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  1. Only on Instagram I believe
  2. Yep, great service. The benefit of having MyGers
  3. Wondering if I should have ordered a Large due to lockdown food munching
  4. Bought my strip, looks decent
  5. Warnock now the new Middlesbrough manager, didn't realise how bad they were doing under Woodgate
  6. Apparently Dundee are one of the clubs in the Championship to vote against reconstruction, i really don't fucking understand this cunt Nelms.
  7. Not even a launch date or anything about the console, fuck sake
  8. Resi Evil 8, i just came
  9. You get to play as a stray kitty in robot city, lolololol
  10. Expecting Skyrim next
  11. Steve Clarke just won us the league and stopped the 10 in my save. Also Connor Goldson is playing for celtic.
  12. Hi guys, a bit of a long shot here. Does anybody have any information or newspaper clippings of a band that used to residency at the Edmiston Club back in the 70s called Cascade? Been looking for information on them for quite a while but i'm not finding much online. My dad was very good friends with the lead singer who sadly passed away a few years ago so it would be great i could find some pictures or articles of the band. I found some newspaper clippings online of the club but none of the band unfortunately.
  13. https://twitter.com/PlayStation/status/1267525525825900549
  14. He was fucking abysmal his last 6 months. All he did was run and put in shite crosses.
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