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  1. Halliday is injured as well, Flanagan at left back then?
  2. Scotland are fucking brutal, twice San Marino have cut through the defence.
  3. Hopefully having more players than them will help us get a win
  4. Tak3rNo1

    Ryan Kent

    No way should we be spending 5 million on him. What happened to the talk of getting him for 2 million? Well have Grezda and Jones fighting for the left wing position so I wouldn't bother unless it was a good deal.
  5. Actually bordering on corruption, no major stoppages yet 6 minutes added on time, a fucking disgrace
  6. These cunts will score a wonder goal from 30 yards
  7. 6 minutes stoppage time, hahahahahahahaha, they actually want them to win
  8. I'm watching the last 5 minutes and i know i'll be raging because they'll score in the 93rd minute
  9. They'll score with minutes left as they always do, good to see they are going backwards under Lennon though.
  10. The problem is a support we are not patient, exacerbated by the fact we have been success starved for so long and want to stop the 10. We cannot continually turn over the squad every single year along with a new manager and expect everything to click right away. Gerrard has made mistakes however i still want him in charge for another season. Ensure we get 2nd and build from there. I firmly believe we are only 3 or 4 signings away from having a really good team and although it doesn't look like it at the minute i think we have been unlucky in terms of injuries to Murphy, Barasic, Grezda and Dorrans which has led us to struggle to rotate the team. We are missing a creative spark in midfield and we have a real problem on the wings due to the fact we have nobody challenging for those positions. As much as i like Candeias he should be a squad player and Kent has probably not played this many games before in a season. We have also struggled at the back in terms of a consistent partnership and Goldson is flagging badly right now probably because he has played as many games this season as he has the past few combined. When you look at our overall record for the season including everything we have only lost 6 or 7 games all season in all competitions which is a good record, the only thing letting us down is our draws. It is alot easier to convert draws into wins than losses into wins. I might not be happy with todays performance but i think Gerrard deserves another season at it. celtic will be here for the taking next season, no doubt about that. They'll hire Lennon as manager and cut there cloth accordingly as there wage budget is ridiculous.
  11. We just pass the ball about without doing anything, barely tested there keeper, just awful. Grezda looked decent, only bright spark for me
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