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  1. Your lifetime best eleven?

    Goram Jardine Forsyth Butcher Grieg Henderson Gascoigne Souness Baxter McCoist Hateley Bench; Laudrup, Cooper, Alex MacDonald, Dave Smith, Gough, Woods, Mols. My team will gub yours.
  2. Enough is enough

    I can't bring myself to listen to that cunt or his double standards. Suffice to say that Michael Stewart was in full deflection mode on the BBC commentary the instant the Hivs swarmed onto the pitch - demanding the football was discussed and NOT their thuggery.
  3. Grounds you hate

    If it's not Ibrox then it's a shitehole as far as I'm concerned.
  4. Dedication Service for Harry McNeil Saturday 12th March.

    I love what you do to honour and preserve our heritage - hats off to you and a hearty thank you!
  5. Well written and enjoyable read (as ever) but, I expect Warburton will be dusting down denials as Monk related rumours unfold.
  6. Can This Comic Get Any Worse?

    I don't know if I'm over-tired, but I'm not getting the point you're trying to make.
  7. Can This Comic Get Any Worse?

    I think the commonly held idea of what a British protestant identity represents would differ hugely from the wilfully disfigured narrative ever likely to be presented by Haggerty. She, after all, is content to celebrate those who refer to our support as 'the Klan'.
  8. International Breaks

    I hate international breaks almost as much as I hate the SFA works team.
  9. Ashley To Take The Sfa Again?

    Could he, aye? FFS
  10. It's Only To Be Expected.

    Oh for a player like Captain Cutlass, Ham & Eggs or Jaws in the team. Jim Steele, Hurlock, Souness - any of them would do.
  11. Rm Member Thebooler

    Hi Gary - you're a well kent presence around here - sorry to heart about your travails, and I wish you the speediest recovery. Good luck pal!
  12. A Ruth Dudley Edwards Far Right Hook

    More likely - it's irretrievably lost on him.
  13. Rangers Towns/village's

    Garelochhead. The ultimate Rangers stronghold. And birthplace.
  14. Rangers Fans And The Scottish National Team...

    Did you accidentally or deliberately miss the point that the SNP aren't offering independence? And if your wild claim that the BBC are deciding what *we* see is true - what about the thousands of other media outlets commenting - are they all in on your conspiracy fantasies, too?
  15. Rangers Fans And The Scottish National Team...

    They, the SNP, aren't offering independence or anything like it. If you've been duped by their blatantly misleading propaganda then do something about that and educate yourself.