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  1. Think we're witnessing Arsene Wenger last season in the Premier League. Get your money on Roberto Martinez being his replacement.
  2. Just hope we can live up to the expectations. C'mon the Gers!
  3. I honestly still believe these players aren't bad players. It's squarely down to how we set up behind the scenes.
  4. If this was your first time watching us. You wouldn't believe this team has trained with each other for the full season. We play like a bunch of strangers.
  5. Got to admire Gary Mcallister trying to put a positive spin on this game. The term "Ultra professional" has been brought out.
  6. Each game, it's the same old. Things have to change next season.
  7. Hopefully we use this game to blood a few more youngsters. Would like to see the likes of Luca Gasparotto and Charlie Telfer getting a game.
  8. This all stems from a lack of leadership. Our club is just living in the short-term. No idea's apart from chucking money at a problem. Money we don't have. It's a revolving door. Wasn't that long ago, Ally did an interview on RTV about his vision and philosophy. Completely sidestepped both questions. That in itself answers the question about holding us back.
  9. As in have a poor game at RM and getting more and more frustrated. Exactly move in him one. Get him out the road with to calm down. Regroup at HT make a change if nessarcery. As for just shite comment. He hasn't had a chance in this robust rigid system. Always shoehorned in etc. It all stems from our Management team. Unless we find a system that suits the players we have at our disposal. The majority will always put in below par performances.
  10. Could see that happening with Peralta, frustrated at being left out at RM and the game passing him by. Then a few challenges against him made him see red. Poor management. Ally should have seen him getting frustrated. Moved him inside one to take him out the road with and moved Law out RM until HT then had a word.
  11. Will be interesting to see where Little ends up. Says he's upfront. But, knowing how we end up. Little will revert back to that RW role and leave Daly as a lone Striker feeding off long balls.
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