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  1. He's pretty much our only creative spark
  2. We constantly put crosses into Morelos who isn't exactly the best in the air when he's being marked by 6ft cloggers
  3. County look like scoring and we don't, says everything
  4. Defence completely static when County run at us, celtic will have a fucking field day next week
  5. I'd rather play someone out of position than have Kamara in the team, he looks fucking terrified every time the ball comes near.
  6. Maybe we should clap in the 8th minute at our next home game to show him our support
  7. It's fucking freezing tonight and I'm having to suffer through this pish
  8. It's probably came to a head tbh. I wouldn't be surprised if there has been several instances of Morelos doing similar and it's been swept under the carpet. Sometimes enough is just enough.
  9. Stevie May is one of the worst footballers on the planet and yet he scored against us.
  10. The fact we lose our entire backroom staff aswell won't exactly help.
  11. I'm staying with Gerrard right now. I don't think there is anyone good enough that we could realistically get in right now. Gio is in China right now i think, he'll be on a fortune wages wise and only recently was being groomed to take over at Man City.
  12. It's not just Gerrard that leaves, our entire back staff leaves aswell which would be awful. Thats my main reason for not wanting him gone. The core of our team is good, we severely lack squad depth, when a starter gets injured our bench quality wise is honking and thats the main thing we have to address. Our season is done now, i'd like this 4-3-2-1 get to fuck and other formations used to overcome these jobber teams.
  13. A man who at Rangers chucked it for pretty much a full season when we weren't doing great. Had a groin injury that lasted about 6 months and fucked off as quick as he could, not what we need.
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