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  1. Hope this loan is as successful as the Kent loan...👍
  2. Must be a thing with tarriers, Lennon done that with hivs.
  3. The sooner they fall the better....
  4. ally62


  5. Tried to find the article that stated it but it was deleted...looks like I was suckered !🤷‍♂️
  6. Read earlier today, if the scum win the Scottish Cup we start at the 2nd qualifiers, if hearts win the cup it's from the 1st qualifier...
  7. Hope he's good enough to contribute to 55....
  8. Love the guy...not in a gay way....!
  9. Tav & Dan, great pairing, couple of bargains for the money we can afford the now.....
  10. I find it hard to believe that it took them 2 years no to like that cunt, took the rest of us miniutes.....
  11. Looks like he's just about burst out greetin, probably go and tell on Tav after play time....
  12. Total waste of £500k bringing that dick to Ibrox....
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