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  1. ally62

    UEFA fine us £14,000

    Can the dick that ran on no pick up the tab.....
  2. ally62


    This sounds about right, thought I read only a month past he was wanting Solanke to join him as all was good up here, SG was maybe given him a few home truths he didn't want to hear!
  3. ally62


    The scum lurkers are only to willing.....
  4. ally62

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    I'm not disagreeing with you, I just did not know anything about the march arriving. Anyway, I survived and got in ..so all was well !!!
  5. ally62

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    No, as I said earlier I was stuck in a mass of peeps, the UB were in the ground before I eventually got in.
  6. ally62

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    I'm not blaming anyone, just thought the entry to the ground was badly planned, don't think it's made in mind for a large support arriving at one time..
  7. ally62

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    That I was unaware of, I came off one of the buses never thought or knew about the march's arrival, I was stuck in the middle of a crush...
  8. ally62

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    When we got there, there were a mass of bears there, we had no idea about the entry point and the crush was pushing straight towards the gates not the "entry" point...
  9. ally62

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    This is true, if we were told where we were meant to go, that crush would never of happened....
  10. ally62

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    Agree, everyone was pushing toward the gate in totally the wrong direct, but the entrance to the cordon was over to the right, no official thot to point that out....
  11. ally62

    Loan players need to go

    After reading some of the previous posts, another way to interpret loan players, at least we tried before we bought...!!!! look at the hassle we've got trying to get some off the wage bill....!
  12. ally62

    Does anyone care?

    More minutes for Grezda & no injuries....all good !
  13. ally62

    Andy Halliday

    Best utility player we have....mon the Renfrew man.....