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  1. Let's make it a debate then. Tell us why you think that?
  2. It really isn't. Alot of games this season where he has been the only player that has looked interested. Turned draws into wins and losses into draws
  3. This, they need a massive rebuild in the summer aswell so next season we'll have the settled team compared to them
  4. celtic are fucking awful. No doubt a late 1 nil winner for them
  5. He's actually having a meltdown, read the whole thread.
  6. Worrall has been our best CB since the turn of the year. Difference is when Worrall makes a mistake he sorts himself out and gets back into the swing of things. When Katic makes a mistakes he crumbles for the rest of the game. I don't think there is much between them tbh but peoples constant need for Katic to be in the squad is cringey, it's as if he has turned into Richard Gough since he hasn't been in the squad. I hope Katic is still backup next season, we need someone better in CB than him.
  7. Hearts are rotten, every shot blazed over the bar
  8. Katic got turned way too easy, I do have worries about him.
  9. Candeias is rotten, need better quality than him
  10. Disappointed, had high hopes for both of them. Barasic will do well, just can't adapt to the Scottish league. Could see him being comfortable in a better league that isn't full of hammer throwers. Grezda i want to see more of before i make a judgment, he shows flashes of being a good player but isn't really fit and has been very stop start. I'd rather see Grezda than Candeias tbh
  11. Villareal getting beat easily by Valencia, just shows how piss poor they actually were.
  12. Latest rumour is Lennon for manager and Mark McGhee as his assistant, i so hope thats true.
  13. Talk about whataboutery. An absolute embarrassing statement, they have no shame, always the victim
  14. We've missed his goals this season, guarantee he would've been in double figures this season if he hadn't got fucked
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