordan Henderson who had a lot of things to say was wearing a shirt of Luis Suares after his Evra incident once upon a time, wasnt he? But when it comes to 100 retards who chant racist bullshit, then suddenly every bulgarian person is racist and The Guardian tells us that Lions won 6-0 vs Animals(aka Bulgaria). If that is not racism then i dont know what is. There is fuckin trash that attends games in Bulgaria, indeed - they fight each other, get high and drunk, they fight the police and cost all sorts of trouble, but this is just minority, unfortunately the ones that are most noisy. Suddenly Yeovil game is stopped because of racism in England. And in Spain and Italy fans are satisfyiing themselves by throwing bananas. But hey, animals it is. Whoever that hasnt seen english tourists performance in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria - your life will never be the same after you experience this.
  3. Thats just us not being good enough. And celtic were dire the whole game. Fuck this fuckin bullshit.
  4. On Al Jazeera tv.. The amount of Allah akbars i heard that day was incredible.
  5. No shots from distance, Defoe nowhere to be found and yet again this looks like mediocre Warburtons side performance. Fuck this.
  6. When Kent blasted the ball in some 2kg of grass went into the net with it.
  7. Good deal for them. They have been horrible this season, drawing more games than any other team in La Liga. Batshuayi was terrible, aswell as they loaned Simone Zaza for some reason and theres nobody to score. Gameiro hasnt been up for either.
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