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  1. Only type of person I would exclude are Nationalists. Everyone else is fine.
  2. Hoping mine come tomorrow. At this rate i'll have a seat on the bus without a ticket, lol.
  3. Won the FA trophy and survived relegation by having a better goal difference. Now to get them promoted, need to find some good free agents. Having a look at what has been happening in my game. Chelsea beat Arsenal in the Europa League final on penalties, lol. Pep got the sack from Man City after Arsenal won the league and the Tims won the league by 28 points and we managed 2nd over Hearts by 1 point :/
  4. Started an unemployed save as an ex Sunday league footballer, enabled the Conference North and South and hopefully get a team from there to the Premiership. Got the Guiseley job, sitting rock bottom of the Conference North at the end of November. Took a few games to get a decent formation going and signed a few freebies and loans. Currently in March, sitting 20th in the league, tied with Telford United. On a good run of form, bad news is Telford is matching me with every game but i'm sure i can start to rise further soon, team was dead and buried when i took over, about 12 points from safety. In the FA Trophy Semi Final, somehow managing to beat everyone in that.
  5. Is this on the radio or are BBC still In the huff?
  6. Anywhere i can pick this up cheap? Think i need to upgrade from FM10, thats what i've been playing for years, lol. I love doing the non-league to legend style games where you pick a shit English team and try to get through the leagues, done it a few times in FM10. Got Woking to the Premiership and Workington in League 1 at the moment.
  7. Tak3rNo1


    I laughed at this more than i should have.
  8. They'll use this as winning a gigantic battle and it'll be the only transfer fee they'll spend
  9. Tak3rNo1

    Apex Legends

    I had been playing it but got bored of it. Did enjoy it though.
  10. True, was surprised to get the email tbh. Been sitting in Row B of the Copland this year with the bus. Only a few single seats available in Row A+B, happy to get one a few rows back, better view.
  11. I just got offered one, only been on the waiting list a few months, fantastic news. In Row H of the Copland Front 😄
  12. Tak3rNo1


    Next April is so far away though
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