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  1. Thats just us not being good enough. And celtic were dire the whole game. Fuck this fuckin bullshit.
  2. On Al Jazeera tv.. The amount of Allah akbars i heard that day was incredible.
  3. No shots from distance, Defoe nowhere to be found and yet again this looks like mediocre Warburtons side performance. Fuck this.
  4. When Kent blasted the ball in some 2kg of grass went into the net with it.
  5. Good deal for them. They have been horrible this season, drawing more games than any other team in La Liga. Batshuayi was terrible, aswell as they loaned Simone Zaza for some reason and theres nobody to score. Gameiro hasnt been up for either.
  6. Imagine Ajax in the current market with the likes of De Boer brothers, Kanu, Finidi, Van der Sar, Kluivert, Seedorf, Litmanen and Overmars. They wouldve made half a billion probably.
  7. The guy had more shots at Craig Gordon than celtic had against us for the whole game. Show some respect!
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