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  1. I can barely check Twitter or this forum at Ibrox, nevermind streaming the game, lol
  2. Tak3rNo1

    Steven Gerrard

    We cannot continually bring in a new team and manager every fucking season. Also expecting every player we sign to hit the ground running straight away is idiotic, it doesn't happen. Our league is not an easy one to adapt to. Just look at Morelos, he was okay last year and this season he has been on fire. Tavernier aswell, didn't look like much of a player when he signed but he is much better now, players need to adapt. celtic have a very settled side with players that have been there for years and they add 1 or 2 players each year to improve them, thats what we have to aim for. Have a settled core side and continually add to it each window to improve it. I'm willing to bide my time with Gerrard and whats happening, we need the team to become settled and that takes time.
  3. Tak3rNo1

    Steven Gerrard

    You're supposed to have the pitchforks out because we drew with St Johnstone, not speak sense.
  4. Tak3rNo1

    Fringe and Reserve Players who deserve a shot

    The problem with us is the lack of depth within the squad tbh.
  5. Tak3rNo1

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    I imagine Clarke will keep his trampy mouth shut and say the best team won.
  6. Tak3rNo1

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    And thanks Madden, you handed them the match with your shit decision on Broadfoot, corrupt to the fucking core.
  7. Tak3rNo1

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Oh look, a pitch invasion
  8. Tak3rNo1

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Well done Bobby Madden
  9. Tak3rNo1

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    That bastard is a protected species
  10. Tak3rNo1

    Treatment room

    Christian Nerlinger
  11. What a mistake from the Hearts keeper
  12. Tak3rNo1


    He atleast looked like he was trying to score, nobody else did.
  13. Tak3rNo1


    Disappointing result today. Alot of people saying the league is now over and that's fine however I am happy with the progress we are making. The past few years we've practically brought in a new team each season and we won't challenge celtic until we get some stability. Gerrard will be here for the next few seasons and gradually we'll get better and better. It takes time, we are so desperate for 55 because of what happened and that's understandable but we need to be patient. Our main aim this year should be to challenge celtic and run them close and build on that. The only reason we are (or were) close to them is down to there poor form rather than our good form. The site is always a mess after these results but we need perspective.
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    We are above both of them, we are the 2nd biggest spenders and we are currently 2nd.
  15. Tak3rNo1


    Let's sack him and bring in a new team again. That'll lead to a sustainable challenge. We have shown under Gerrard that we can play well but we need to be more consistent, we are a few quality players away yet from challenging.
  16. Tak3rNo1

    ***OFFICIAL Rangers V St Johnstone THREAD***

    Just an awful game, ref was a shambles as well although I'm not blaming him Defoe has to play in a 2, simply doesn't work up top himself. Did had a good game, kept us in it and I thought Kanara looked decent, the only positives though. Goldson was absolutely dire today but you could label that at a few players
  17. Tak3rNo1


    He is worth having on for his set pieces tbh
  18. Tak3rNo1

    Compliance procedure unfit for purpose

    Hopefully we are writing a statement.
  19. No he isn't, thats his 3rd game right?
  20. Last kick of the ball and Kent tries to walk it in, ffs
  21. Alan muir is a fucking fanny
  22. Candeias taking corners
  23. Thankfully Boyd is a fat slow mess so Killie are playing with 10 men
  24. Nope, that'll be his 3rd game of the suspension if it goes to a replay.