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  1. Nice one. Just checked and my St Mirren ticket has been sold, Ross County hasn't yet but will nearer the time i imagine.
  2. I've given them back my seat for St Mirren and Ross County. How do you know if they have successfully sold it?
  3. I'm cutting Jones some slack as he has been out for 4 months and during the 1st half everything seemed to be going down the right hand side. Almost like he needs another pre-season. Barker is just an odd on, i thought he was pacy and could take on players but if he can't beat part time plumbers then it's game over tbh.
  4. Eyes were bleeding watching that, trying to pass it in is chronic. Also missed the first goal buying crisps 😞
  5. Really enjoyed the final, good match overall. Standard of the BDO this year wasn't too bad tbh considering how poor the opening rounds of the PDC were.
  6. I see there "Respect our players" campaign has lasted well.
  7. I'm the same, i'd like for us to go for Sporar, looks like a good goalscorer. Rumours that they had agreed a fee and he pulled out of it.
  8. Waites vs. Mitchell is superb, almost PDC quality. Waites averaging 97 and Mitchell 94.
  9. Scoreboard keeps on breaking which is annoying, this is a decent game though. Mitchell vs. Unterbuchner
  10. Waites vs Adams is on in about an hour which should be decent.
  11. "Cousin, we should go bowling"
  12. Hopefully we still had the receipt kicking about.
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