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  1. Happy new year to you all...this is our year ........
  2. This every day of the week, that cunt saved them, all their player were out matched by ourselves......
  3. If this gets in they bastards heads, all the better.....
  4. Seeing as we are running out of options on that side....he's great....
  5. Great vids, but family must come first...hope all goes well....!!!
  6. Buy the game from Rangers, great quality & good listening to Rangers men + £'s go to the club....all good !!!!
  7. Cheers for clearing it up, was worried I was on a black out....!
  8. web site says...... You are buying: Legia Warsaw v Rangers £9.99 Full coverage worldwide including the UK and Ireland. This is a live match. This one is ONLY available to people outside UK and ROI. Don't buy this if you are intending to watch in UK/ROI - your location will be detected at the time of viewing and you will not be able to watch
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