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  1. I got in the West Stand but no idea where the email went. Not in my inbox but when I search all email I find it, must have went to my Junk folder or something
  2. He should really stop taking them. His set pieces and crosses rarely beat the first man these days
  3. I love him so much, I'll actually cry when he leaves
  4. I'm in the SF/F scheme, hopefully that'll be enough
  5. Looks like I won't get one then. I'm not on the away scheme as I got my season ticket after the CCCS had closed, meh, wait and see I suppose.
  6. Thought it took him some time to get going but played well once he did. You can tell he's not 100% fit yet
  7. Celtics back line are struggling badly against the Hibs forward
  8. He's been chronic since Feyenoord. Read a stat that since then he hasn't scored, assisted or 2nd assisted.
  9. Really concerned with our wingers, hopefully Alfie is on form or we are in trouble.
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