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  1. Tav

    Good shout. I’ve not really seen him play apart from a few NI highlights. Crucial to replace him with right player as so much of our attacking play goes through him.
  2. Tav

    Any realistic suggestions as to who we should go for if Tav did leave? Im struggling to think of an attacking RB who’d be available
  3. ***Official Rangers v Motherwell Match Thread***

    True. Can’t be any worse.
  4. ***Official Rangers v Motherwell Match Thread***

    Poor eleven if true but who available actually improves it? Barjonas? Hardie? So fucking light it’s not funny. Fuck it I’d give Nemane a go on left and see what like.
  5. Should Murty appoint an experienced coach?

    Yeah definitely. Someone that will get in amongst it. Murty and JJ seem a little too nice.
  6. Clyde Superscoreboard

    This 100%. $4 a month and so much content you'll struggle to get through it all. Excellent service.
  7. Finlay's Christmas Wish

    Amazing Video and gesture from BA. Great to see the club involved in something so special. 👍
  8. *Official Rangers v St Johnstone Match Thread*

    If everyone is fit after Wednesday then... Fod Tav Alves Wilson John McCrorie Jack Holt Pena Morelos Windass Barjonas, Candieas Herrera to come. Wouldnt have any trouble resting McCrorie if he needs it. 3-1 Rangers.
  9. *** The Official Rangers v Ross County Match Thread ***

    Candeias and Alves in.
  10. *** The Official Rangers v Ross County Match Thread ***

    Think big question is whether Morelos will start. Murty has shown he’s not afraid to make changes. I think midfield and defence will sort it’s self out but this could be perfect game for Morelos to grab a goal.
  11. *** The Official Rangers v Ross County Match Thread ***

    Cardoso at right mid would give me the fear
  12. *** The Official Rangers v Ross County Match Thread ***

    Surely you mean Candeias not Cardoso at right mid??!!
  13. Ryan Jack Red

    Not surprised. They were never going to over turn 3/4. They have to save face and back their refereees. Sad but true. Need some actual referees.
  14. *** The Official Rangers v Ross County Match Thread ***

    Wes Tav Alves Wilson John McCrorie Holt Barjonas Pena Morelos Windass Jack to come in for Barjonas if suspension is overturned. Bates/Cardoso can cover centre back if either Alves or Wilson are not fit. Surely time to get Morelos back in starting line up and grab a goal. Not sure of Candeias fits in to diamond midfield. Early goal and we will be fine. Different game this so expect a struggle but ultimately 2-0 win. Morelos and Windass.
  15. Ballarat RSC?

    Not sure mate. But Melbourne City Loyal meet at Exford in the CBD for games. Cracking night. 👍