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  1. It looks fantastic, fits great on me aswell.
  2. He can't cross the ball yet takes free kicks
  3. I thought Barasic couldn't play on a plastic pitch?
  4. This is worse than the "He's a belter" song about Candeias
  5. Seems like he was the only one to apologize which is interesting. It's obviously a position we are weak in, Flanagan and Halliday can't be first choice Would like him to get a good pre season and run of games. Look at the difference in Morelos with a good pre season, half the forum were wanting him shifted after last season and UFA
  6. That was a lovely piece of play from Barca there.
  7. Apparently being a moaning faced cunt every week is enough to win that. A 4th placed finish is that much of an achievement?
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