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  1. Good draw, preferred a home tie but still good
  2. Our best left back that does nothing wrong apparently
  3. Gordon is pish at saving penalties, let's hope Dunfermline can hold on
  4. Can't stop chuckling at this. Still expecting them to win but there best team being taken to extra time by a mid table championship team that have day jobs, lol.
  5. Supposed to be meeting my pal in the pub before we go to the Foos. He's gonna be stick in Torbett Towers for another hour.
  6. Pretty much playing there full team against Dunfermline at home and drawing 0-0, haven't created much and Julien looks like a donkey. Going well, they'll win when Dunfermline start to tire after 60 minutes, still funny though.
  7. I guess. Main issue with Arfield is he looks a bit tired after playing with Canada, would rather have rested him for a few weeks.
  8. Don't know why i'm doing this to myself, i know they will fucking score.
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