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  1. I take back what I said about Goldson never heading it on target
  2. Goldson is good at winning headers but they are never on target
  3. Glad that Arfield is getting a rest. Looks a great team, Alfie to get a few goals
  4. Tak3rNo1

    COD Modern Warfare

    Utter campfest and anti fun
  5. My only criticism was how wasteful we were Infront of goal, Arfield needs to learn not to blast the ball high
  6. Was phenomenal tonight, my man of the match, absolutely strolled it
  7. I'm terms of the defence, we bought 4 good CBs for a reason, so we can rotate. They won't be playing 60 games a season
  8. Julien has said today they are gonna win it. Atleast be consistent ffs.
  9. Bolingoli saying celtic are aiming for the Europa League Semi Final this year, lol, cunt is on glue
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